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  1. Alien Navel Cord

    Rapid heartbeat from stress.

    I'd ask the dr about upping the klonz dose. It sounds like the dose you're prescribed just doesn't work, and that's ok, everyone is different. Most doctors will work with you.
  2. I don't "do" call center work. I can make outbound calls to businesses for business things. Where people are getting paid to talk with me. But inbound calls from customers or patients, no. My anxiety blows through the roof and I get sick and start to cycle then I am on STD for 2 months. Vicious cycle. Anyway... I had to get a new job because the one I am at now switched me to a new program and this program entails taking inbound calls from patients for a drug patient assistance program. I flipped out and said NO, I am getting something offline. I can't talk to people. Do any of you have triggers at your job that make you anxious, to the point where you seriously consider quitting? My wife thinks I need to just settle down, I don't know how to possibly convey what it feels like to me when confronted with these triggering situations.
  3. Alien Navel Cord

    Odd anxiety/stress symptoms that happen to you

    me too! I thought I was the only one... it often leads to throwing up but it isn't from a nauseas stomach, it is from the gagging.
  4. Alien Navel Cord

    Afraid I can’t work

    I am so sorry to hear you are going through this right now. It sounds rough. Unfortunately for some, work is not a viable option. I have really terrible anxiety problems, and the bipolar makes it worse, and I applied for disability and they said "go to work in a warehouse." o_O Anyway, I think you know what to do. I can't tell you the best answer but I think you already know the cold hard reality of it, and so I wish you the best of luck and hope you can get your medications sorted!! Nothing is worse than problems with getting your meds. Ugh. I hear ya there.
  5. Lots of changes in my life right now. Moved into a house. Start a new job next Monday. My anxiety is through the roof!

    1. echolocation


      exciting! i'm sure you'll handle everything like a champ. rooting for you! :) 

  6. Alien Navel Cord

    What should I do?

    Playing around with meds is definitely risky. Who knows how long it could take to spiral out of control again - weeks, months? Years? But unfortunately there is no cure. Remission is what we get, and it sounds like right now you are stable which is good. I am happy for you! But just be careful. If I were you I would find a pdoc and when you have your appt, tell him/her about your meds situation and see what they think.
  7. Alien Navel Cord

    Feeling Kinda Weird

    I think I say hypo because my normal mood is different. I am now not as talkative, not as animated, the ideas I have are no longer bizarre, I am not food-impulsive anymore - I can actually control my eating. I think my overall outlook was really great too and now it is so/so kind of boring. I never once got irritable either! I miss it really. It took forever to come down though. I was on 15mg of Abilify. Now I am taking 12.5 so I don't get too tired. Sleep though, ws not really an issue in this hypo phase. I mean I did have one night where I did not sleep at all, and several others where I had a hard time falling asleep, but for the most part I got great sleep which is also unusual for me, even when "normal".
  8. Ok. So my job in the beginning of November switched gears overnight on me and sent me to work for a new program in a different city. Today was our last day of our training that we were in for 4 weeks. I get along with everyone at work, we have had a lot of fun, and things there are going well. Today I just got word that me and my girlfriend were approved on a rental house that we applied for and go to meet the landlord tomorrow to sign the lease. I've been what I consider to be hypo manic for about a month now, as well. I'm bipolar 1 so usually my moods are a lot more elevated than this, but it has been pleasant. No racing thoughts (crazy weird thoughts? yes, racing, no.), no pressured speech, hardly any irritability, sleep has been fantastic. A little impulsive, and I've been really talkative too. But that was until 2 nights ago. I didn't sleep much at all, granted I was sick with a sore throat. I noticed I am more quiet now (someone at work even said I was quiet), and I just heard a track on the streaming radio that made me think of the old days. Nostalgia. And it made me feel like crying, a bit. A little sad now. So I am wondering if you guys think I might be starting to come down from my hypo mania? I usually know what to expect when I come off of a real full blown manic episode (I am lucky it usually just slowly melts into "normal" rather than depression) but I don't want to be depressed. I really don't. I might need to decrease my Abilify if I keep having sad thoughts and stuff, I can't get depressed, not now, no no no!
  9. Sounds kinda like me. I've been hypo manic for about a month now and it is just as you describe it to be. I am not sure of course because I am not a doctor but I am glad you are doing well.
  10. What dose of Abilify? I'm on anywhere from 5 mg to 20mg depending on the situation (I can move up or down as needed) and if I take anything over 7.5 it usualy makes me tired. Right now I am on 15 because I am very hypo so we are trying to "keep it that way" and not go any higher "up" with the mania. I got a little silly a few days, so I took 20mg and it made me almost zombie like. So that may be your dose, not sure. It is for me. But to beat depression fatigue I have found that those Energy drinks wake me up. They keep saying they aren't healthy, and too much caffeine is bad for you but when you're depressed and you just need to get out of bed... it does help...
  11. I am currently hypomanic right now. I'm not sure why or how - I'm bipolar 1 so usually I'm over the top manic. But this has actually been NICE. I'm a bit impulsive, I've got all sorts of ideas and strange thoughts, I'm talkative... but not to an extreme like usual. I like it! I am not irritable or have huge amounts of anxiety either. Is it wrong to want to stay this way? It does not appear to be progressively getting worse, or anything. I'm at like, some strange hypo-plateu.
  12. My mania seems to be masking my arthritis pain.
  13. Alien Navel Cord

    How Do You Know The Real You?

    I wonder who I must really be too.... I'm always manic. So who am I when I'm normal!
  14. I'm afraid I'm headed the same way. High dose (for me) of abilify but... Up up and away. Worried...
  15. New job at same company. Doing well so far!! Pharmaceuticals!