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  1. mcjimjam

    How Do You Feel THIS MOMENT in Time?

    Frustrated and tired because I can’t fall asleep.
  2. I walked my dog around the block, went to a yoga class and took a really long walk later on.
  3. My local uni is running a mangosteen fruit for bipolar study. Has anyone ever tried it?
  4. mcjimjam

    OPTIFAST for AAP weight gain

    I gained 55lbs from AAPs and am now trying to lose them. I am using OPTIFAST which is a very low calorie diet that replaces your meals with shakes. You also have a bowl of veggies each day. I’ve heard lots of good things but wanted to hear experiences from people with AAP weight specifically. I gained from Invega, then Zyprexa now I’m off those but on Rexulti and my weight is stable.
  5. They don’t make me manic, but don’t help much with depression either. Prozac was good for intrusive thoughts at one point.
  6. Invega made me gain weight. 10kgs. It also raised my prolactin. It’s very similar to Risperdal.
  7. I experience similar thoughts, that life is just a dream, a fantasy, a game or a computer simulation. Keep on with your treatment, hopefully these thoughts will abate. Best of luck.
  8. mcjimjam

    Bi Polar Meds and Schizophrenia

    I have bipolar with some paranoia. I take lithium, Parnate, Invega, thyroxine, Valium and Imovane. I have been improving lately.