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  1. Cerberus

    whatever the weather

    Two days ago at Gale Crater on Mars, the high was 20°F, and the low was -99°F. So if you step outside right now, the wind chill is probably the equivalent of a late summer afternoon on Mars. But it was hotter there, on the equator, than some places in the U.S. I am now going to burrow under layers of covers with the cat, and contemplate where I stored the electric blanket.
  2. Be sure to make a good hard fist before your arm is tied off - this often helps the vessels become more pronounced. If you combine it with a squinty eye, it might also suggest that you’re not to be trifled with...
  3. Last Wednesday I went for my bloodwork, and the lab tech stuck me three times before giving up and trying another location. He seemed far more embarrassed than annoyed. I think that when you phlobotomize people all day, every day, eventually it's not the first thing that pops into your head when you imagine striking out at someone. Go back again, and give it the benefit of the doubt. If it happens again, be clear that the procedure was painful. If you get anything but an apology, find the administrator pronto.
  4. Cerberus

    Memes that make you go hmm 🤔

    Memes that make you go... OBJECTION! Smokey the Bear is a symbol of the USDA Forest Service (Department of Agriculture) and the NPS Arrowhead is an official symbol of the US National Park Service (Department of the Interior). Whoever cobbled up that meme attempted to cover his or her ass by renaming the bear "Wokey" - read the hat - but missed the belt, so its use is a double violation of federal regulations, for misusing an official federal agency symbol, and for altering said symbol. The person didn't even bother trying to change the NPS Arrowhead. I should know; I am something of an expert on the logo, as I used the damn thing almost daily for 24 years in my official government capacity before I retired, and that meme is definitely a violation of federal regulation. But worse that either of those, the fact that the person just assumed that he or she could speak out of the mouths of everyone in both of our agencies while clearly understanding nothing about us pisses me the fuck off, even if I happen to agree with the sentiment. Gears, I have told you much of this already, so I can see a remote potential for having placed this just for the amusement of watching me go all Krakatoa...
  5. Lisa - I'm afraid I don't have any experience with Lamictal, but I do have a question: Did you see a breakdown of your elevated white blood cell count in terms of the types of white blood cells present? It makes me wonder if it would actually help people who are immunocompromised and don't have enough of certain white blood cells.
  6. Cerberus

    I'm not really new...

    OPIE! Huzzah! How good to see you! (Well, I'm sorry you're not feeling so well, but I'm selfishly elated.)
  7. There are several genera of mushrooms that contain the active psychoactive substances psilocybin or psilocin. Although some recent research has been conducted regarding the potential for use of these substances in treating compulsive disorders and other intractable mental illnesses, at this time hallucinogenic mushrooms and their derivatives remain Schedule I substances pursuant to United Nations protocols, and at present there are no medical indications for psilocybin or psilocin. If you wish to discuss recent or ongoing studies relevant to this - with citations - we will entertain a thread on that. This thread, however, must be closed. Cerberus Moderator
  8. LFA - The "trigger warning feature" line refers to "Dead Ed" - - the skull-and-crossbones emoji, which on this site is universally accepted as a Trigger Warning. Most members usually preface a potentially triggering post with something like this: ------------- - WARNING - May be triggery - I floss with hair from my deceased afghan hound. ------------- Well, that would likely trigger me, anyway. With regard to the status updates, when you click your mini-avatar next to your username at the upper right corner, the screen that follows should give you tabs beginning with "Activity". The first Item under activity is a field saying "Write a public message on your own feed". Whatever you type in that field becomes your current status update. If you have any other problems, please don't hesitate to contact any Moderator or Administrator directly. Cerberus Moderator
  9. Chief, in the standard post dialog, in the bottom bar where you have a choice to include images, the button at right that says "Insert other media" gives the option to "Insert image from URL". This used to work, but now just spins. I have not tested the "Insert existing attachment" option. The option on the left to choose files for upload from the local machine appears to still work fine.
  10. Utter incompetence. Abandon this quack at once and find another pdoc. I have no patience whatsoever with anyone who tells someone with MI that he or she "wants to be sick". It's absurd on its face. If she's already admitting there's nothing she can do for you, then you are now free and clear to kick her to the curb and find a professional with actual skills who can help you. And there are such persons out there. I'm steaming on your behalf.
  11. Oh that it were, indeed. It may be that I hold my view strongly because I have found CBT extremely effective in my own life. I am entirely prepared to accept the possibility that a person's feelings can be prompted by another, and that the responsibility for the control of those feelings lies in the response. That also is plausible to me, but it does not alter my underlying premise that lays the onus upon the person feeling the effect to make a rational personal assessment of what that response should be. You suggest that severe trauma may lead to situations where limbic response does take over the person's response beyond rational control, and has identified treatment methodologies; i.e. it enters the realm of pathology. In most cases, I would not think it goes as far as that. The entire realm of the of those disciplines is woefully male-slanted. Ish? With great respect, Geek (as always), being autistic is not something one can dangle one's toes into. You do not have the dx. Your insights have value from an NT perspective - as one observing autistics - but please realize that not being autistic, you cannot present as though you were "sort of" or "a little". I mention this only in closing, because your comments do have value.
  12. I see you've tried Effexor, Wellbutrin and Adderall, but did you try them in combination with each other? That's what's keeping my head above water (just). Using Effexor as the uptake inhibitor and the Wellbutrin and/or Adderall (or Vyvanse) as a release agent helps you produce more of the neurotransmitter you need available, and keep it in your system longer.
  13. Happy Hanukkah to all our Jewish members. May your oil burn forever.

  14. @Southern Discomfort - Wow. That has to be the most succinct summation of the problems with this issue that I’ve heard. You get a cookie.