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  1. Velvet Elvis

    Motor Tic-Adderall

    I take tenex/intuniv for tics made worse by stimulants. It doesn't eliminate them but it's damn close.
  2. Velvet Elvis

    12-step groups

    I've dabbled but had too many philosophical differences. Feel free to PM me if you like. My biggest problem is the idea that you have to start over if you fuck up ever once. This has led several people I've known to go on three-day benders after having a single beer or two in a moment of weakness. It's very all or nothing. It does work for some people and I would never try talking them out of it. I'm taking my first solid stab at sobriety in a while right now and the two things I'm finding most helpful have getting back into therapy again and looking for some kind of spiritual outlet. The later is just UU which is about as spiritual as I'm going to get. We do have an addiction board but this is most likely fine here.
  3. Getting chat going will be a high priority for me one I get full use of my hands back. I have only two working fingers on my left hand at all and I can't type with the the others for long before they start getting weak. We need a chat solution that that ties into the board software so everyone has the same login and account for both. Most of the options are either expensive or complicated to set up and configure. I'm going with one closer to the later category but its going to take a bit more time. I see a hand specialist this afternoon. Hopefully, there will be non-surgical options that can have me typing again sooner.
  4. Apparently all pharmacies in my area are out of 20mg Adderall IR. I've heard of it on other places as well. Is anyone here being hit by it?
  5. I'm eventually looking at dentures. I may go ahead and do it this year but I really hate going to the dentist.
  6. ugh. ok. Both my wrists are in braces but I see what I can figure out. I see an otrtho on tues. Hopefully I can get steroid injections to tide me over we can find permanent solution (probably surgery). After more than an hour or so using a keyboard I can barely hold a pen or turn a doorknob so I'm having to work in very small incriminates. The voice recognition that comes with Win10 is good for opening and closing windows and simple dictation and that's about it.
  7. Velvet Elvis

    I'm not really new...

    Good to see you again.
  8. You mean from the front page? There's stuff I need to do that will fix a ton of search related problems but I haven't been able to because I've been having a bad RSI flareup in my wrists and I can't taken anything for it because of interactions with other meds and health problems. I'm stuck in wrist braces and using a combination of four finger typing and voice recognition. Oral steroids are doing nothing. I am meeting with a neuro to see about steroid injections on Thurs.
  9. Oh, yeah. That's not nearly as bad as most of the ones I disabled. I think we might be stuck with it unless I disable all ads on mobile. They really want me using the ones that cover the whole screen that you have to view before you can see any of the content. As I said, I'm not going to do that because I'm not an asshole. They style you are seeing there is common on a lot of blog and smaller news sites.
  10. The ads are paying almost nothing now. I might as well try turning some more off if you can help me figure out which ones. The problem is that Google wants everyone using their new universal ad system now which basically sticks ads wherever they feel like it. Google must be feeling a lot of pain from the adpocolypse too.
  11. Can you send me a screenshot of one of the worst ones? I disabled the full screen phone ads because I'm not an asshole.
  12. Velvet Elvis

    So i don't got to church. big deal.

    They probably just want you to have some kind of community support outside of the hone. Church is a common place where people can get that but it's far from the only one..