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  1. thanks, good to know. hopefully that's the one that was actually "off."
  2. I'm not sure actually. She tested BUN, Creatinine, and EGFR. I know the EGFR was one of the ones that was either off or almost off. I'm not sure between the other two. She told me...I was so scared that it didn't stick.
  3. Thanks LFA. She’s not yet sure it’s the lithium, which is why we are only pulling it back slightly. I’m going to get another round on Monday and see her on Wednesday to see if it’s headed in a good direction. Perhaps it was a fluke, but it was concerning because it was both numbers rather than one.
  4. I had my pdoc appointment today and got some scary news. I had my periodic kidney/liver/thyroid testing done and my kidney functioning is clearly worse off than when it was last checked (6-9 months ago). There are two things that are measured and one is barely within normal limits and the other is outside of them. Read alone, maybe not a reason to be concerned. Read in comparison to the last round, more concerning. My pdoc wants to try to get my sleep back on track before messing with other issues, so we're just going to frequently monitor and cut back my lithium dose partially (from 750 to 600). Still, it's scary. Anyone been here before?
  5. dancesintherain

    How Do You Feel THIS MOMENT in Time?

    anxious. I have a job interview tomorrow and I'm pretty sure I applied for the wrong tier of the position (overqualified for what I applied for). I have an answer for why I did it, but I'm not sure how that will look.
  6. have you ever looked at idealist.org? They accumulate volunteer opportunities that would probably extend past what you're generally exposed to. Maybe one of them would be more appealing?
  7. dancesintherain

    Belsomra experiences?

    good to see you cheese. Yes, I think this experiment proves that the belsomra was the culprit. It was so nice to get back to nightmare-less sleep. My pdoc mentioned temazepam and halcion and I think my ativan level was too high at the time (2.5mg) for her to feel comfortable doing it. I've been coming down from that and I'm now at 1 mg, So hopefully that'll impact things.
  8. dancesintherain

    Belsomra experiences?

    Aha. No belsomra, no nightmares. Not even a hint of one. Now, it took me 2.5 hours to fall asleep, so I still need something. But belsomra is not it.
  9. dancesintherain

    polyvagal theory/vagal tone

    I hadn’t heard of it either CR. I found it neat also. thanks HB. I wasn’t familiar with it, but I have heard of the somatic experiencing approach. Not something I’ve tried.
  10. dancesintherain

    Belsomra experiences?

    Thanks Cheese, I appreciate the support. It was definitely awful. Good news is that options remain--bad news is I've tried a bunch.
  11. So youtube landed me in a video about polyvagal theory. I hadn't heard of it before. Curious what thoughts people have. Is this well-accepted and just new to me? Junk science? Somewhere in between?
  12. dancesintherain

    Belsomra experiences?

    I’m going to have to request off this drug. I’ve had my third straight night of multiple violent nightmares. It defeats the purpose of taking it. after thinking about it, I'm stopping it tonight. I don't ever do that. I see her on Monday, but I can't handle another two nights like that. I'd literally have a violent awful nightmare,, wake up, and dive back into another one. I'm shaking and sweating and all kinds of stuff. It's just bad.
  13. dancesintherain

    Lexapro causes drowsiness?

    I had an energizing response. I don't know if I'm atypical, but it definitely didn't make me drowsy. That said, not many things do.
  14. I think I'm going to be looking back at this list/at benzos. Assuming the belsomra is causing the nightmares, I don't think it's sustainable. I'll give it some more time and see what pdoc and tdoc think. But they're pretty horrible. My pdoc has had me reducing the ativan each night, so that gives some room for a benzo-based sleep approach. She had mentioned temazepam previously but hadn't gone with it,, so maybe she'll be more receptive now. Or trying halcion again, since she thought about it last time.
  15. thank you both. butterfly. I have't really considered clozapine yet because it seems like such a big commitment when my only issue is sleep--no mood issues, no anxiety issues, and no psychosis issues (for now at least!). I'll keep in mind that it can be helpful, but for now I'm trying to see if I can do it a little more gently. DJ, my thyroid got checked yesterday, but the estrogen/progesterone/etc haven't been in a while. I'm 36, so it's plausible that something could be wonky. Early, but still possible. I've been avoiding the gynecologist because of trauma, but I'm working with my tdoc on that and will be ready for an appointment eventually..probably not too much longer.