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  1. Wonderful.Cheese

    Will my pdoc find out?

    Good idea! I just might have to ask for that. Thanks for the idea! Ok. I didn’t know that. Thank you!
  2. Well, I was on it for a few months and it wasn’t helping. So they cold turkey stopped it. I only recall feeling dizzy for a few days and that was that. I switched to abilify after that and did much better (30 mg dose of abilify at the time). Then seroquel got added.....etc I would bet that withdrawals from geodon do not last forever or years. That seems a bit extreme. It seems like some anti psychiatry BS to me. I have never had withdrawals from a med for more than maybe 2 weeks (I’m pointing my finger at you, Effexor!) But at the same time I am not a dr. So you really need to have an honest conversation with your dr and don’t hold anything back. Your dr is who you should be discussing this with.
  3. Huh. Geodon always kinda zonked me out. I was on doses up to 240 mg split per day. Are you eating enough calories with it? I think it needs like 500 or so to properly work. Anyway, I stopped geodon cold turkey in a psych hospital and I felt very dizzy for a few days then I was fine. But it’s definitely something you want and need to do under dr supervision. Especially given how long you’ve been on it Your dr can properly tell you how to come off of it safely.
  4. Wonderful.Cheese

    ativan dosage timing change?

    I agree with the others too, fwiw. I hope that this new dosing schedule helps you!
  5. Wonderful.Cheese

    How Do You Feel THIS MOMENT in Time?

    I called my pdoc’s nurse. I’m panicky. I don’t know what she will say. Or if there is anything to be done. If there is nothing to be done I’m really going to lose it. I don’t know why things are bad?! I’m on 450 mg of clozapine. I fear so badly that this is a strong indicator that it means clozapine is a fail for me. Then what? That’s the end then. Nothing left to try AP wise. I mean, I do feel a little better. But it’s not the miracle I was hoping for by far. I hope you get your risperidone back! Keep us posted!
  6. Seroquel XR has been amazingly different and better for me than the seroquel IR. But definitely is a ymmv thing. You could try the XR and see how it treats you and you could always go back to the IR. But that is up to you and your pdoc to discuss. If you have any questions about my experience with either being on the seroquel IR or the seroquel XR, I would be happy to share. I’ve taken both kinds for lengthy periods of time. i wish you well with whatever you end up with!
  7. Wonderful.Cheese

    Will my pdoc find out?

    I used to get 20 mins or so, or possibly a few more if I was in really bad shape.Then she became the medical director and everything changed. Now it’s 10 mins. I know she is overbooked and overworked.
  8. Lol!!!!! I shall indeed try that! Hahaha! That’ll show them who’s boss!
  9. Wonderful.Cheese

    Will my pdoc find out?

    Yeah. Thanks. Im pondering if I should call my pdoc’s nurse. I felt like I wasn’t heard in my last 10 min appointment. But they think on Thursday AM is when I’m to start an AM dose of clozapine. But I already have started it. Anyway, I don’t know if there is anything to be done. Plus phone anxiety. I don’t know.
  10. Wonderful.Cheese

    Will my pdoc find out?

    Yes. No easy answers for sure. I’m just feeling pretty crazy sauce. I think I have decided not to fill it. I just don’t want her to find out before I have a chance to tell her myself. And I don’t want her to not trust me at all. That would be bad.
  11. Wonderful.Cheese

    Will my pdoc find out?

    Hmmm. You all have good points. I don’t know if my pdoc would want me to use it just PRN even. I was hoping she wouldn’t notice that I filled it. I know that’s bad though. I guess I could fill it and be honest that I am feeling pretty extra crazy and noticed I had a refill of the zyprexa zydis so I filled that for emergencies. I just don’t want her to think I’m playing Dr or going behind her back. I don’t want to get into trouble. Or have her opinion of me change. Or have her demand I bring in the zyprexa zydis and have them destroy it. Geez I really don’t know what to do. Plus I think it’s $50 at CVS for a month’s worth and my husband is not getting paid (thanks to you know who). But we have a card that pays for meds and copays by filling out things on the insurance website. So I could use that benefit card. What to do, what to do?
  12. Thank you all. I will go back again next week. It was probably a fluke then. I’ll have them try the right arm still though to give the left a break. Plus water. Lots of water!
  13. I have one refill of zyprexa zydis 10 mg pills. It expires on 2/2/19. I don’t have the old bottle. But it is on my CVS/caremark website that I can refill it because I have one refill left. Now I think it would be handy to have a stock of those on hand if shit that the fan. But my question is, would my pdoc be alerted if I filled this old prescription (old meaning it was issued a while ago but the actual refill is still there waiting to be filled). Would the pharmacy tell my pdoc I refilled it or could she find out by some other way? I know I’m not technically supposed to fill this script. But it sure would be helpful. Especially as I come off other AAP’s. When I’m on just 2 of them. Any thoughts oe knowledge or wisdom or insight?
  14. I’m having a hard time. Could this be why the lab tech stuck me with the needle as hard as she could? I did ask the lab tech a legitimate question about lab draws. I think she thought I was being dumb (like making fun of her job) or condescending or snarky. When I was in fact not being that way at all. I was just making conversation and was curious. So I think that’s why she jabbed my arm as hard as she could with the needle. I have a large dark mark where the needle was stuck in on my left arm. I’m sure a bigger bruise will form by tomorrow morning. I’m feeling leery of going back to that clinic for my lab draws. What do you guys think?
  15. Wonderful.Cheese

    Topamax add on

    Totally understand. My insurance “covers” brand name meds, but they are still so expensive that they are unaffordable to us (and I’d guess lots of others too)! So generic meds are the only ones we can afford (mostly).