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  1. I know how you feel, I too spend a lot of time in bed, it gets worse when I get restless (can't even lie still in bed let alone sleep). I don't know what you can do except take little steps come out of bed just for 20 minutes (that's what I try to do)
  2. Well I am still bouncing around two days after stopping all meds. What if it is me and not the meds?
  3. I am wondering if there are others with schizophrenia who don't have voices
  4. I am taking 6mg of rexulti which I understand is quite high a 2mg tab in the morning and 4mg in the afternoon (when I start to feel worse). I also understand prozac can cause this so I've quit that too as it doesn't seem to be doing much for me anyway. I hope I don't get any withdrawal from the rexulti but it can't be much worse than how I was feeling. My first day of no meds and I am still feeling OK.
  5. Well I experience it in the afternoons maybe an hour or two after I take the rexulti usually. Will ask my doc about one of those two drugs at my next appointment. In the meantime I've stopped taking any meds. It really is the worst feeling like you said.
  6. Thanks confused, I wondered if it might be a side effect of meds, I'm on rexulti and prozac but I felt like this beforehand when I was just on latuda. It gets worse in the afternoons.
  7. I can't sit still and do things. I just feel weird. I can't explain it properly. It's awful. I also have a lump in my throat, from anxiety I guess, although I feel more restless than anxious. All I want is to be able to sit down and watch a tv show without bouncing up and down and kicking my legs, I go to bed to try to get some relief then I get up five minutes later. Does anyone else feel like this?
  8. so if we opt in we will be able to see blood test results etc?
  9. Well we have from 16 July to 15 Oct to opt out of having a My Health record created for you. Personally I don't want every Dr I see to know that I have a mental illness or to know about other embarrassing problems so I'll definitely be opting out. I see this as a very bad thing for people with mental illness. Doctors and other health care professionals will discriminate even when your mental illness has nothing at all to do with what you are presenting with. I just hope people take the time to opt out because once you are opted in, your record is NEVER deleted. Plus Drs write stuff on your records that is just plain wrong. I don't want all Drs forever to see that. I've had discharge summaries from hospitals that were just completely wrong. With My Health record, every Dr I see forever will see that inaccuracy. They say patients can choose to hide things, but how easy is that and how long will it last before the AMA lobby groups stop patients doing this? Discussion of pros/cons of My Health record welcome.
  10. When I was a kid, my mother was severely depressed and attempted to commit suicide on more than one occasion. At no point in time, did anyone ever ask if I was OK. In fact they pressured me to do things to help despite the fact I was just a kid. It took me a long time to figure out this sucked. For example: called 000 at the age of about 13, my mother had to tried to kill herself. I spent hours waiting in emergency, crying, but noone came out to see me, when I went to try and find my mum, I was yelled at for trying to go somewhere I shouldn't. I caught a taxi home (luckily I did have some money) without seeing my mum. I was home alone. Again luckily I had food but noone cared to check. Then I received a call from a nurse? my mum needed more clothes. This was on a Sunday afternoon. I said I didn't know if I could bring her any clothes because I didn't have a driver's licence and the buses were really bad and it was very cold on a Sunday to try to catch public transport. I was met with aggression (well she needs something) nobody asked if I was OK or offered suggestions to help. I felt blamed by family and responsible. It is sad that it took me almost ten years to realise that this sucked and social services should have checked on me to take sure I was OK. I wasn't OK!
  11. Thanks melli, your post is very helpful and supportive
  12. I have a diagnosis of schizophrenia but also my current pdoc thinks I have ocd. I am not sure if I have ocd and think that my 'ocd' symptoms are from my schizophrenia. My 'OCD' symptoms are: Talking to myself, but unable to fully control it and it distresses/embarrasses me Saying things I wouldn't say/didn't think ie it just pops out of my mouth without me even thinking about/beyond my control Saying rhyming words Repeating my thoughts out loud or words that I've read involuntarily Stopping what I'm doing whilst I talk to myself (beyond my control). I often stand in strange postures. Because I don't do this in front of pdoc he believes it is more of a fear of doing this and hence ocd (I think) but I do this all the time on my own. I have some control over it so avoid doing it around other people or say things more quietly so people can't hear. The reason I care whether it is ocd or not is that I don't particularly want to take ssris if I don't have to (they have made me put on a lot of weight)
  13. Great! The pharmacy called and got told misinformation, I now have to wait two months to get another script because the dr is too stupid to remember what year it is. Why are drs exempt from consumer law. The dr has given me faulty goods and I should be entitled to a refund of my consultation fee just like I would with any other service.
  14. Tried to fill my script today but the pdoc had dated it 2016 WTF? I can understand if he had dated it 2017 maybe but 2016? This wouldn't have happened if he like all specialists I have ever seen didn't still use handwritten scripts. GPs stopped doing this years ago. They also never have the automated system so that you can receive your medicare refund automatically. Another thing GPs have done for years. It is like with all the money specialists make and they can't be bothered to invest in technology. They don't care about the convenience of their patients at all. It is hardly convenient to have to go to medicare to get your refund. Now it is a long weekend and I have no script, hoping the pharmacy can sort it out with the pdoc on Tuesday. I have a phone phobia and I'm too afraid to call the pdoc to try to sort it out and my next appointment is not for two months. I am sure there are many occasions when a patient has received wrong meds due to a handwritten script that is hard to read. Why can't specialists get with the times? This is still happening even at the larger centers not just the smaller guys. It is just the medical specialists of all flavours. Edit: this is in Australia
  15. I too have entities living in my house. I hardly see them when I take antipsychotics. My friend says that I am possessed by demons but I know I have schizophrenia. Good luck