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    Your Cleaning Goals!

    I know a lot of us struggle with cleaning. Some of us do cleaning in spurts (with timers). Others make a to-do list. Still others of us... dance on the floor and jiggle with monkeys, I guess. This thread is about challenging yourself to clean. Why? Because cleaning fucking sucks. And sometimes it's nice to have accountability for shit. A thread might look like this: Poster #1: My goal is to clean for 15 minutes. *Edited 20 minutes later* Done! Poster #2: My goal is to make my bed. *Edited three hours later* Done! <that'd be me ETC, ETC, etc. Whatever helps you. So, what are your cleaning goals for today? And you are certainly welcome to make more than one post per day... Like if you decide to do 16 rounds of cleaning (you're braver than I am.) Cleaners, challenge yourself. SPRING IS PRETENDING TO BE HERE! Let's pretend to clean. Day #1: My goal is to make my bed. I also have a goal to pack up some stuff since I'm on the verge of moving... And maybe get the toothpaste out of my rug. okay, not really. it looks more like this.