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    • I'm still having the ad error from yesterday.  Both pictures below are from the same thread I was reading:
    • I don’t know what category my question goes under, as I do have multiple symptoms in like 3-4 other categories. So, I’ll just try it here... Hi everyone. I have schizoaffective disorder-bipolar type, GAD and I also struggle with sever depression.  Right now, I am currently on Nortriptyline 75mg 3x/day. This dose goes beyond the maximum dose and I’m still struggling with tiredness and just a low, funky, depressive mood all day. All and all, this particular antidepressant isn’t necessarily helping me. So here’s the thing. I used to take Wellbutrin like a decade ago before I was even known to have schizoaffecfive, so my anxiety at the time went through the roof without realizing the underlying issues of a disorder unknown to me at the time. Fast forward a decade later, I’m on a completely different regimen now and I just would like to know if anyone else has schizoaffective disorder, GAD and/or depression like me who is currently on Wellbutrin. I just want to gain some insight from people with my condition (all of any symptom) about Wellbutrin and if it was a life saver for them or not. And if Wellbutrin isn’t a favorable med, could you guys give me some insight for what works for a schizo/bipolar diagnosis? You can even drop antidepressant names and I can do a little research as well to see what my options are. Maybe there are some I’ve never heard of that could possibly work me. I’m going to talk to my pdoc about this for sure. I just want to make sure I have enough insight/info from others so that I can know what to suggest to her in case it may help her and I figure out what might or might not work. I’m sure my pdoc will know, but doctors don’t always or exactly know how their patients really feel on a daily basis. Only patients can really tell their doctors what exactly is going on with them, hence why I’d love your feedback in case you’ve gone through what I’m going through now. I’m no doctor, I know, but hearing other peoples’ experiences gives me some insight about what I can talk to my pdoc about.  What does Wellbutrin feel like when you are on it?
    • I stopped pristiq about 2 weeks ago, and restarted my cymbalta. I am still suffering severe insomnia, muscle pain, but I didnt get the brain zaps except for 1 day. During this time I was also trying to withdraw from Klonopin because they no longer made the brand that worked for me (teva), I had taken another brand for 2 months which had worked but made me cranky (solco). Switching back (to Teva) cleared that up. I had to go back up on the klonopin due to anxiety and muscle twitches but found the brand that worked for me before but just made me cranky(solco) seemed to no longer work? I was getting anxiety, stomach issues, sleeping only about 3 hours a night, back pain, dry heaving, restless. I tried two other brands of klonopin and those just both made me sick. I'm on name brand now, first two nights I slept a fitful 7 hours and my doc told me to increase the dose. I did and I didnt sleep a wink that night, I was super amped up. I'm back down to 1mg and am sleeping a bit with some ambien cr I got in ER. I wake up every morning unable to settle down. Leg wont stop shaking, feel the need to pace but I CAN control that (cant control my leg). If I try to settle down and go back to sleep I'll jerk awake the second I doze of. All doc told me was to switch of Ativan. Switch my 1mg klonopin to 1mg Ativan? This doesn't seem right to me and I'm worried about withdrawal. My anxiety is finally under control after a week. But I cant tell what all of this is from!? Is it withdrawal from the pristiq? Is it a side effect of the klonopin? I'm I manic ? (never been fully manic before) My doc didnt know what to tell me.... I want to die cause I just cant settle down! I'm constantly exhausted...I dont know how I'm ever going to return to work like this!! I've also been very irritable and aggressive which is unlike me during this time
    • Logging in to remind myself that it's possible...I left my house this morning and it was rainy, so I figured I'd go to the gym in my complex.  Forgot that the gym was closed on Saturdays (dumb decision in my opinion).  Debated just going home and remembered that there's a woman in my support group who walks 4-5 miles per day regardless of the weather (excluding ice, I think).  Used her as inspiration and pushed on. I only got 15 minutes in, but it's more than I would have naturally done.  I owe her a thank you. I'm hoping that I'll get yoga in before the end of the day.

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