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  2. netsavy006

    French Vanilla vs Hazelnut (iced coffee story)

    I've never had Espresso. How does it taste?
  3. Has anyone gained weight from this med? I have been on it for a week and feel bloated and craving sweets. It’s also that time of the month so I can’t quite judge yet. Anyone loose weight? I definitely do not have extreme hunger and eat like I normally do, I always have a sweet tooth so I’m going to try to cut back on that!
  4. Yesterday
  5. I just started taken Geodon a week ago. I keep having akathisia. I'm going nuts. I can't take it. I don't know if I should stop taken it before I get to far into this? Any advice? Tia
  6. So far I’m doing ok coming off remeron/Zoloft. Last night I got 5 hours of sleep! But I’m worried since the meds are still in my system, the worst is yet to come. I tried to CT Zoloft last April. I did ok for about 7 days. In fact I felt pretty darn good, but by day 10 i was super squirrelly and reinstated on day 12. That’s when I went back on it and did a very slow 9 month titration.
  7. It is possible, however there's no way to know every aspect that might influence a person's reaction. Beyond genetics and personal brain chemistry, you don't know what else they have going on, that isn't mentioned. From all you know they could also be withdrawing from opiates at the same time..or something to effect.
  8. We can all agree that your situation is intolerable, that's very much clear. Question for you is what is your tolerance level for intolerable? Is your current situation, off zoloft/remeron and on Geodon + the benzo, significantly worse than before, which you did power though? Or is it still intolerable but more of the same? IMO, the gentlest potential way to do this would be to get onto Rexulti while still on Geodon. There are plenty of people on this board on multiple APs. As long as the added Rexulti, provided that you stick with it for 2 weeks, does not make things worse or/makes things better, you can either drop the rexulti or continue on till your next appointment with the new pdoc in March. From there, you can work with the new doc to start a plan on getting off the Geodon and see how your body reacts to it.
  9. So true, BUT, it’s possible that worst case senecio could be long term withdrawal and permanent “damage”? They say these these meds mess and change your brain chemistry so bad, withdrawals take forever and that you’re lucky if your brain chemistry goes back to normal 😕
  10. Keep in mind that there will be inherent bias in groups like that. Yes that could represent the worst case, however will not be the norm. If some, say no withdrawal symptoms and a positive experience on geodon, they will most likely not create a group called "Geodon should remain legal as it appears to be ok for its FDA approved purposes and possibly some off-label indications"
  11. I’m glad the hear you say withdrawals (for you) hasn’t lasted more than a couple weeks. These “....should be illegal” forums (they have one for most meds) have me terrified. I am on Ativan too. I know that’s a whole different ballgame for titration when that day comes.
  12. Absolutely! I've been having to do that since September. She's been giving me Zyprexa, but this past appointment this month I asked her to switch it to Geodon. Even though it's a prn, I've been taking it as a daily med, and it has been helping with my washout period from the MAOI to the Effexor XR I'm about to start in addition to the Abilify.
  13. Wonderful.Cheese

    Will my pdoc find out?

    Good idea! I just might have to ask for that. Thanks for the idea! Ok. I didn’t know that. Thank you!
  14. When the pharmacy sends the pdoc a request for a refill the form has the last time you filled it. I would think it was the last time you filled the script.
  15. dancesintherain

    ativan dosage timing change?

