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    I love Ministry. I have a passion to do the will of God. There is nothing in this world that can fill that hunger....I'm going back to school and I'm not making any excuses.....I love my cat's. Yes I am a cat man......

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  2. The rain that falls Splashed in your heart Ran like sadness down the window into your room The space between Our wicked lies is The hope to keep us safe from pain Take my hand 'cause we're walking out of here Right out of here Is all we need dear The space between What's wrong and right Is where you'll find me hiding waiting for you The space between your heart and mind Is the space we'll fill with time The space between The tears we cry is the laughter keeps us coming back for more The space between our wicked lies Where we hope to keep safe from pain The space between The space between
  3. Like there's never been a louder mouthShould have never been allowed a mouthNow that I got a higher power now when I blackout, power outageThey powerless, but they crowd aroundThey tend to flock like shepherds, the black sheep
  4. The grass was greener The light was brighter The taste was sweeter The nights of wonder With friends surrounding The dawn mist glowing The water flowing The endlessly river Forever and ever!!! PINK FLOYD! The division bell!
  5. Who put your conscience there if there isn’t a Supreme Being with Moral Laws?
  6. I wasn’t saying I don’t believe. I was testing y’alls. conscience!!!
  7. What if I told you I don't believe Jesus is the Christ?.NOW HOLD ON AND STAY WITH ME I SAID THAT FOR A REASON.God gave you a conscience. To do right or to do evil. Why I said that is because clearly you can sense thru your conscience that something I said was not right. That calibrated conscience that is inline with the Holy Spirit would of told you something isn't right. If you go to school and you sense something isn't right you feel a little bell go off on your soul. One of the clearest indicaters to see is that God gave you a bell to ring when things aren't right. Your conscience can become broken. Calling evil good and good evil. That's what sin does to the heart. It breaks the Ten commandments tablet over your heart. It can be seared as with a hot iron. For me to say with all who know me here that I don't believe in Jesus should of dinged your conscience the Holy Spirit that something isn't right. We knew before we even thought that murder was wrong that is was wrong. Who in the world put that there if your are an atheist and don't believe any of the simple truths that there is a God of Moral Laws. Please consider that you have been given this life, what makes you think you wouldn't have another. To clear up confusion only the wise will be able to discern what I was trying to say. Jesus is the Son of God. I was showing you the simple proof that there is a God. Im not preaching. It’s theology!!
  8. God has restrictions. One is He cannot lie. He would cease to exist if He did. But we’re made in His imagine. Meaning Jesus said before He was crucified I made Gods. gods. He is the only God with a capital G!!!
  9. LOVE is the only way. Love all of you!!!!
  10. Awe I’ll miss y’all too. (((Hugs)))
  11. I’m a Christian. I believe we were born a slave to sin. We never had a free will until we accept Jesus as our Lord and Savior. Unfortunately I had to go thru the ringer to understand all of this. Im going to go to College to become a theologian. I like Ike the way you talk. Very open minded but on target!
  12. I want to express the great help I received from these forums. I’ve asked God for thirteen years to heal me and He has! if you have Faith the size of a mustard seed you can move mountains. Please continue to love one another. To all that helped me thru drink of wisdom I appreciate it so much. Good luck to y’all. I’ll sticj around to see the comments and any questions anyone has. God bless yall!