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May The Road Rise To Meet You — Moving on from CrazyBoards

When a hurricane blows your house away—hey, at least it wasn't lava. (Gallows humor has always been our thing here.) We know you need to talk, to grieve, to consult, to plan for what comes next in your lives now that a whacking great abyss just opened up in your yard—or under your feet. Here are a few boxes to put it all in.



    Crazyboards.org ceased service as an active peer-support discussion forum on January 8, 2023. Member login is no longer available. The site remains available for guest use as a reference archive for the time being, but may go dark in the indefinite future.

    The staff of Crazyboards wishes to thank the dozens of volunteer Moderators and the thousands of contributing members who helped make this a vital resource for persons struggling with the challenges of mental illness for nearly 18 years. We wish all our members the very best, and hope that others may find this a useful archive for as long as it is available.

    Please note that the content of Crazyboards.org is the copyrighted property of the individual staff and contributors who created it, and no permission is granted to use any part of this content, in whole or in part, without the explicit written permission of the copyright holder, beyond the provisions of the copyright laws of the United States of America.

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  2. To The Members of CrazyBoards—Our Friends

    This site began in the same year as Facebook. Since then, Facebook and other new social media technologies have reshaped the internet landscape, but CrazyBoards has remained the same. This means that it is most accurately described as obsolete in terms of what users expect online.

    To have survived nearly 18 years is remarkable, and a testament to what it has meant for its community. CB has helped many thousands of people, eased their day-to-day struggles, given hope, and saved lives. The thousands of posts have been full of valuable information, candid narratives, brave admissions, vigorous debate, scintillating wit, and humor spicy, dark and wry. We have commiserated, consoled and counselled in some of the darkest places human beings can be.

    We have long believed that the best day for CB would be the one in which we turned out the lights because there was no one left who needed us. Unfortunately, even though there are people still suffering, our lights have dimmed.

    Several members have commented that the site seems empty of late. It is. In 2015, member activity began a steady decline, to the point that there are now on average fewer than ten posts per day, and many of these are on blogs. The boards themselves are largely silent, and most posts are confined to a small number of threads. On 27 November, only one member made any post at all. The site owner, Velvet Elvis, left the building (as it were) over two years ago, and the Administrator chosen to replace him was forced to withdraw earlier this year due to health issues. Cerberus and MiaB are the only remaining Moderators. There is no longer a critical mass of members to maintain a viable discussion board that can attract new members.

    Cerberus was the first member to join CrazyBoards when it was formed, and MiaB joined very shortly thereafter. We on the Moderating Team both feel a strong sense of responsibility and a duty of care toward the members here, whom we also consider our friends. It is with all of the above in mind that, after a long consideration of options, we have concluded that the best course is to bring our efforts to an end.

    CrazyBoards will cease operations as of 8 January 2023.

    The time between now and then is provided for our members to copy any content that they wish to preserve, to exchange contact information with other members who mutually wish to remain in touch, and to network about alternative support sites and sources. New registrations have been discontinued. It may be possible for us to leave the site up for a period after 8 January as a read-only archive with no login access, but no guarantee can be given that that will be the case, or how long it would remain.

    It has been our privilege to serve you all. We have hope that you will continue to seek the help that is out there and remain confident that every moment of your lives is worth living. Please know that you have meant so very much to us.

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  3. This Hit Me Right In The Feels

    Everyone has ties to this place, and breaking ties is hard. Loss is hard. Goodbyes are hard. It's not good to keep something hard trapped inside you. Believe me, I had a gallstone the size of a cherry tomato. Talk it out here.

  4. Follow The Yellow Brick Road—Where Do We Go From Here?

    Like they say most everywhere at closing time, you don't have to go home, but you can't stay here. Fortunately, this isn't the end of the road. There are other resources, other places, other strategies, other communities. the web is vast and the real world is full of opportunities waiting to be found. Talk about the road yet to be taken—but stay out of the poppies and don't talk to the winged monkeys.

  5. Famous Last Words

    Anything else you wanna say? Better get it out of your system now. This is the place for everything else.

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