    thanks Cheese! I think it does make sense. It can help with some of the sleep-related anxiety if it's higher at night.
  16. Maybe you could ask your pdoc for a prn antipsychotic for when you feel extra "crazy?" She may say Zyprexa would be perfect for that, but may say something like low-dose Haldol would be better. I don't know.
  17. Well, I was on it for a few months and it wasn’t helping. So they cold turkey stopped it. I only recall feeling dizzy for a few days and that was that. I switched to abilify after that and did much better (30 mg dose of abilify at the time). Then seroquel got added.....etc I would bet that withdrawals from geodon do not last forever or years. That seems a bit extreme. It seems like some anti psychiatry BS to me. I have never had withdrawals from a med for more than maybe 2 weeks (I’m pointing my finger at you, Effexor!) But at the same time I am not a dr. So you really need to have an honest conversation with your dr and don’t hold anything back. Your dr is who you should be discussing this with.
  18. Good luck with your appointment, cakepop. I hope it's helpful.
  19. That's good progress. Can't adjust to meds that you don't have. Best of luck!
  20. Thanks for your reply So you didn’t have long lasting withdrawal symptoms? Did you switch to another antipsychotic during this time? How long were you on geodon? I’m on a FB forum that scares the shit out of me. It’s called “geodon should be illegal” and they tell you to titrate one year for every 5 years you were in the medication. They say the withdrawals are horrendous and can last for months, years, or forever. I’m not sure if it’s fearmongering, or if I should believe all of this. I took 9 months coming off Zoloft/remeron (much shorter than they recommended) but IF geodon might be doin this to me, or is part of the problem, I don’t have another year or more in me to wait to get off of it.
  21. Huh. Geodon always kinda zonked me out. I was on doses up to 240 mg split per day. Are you eating enough calories with it? I think it needs like 500 or so to properly work. Anyway, I stopped geodon cold turkey in a psych hospital and I felt very dizzy for a few days then I was fine. But it’s definitely something you want and need to do under dr supervision. Especially given how long you’ve been on it Your dr can properly tell you how to come off of it safely.
  22. Hi everyone. I’m in medication limbo. I suffer from extreme anxiety/panic, derealization, OCD, intrusive thoughts, racing thoughts, severe treatment resistant INSOMNIA, lucid vivid dreaming/nightmares and depression. Although I have been dealing with depression since the birth of my son 14+ years ago and some anxiety, it was relatively manageable. I was able to live a pretty normal life. The extreme anxiety, ocd and insomnia are new, as in 4 years. All of these symptoms got bad with sudden onset insomnia in October 2014 when remeron stopped working for sleep (I’ve tried everything you can think of for sleep and I’m paradoxical) I’ve also tried MANY MANY medications and have been inpatient several times to no avail. This same kind of “episode” happened to me in 2010. Lasted 9 months until we finally found remeron which got me sleeping, my symptoms drastically reduced and life resumed. Through h all my trial and error, geodon is the once medication I have never been off of for even a day. i have recently finished a long titration off Zoloft and remeron. I’ve been completely off for 6 days now. I’m getting more sleep than usual since stopping (3-6 hours. I usually sleep 0-3 hours) I’m starting to think the serotogentic properties of the meds are doing this to me. I have been on geodon since 2007 added on to Zoloft for depression. Worked great for depression for 2 years, then shit hit the fan but I’ve remained on it. I Was only on 20 mg for 9 years and upped it to 20 mg X2 in 2016. Ive written my story in another thread. But I’m in a really bad spot. Things need to change. I truly Can’t handle this anymore. I’m wondering if geodon could be doing this to me? How hard is it to come off of? Its unfortunate that they are capsules so I can’t slowly reduce to see how I feel. Is it possible I could feel better without geodon? That it flipped on me years ago and is causing me these symptoms?
  23. Wonderful.Cheese

    ativan dosage timing change?

    I agree with the others too, fwiw. I hope that this new dosing schedule helps you!
  24. Wonderful.Cheese

    How Do You Feel THIS MOMENT in Time?

    I called my pdoc’s nurse. I’m panicky. I don’t know what she will say. Or if there is anything to be done. If there is nothing to be done I’m really going to lose it. I don’t know why things are bad?! I’m on 450 mg of clozapine. I fear so badly that this is a strong indicator that it means clozapine is a fail for me. Then what? That’s the end then. Nothing left to try AP wise. I mean, I do feel a little better. But it’s not the miracle I was hoping for by far. I hope you get your risperidone back! Keep us posted!
  25. Seroquel XR has been amazingly different and better for me than the seroquel IR. But definitely is a ymmv thing. You could try the XR and see how it treats you and you could always go back to the IR. But that is up to you and your pdoc to discuss. If you have any questions about my experience with either being on the seroquel IR or the seroquel XR, I would be happy to share. I’ve taken both kinds for lengthy periods of time. i wish you well with whatever you end up with!
  26. Hume's doona

    whatever the weather

    67 F 😪 Pretty sure no-one has ever been this cold before
  27. Sorry to hear that Cheese.....You deserve more time than 10 minutes.
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