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  1. Ophelia

    I'm not really new...

    Hey everyone! 👋 Thanks for the welcome and I look forward to catching up!
  2. Ophelia

    I'm not really new...

    I remember! Hey there! Omg, it's been forever since someone called me Opie. I like it! 😉
  3. So, I'm not really new. I used to be very active back in the day. No one really wants to hear about that, though. I've been having a lot of trouble recently. I have a bunch of physical problems, which have very much exacerbated my mental health problems. In the years since I took my crazyboards sabbatical, I was diagnosed with one of my hardest challenges to date. It's called Complex Regional Pain Syndrome or Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy. Unless you have it or someone you love has it, you most likely have never heard of it. To totally generalize this rare condition, it's constant high levels of pain with no cure and extremely inconsistent "treatments." It's one of (if not the) most painful medical conditions, topping the pain of natural childbirth and the amputation of a digit (without any sort of anesthetic)... at least according to the McGill pain scale. So, this, along with a few other health issues have made my depression and anxiety so bad. That's why I'm back. I just thought I'd say hi and, if nothing else, just kind of hang out, I guess. Later, kids!