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  1. Wonderful.Cheese

    New Pdoc says there is nothing she can do for me?

    Oooooo I’m so angry for you! You get yourself a new pdoc ASAP, chica! I just am blown away by some of these pdoc’s actions. I had one like your current one. It was always no med changes, see you in 3 months as I left his office sobbing. Don’t get trapped with this pdoc! I did for too many years and now my pdoc is so so so much better! There is hope. And don’t listen to her rubbish. Why would anyone want to be sick? Pfft pure stupidity on her part!!!!! Try not to let it get under your skin. I know that will be hard but it’s just rubbish. And if you let her get to you then you let her win. Which I’d hate to see with that stupid, idiotic, insensitive lazy pdoc. Remember it’s all on her. You did nothing wrong and you have med options left. Keep fighting! And you’re right, would they just say to a heart disease patient that they wanted to remain sick? Hell no! Grrrrr
  2. Wonderful.Cheese

    I made *That?*

    Abigail the unicorn! A gift for my niece!
  3. Wonderful.Cheese

    ways to look awake

    Or if you have a membership or know someone who does, the nasal spray steroids from Costco or Sam's Club (personally I've only seen the Costco ones, no one we know has a Sam's Club membership) are dirt cheap compared to most other places. So that might be another option if you can get them from one of those membership stores. I know this isn't what you are looking for but I got 365 pills of Claritin there for like $11. Geez, go to Walgreens and you get 20 some pills for $11 or something like that! And I've used the nasal steroids before and they do work, in fact they work better than claritin. But I read something about not using them long term and asked my GP and he wanted me to come in for steroid shots or something!?!? I was like no thanks. I will try over the counter first. But anyway, I'm happy you got things to do the trick for today!
  4. I will second @mikl_pls suggestion for lamictal. I was on lamictal and abilify for quite a while before I went completely over the edge. I think they (at least IME) complimented each other well. Lamictal is known for helping BP depression. I'd inquire about lamictal if you want to at your pdoc appointment. Lamictal is a mood stabilizer.
  5. Most of the AAP's that end in -pine work so so or ok for me. Decent I guess. But never enough. I needed 2-3. Thus the need for trying Clozapine currently. Seroquel XR and Clozapine have been the best and maybe zyprexa somewhat, but abilify I don't know I've been on it so long I don't know if it does anything anymore?
  6. My pdoc cancelled on me last minute today. 

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    2. Wonderful.Cheese


      Thanks guys. I got in about a week and a half later. So not horrible but also not ideal when doing a big med change. Hmm

    3. mmaryland


      Would your psychiatrist at least talk to you on the phone briefly, just to see how the meds are working/not working and if minor adjustments in med dosages are necessary. At the end of the day. you know yourself better than anybody. I would suggest staying on the dosage and not do anything "big" with your cocktail. Too often in mental health treatment you have to step up and be your own psychiatrist. do your own thorough research, and pay attention/note any changes in behavior/thinking/mood etc. I think you got this!!

    4. Geek


      I'm so sorry Cheese :(

  7. Wonderful.Cheese

    ways to look awake

    @dancesintherain would trying a non drowsy antihistamine work? A la Claritin? Or vistaril if you need something more drowsy inducing (it’s an anti anxiety and antihistamine and sleep inducer in one)? But definitely contact your drs before adding anything in case of an interaction with your other meds. I take Claritin but I’m wondering if I need it now that it’s winter. Not sure. I wonder if that will receive the sinus pressure for you? Either way I guess a call to your doc wouldn’t be a bad idea if it’s affecting you so much like that. They make those steam Vick’s things for congestion that supposedly helps remove the congestion but I don’t know if that’s a long term solution. Husband has one and uses it when he is sick.
  8. It must vary by state then. Because when I first started it I got like a 30 day supply to just make sure it worked without ordering a big 90 day supply for nothing. I picked it up at a local pharmacy and I didn’t have to show my ID. But it is worth asking about if it will save you a lot of money and ease of obtaining the medication. I get 90 day supply of generic nuvigil through my mail order pharmacy. Good luck! I hope you can get it in a way that works best for you!
  9. @Geek I get some through mail order and some through a local pharmacy. I go by cost strictly. I used to do all mail order but found some it be way cheaper in the local pharmacies. Right now the only ones that I get through mail order are seroquel XR (generic) because it’s $15 per 3 months vs $135 ish in the actual local pharmacy. So we can’t afford it otherwise. And also I get nuvigil the mail order. It’s a little cheaper but not by much. But it saves a trip to the pharmacy so oh well. I have two local pharmacies. The one deals with my medical meds, Topamax and metformin and birth control and levothyroxine. Plus it’s close to my home. The other local pharmacy is specialized in clozapine so I have to use that one for psych meds. Lexapro, clozapine, lamictal, abilify, Klonopin. The nice thing about this psych specialty pharmacy is that they deliver my psych meds to the county clinic for me! So I’m not constantly making trips to the pharmacy back and forth to the clinic and pharmacy. The pharmacy serves some to most patients at the county clinic so they must have a deal with them.
  10. No, mot the first time I got help, no way. I guess it was like you. A really good smart pdoc who saw right through me. I couldn’t lie about it anymore either after being asked directly like that right to my face. I just started sobbing. I knew someone finally saw through me and understood. It was traumatic but also a relief. I had hope I’d get help and could return to work and school. But I never got better hence the court orders and the treatment resistance. I’ve lost that hope that I’ll be able to work or finish school.
  11. @coraline I don’t recall the first time I heard them, it was so very long ago. But I do remember the first time I admitted to hearing the voices. I was in the hospital and this was maybe 12 years ago (?) and they point blank asked me if I was hearing voices. I couldn’t lie about it any longer. I was sobbing and a mess. I admitted to it because the voices were killing my brain and I was so scared and spacing out just listening all day. I barely spoke one word during that time. I was too busy listening. When I admitted to hearing the voices they said they were not surprised. They knew I was hearing things. I am not sure how they knew this to this day. I don’t understand it. But they put me on seroquel and increased it to a high dose. But I didn’t get better soon enough so I was sent court ordered away to a state hospital.
  12. I don’t think it’s registering my vote. It keeps saying this field must be filled out (meaning the bottom half of the poll I believe, but could be wrong?). It’s like an error message. And I don’t have enough of experience with a typical AP to give a fair vote on one. Maybe I’m not voting correctly though. I tend to get mixed up lol.
  13. Thank you all for the wonderful ideas. I will keep these in mind for today for sure. It’s a battle every day. @Rabbit37 those are excellent tips! Thank you! And @dancesintherain I love your tips too! Thank you! @CrazyRedhead I have a comfy spot to sit on on our couch. Or up by our counter on some stools. I often used to crochet there. I need to stick to sitting up and sitting there. Great idea! Thanks! I will try my best! I will tell my Tdoc how bad it’s gotten @Iceberg. I also see my case manager today and I’ll discuss this with her too. Thanks! @Gatorgirl I have never tried an OCD med. I just started lexapro if that is anything helpful? I don’t think I’ve ever been told I have OCD but it’s something I could look into. Thanks!