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  1. Yet another mass shooting. Now there is one a week. Just horrible.How long until America wakes up?

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    2. jt07


       Right, Janet! I think you are around my age, and I never thought things would come to this. We were a lot safer then even without all the things done now for child safety. Now there are predators everywhere ... mass shootings ... drive by shootings. I played outside as a child and neither me nor my parents were concerned. I was just told not to take candy from strangers. Most importantly, there was a feeling that the government had our back. That it was benevolent. Now the government is spying on us and we have people like Trump in power. I can no longer say our government is benevolent. 

    3. Sync


      "Deadliest shooting in 11 days" per CNN. 

    4. DammitJanet


      So very sad and unsettling. 😢