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  1. Deliberately trying to hurt you would be, at the very least, an incredibly unprofessional thing to do. My best friend worked as a medical lab tech for years, and she had to do blood draws every day, and she’s always said that sometimes you just can’t get a vein. It could also be that the needle wasn’t perfect, and was just a tiny bit dull. I’ve had that happen and it hurts like crazy hell. It will still penetrate your skin and vein, but holy craplord, it’s painful.
  2. Gearhead

    Time for a new word association thread

  3. C’mon, you furry asshats, is it so much to ask that just once I should be allowed to lie in bed and eat a protein bar without your “help?” 

    1. DammitJanet


      Just took mine on a walk in  25° ... the things we do for them. 

    2. Gearhead


      It’s 2F here. Aggie is frustrated because she can’t play outside for very long. Her ear floops get too cold. She has to come in and warm them up. Which often means she wants me to rub them.

    3. DammitJanet


      I think rubbing Abby’s ears relaxes me more than her. 😂 felt bad for her frozen little paws though. 

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    OK, so...

    I don’t see it, either.
  5. Gearhead

    OK, so...

    Where is it posted?
  6. jt makes an excellent point about SSRIs being effective for anxiety, with one caveat: If you are bipolar, especially bipolar l, you must be very, very careful about the dose you take, as ADs can precipitate mania. This is another good reason to take an AAP. For a lot of bipolar patients, it’s safer to take ADs with AAPs because they keep each other in check, so to speak. The AAP works against mania so the AD can be safely taken for anxiety.
  7. Gearhead

    random thoughts!

    Using Dr. Bronner’s All One soap (bottled version) in the shower is awesome. It’s like you can get clean and join a cult all at the same time.
  8. Gearhead

    How Do You Feel THIS MOMENT in Time?

    @DammitJanet, Cerb and I were texting earlier today and he told me he was having the same problem. So I told Woo, who uses Facebook (I don’t), and she alerted VE, and he must have done something extremely clever, because not only is CB back, but a bunch of features that haven’t worked in a while are working again, my favorite being Load More Activity. Tell your friends!
  9. I understand you completely. Ever since I was a teenager I’ve had phases of being overwhelmed by the sense that I want to go home, even when I was lying in my own bed, or sitting on the sofa beside a dear person. Sometimes it’s the dawning of a realization that I’m in a bad situation that I need to get out of. Sometimes it means something I haven’t identified yet is really bothering me, and I have to find out what it is. Sometimes it means there’s been another random and unmerited chemical change in my mind, in which case I need a med adjustment. Whatever it is, it’s a desperately horrible feeling. It makes me feel insane and it hurts so much. If you have a therapist, talk to him or her about it. Maybe s/he can help you get to the bottom of it. Also tell your pdoc. It might help to review or tweak your meds. I feel for you so much.
  10. Have you ever tried any grounding exercises to reassure yourself that you’re still in your body? A good one is to stand or sit up straight, rest one hand on your stomach and the other on your chest, and breathe in deeply though your nose and slowly out through your mouth. You’ll feel your belly rise, but your chest will remain comparatively still. I think you should concentrate on symptom management. If that means a small dose of klonopin, is that a better choice than how you feel now?
  11. Don’t worry, FIS. I have it on good authority that in the unicorn dimension, they drive on the right hand side of the road. So all your invaders are going to look the wrong way when they go to cross the streets. You’ll be rid of them in no time.
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    A reasonable man

    Hello, xheimlich. It’s nice to meet you. Please feel free to PM me or any of the other mods if you need help navigating the site. Gearhead (admin)