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  1. dancesintherain

    ativan dosage timing change?

    thanks Cheese! I think it does make sense. It can help with some of the sleep-related anxiety if it's higher at night.
  2. dancesintherain

    ativan dosage timing change?

    Thank you both!
  3. dancesintherain

    Trying Lexapro Again?

    great on the pdoc front. that takes a lot of courage to make that call. I'm glad he can see you today instead. Sorry that your depression is so bad and the ER was useless. That's frustrating.
  4. dancesintherain

    How Do You Feel THIS MOMENT in Time?

    sleep does rock. I'll take it when I get it, because that isn't often enough yet. sorry your pdoc was unhappy with the changes. Melatonin makes me depressed. I've tried it three times (each time forgetting the past result) and gotten the same result three times. I finally now remember that it's not a good idea.
  5. hi all, I used to take ativan at 2mg per night and then coast through the half-life during the day. My pdoc changed that two weeks ago and progressively got me to 0.75 mg am and 1.25 mg pm. It's definitely helped the GAD portion of the program. I'd say my resting anxiety level went from about a 4/5 to about a 2/3. (I still managed to have two panic attacks, but I could explain those.) The problem I've hit is that splitting a 0.5mg tablet in half is really annoying. The darn thing crumbles maybe 1 in every 5 times. It also makes a tiny piece of medicine that I'm at risk of missing in the med box. Those aren't problems that are major, but I asked my pdoc if I could play around with the dosage a tiny bit just to see if I can manage without having to cut it. I'm looking for feedback/best guesses at which of the following options to try: 0.5mg am/1.5mg pm 1mg am/1mg pm I'd automatically go for the 1mg/1mg, but for the fact that I'm worried about tiredness. I already deal with tiredness either because of sleep issues or meds, so that has me hesitating. However, maybe it's worth giving it a try? Taking any and all votes and feedback. Again, not a big deal--I can try it both ways. I'm just trying to make an educated guess for the first attempt.
  6. dancesintherain

    How Do You Feel THIS MOMENT in Time?

    got 9 hours of sleep last night, which was refreshing. had my pdoc appointment and agreed to some changes. will aim to make it a month without seeing or talking to her, assuming all goes okay.
  7. dancesintherain

    Trying Lexapro Again?

    These are major, major decisions to be making on your own. There's a reason pdocs go through med school. Please, call your pdoc before making other big move changes. I strongly recommend that you continue with what's been prescribed.
  8. dancesintherain

    Trying Lexapro Again?

    Your previous call—going witbout it for now—makes a lot more sense.
  9. dancesintherain

    Time for a new word association thread

  10. dancesintherain

    Trying Lexapro Again?

    What’s going to prevent mania/hypomania?
  11. You can definitely get them to switch arms. And if this one bruises (like it sounds like it will), they’d need to use a different vein anyway. I don’t think they’re holding anything against you. Some people are unfortunately less talented than others and some days your veins are more cooperative than others. If you’re not already doing it, drinking a bunch of water usually makes it easier to get blood drawn.
  12. dancesintherain

    Sleep Medication Overhaul?

    Prazosin for the ptsd-related portion?
  13. dancesintherain

    Time for a new word association thread

  14. dancesintherain

    Two med changes and anxiety

    fingers crossed! so you think more ativan as the culprit? i'm hoping more time with luvox will handle the OCD thinking.
  15. My pdoc made two med changes last Monday. I got started on Luvox for OCD at a low dose (25mg) because of the bipolar crap and my evening dose of Ativan got progressively shifted (from 2mg at night to a 0.75/1.25 split). The Luvox got bumped to 50 mg about four days ago. what I’m curious about is whether some symptom changes make sense give that switch. What I’ve been surprised by is the general anxiety disorder impact...it’s not perfect, but it’s a lot better. It’s like rather than having my resting state at a four it’s more like a two. Can that be as simple as the Ativan? Or is the Luvox likely playing a role? it hasn’t gotten rid of everything...I have had two really bad panic attacks and the OCD symptoms aren’t gone. But it’s still a nice change that I wasn’t expecting to come as quickly.