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  1. Thanks jt. That makes sense to me. It’s been 6 months on clozapine since I started it. I looked back on our insurance website. I am wondering why I have not graduated to every other week blood draws yet. Should be soon I hope.
  2. Wonderful.Cheese

    How Do You Feel THIS MOMENT in Time?

    Sorry Rabbit. I hope you can take a nap today. As for me, I feel awful. Just crazy. No one is listening but you guys here on CB. I don’t understand why.
  3. Ok. Thanks for explaining. It’s just hard to justify the cost of it when I don’t feel it helping much. If I go IP they might take me off of it. At this point I’m so confused. I’m having a lot of side effects too. I’m to start the 200 mg AM dose tomorrow. It’s hard for me to know. How do you know when you have found a sweet spot? I’m sorry for the dumb question. Maybe with this last increase I will feel something? I’m so confused.
  4. Good advice to call the savings program customer service before diving in. I tried a savings card that said my first fills of a med should be “free”. Well I didn’t know until I got to the pharmacy that it only covered up to a certain number of dollars off your prescription. So, the monthly prescription was $650 and change, but the drug company’s coupon was only good for up to $150 (I can’t recall exactly) off the monthly fill of the med. So, the med would still have been $500 a month! Because they only pay up to a certain amount off the retail prescription price. That’s why there is always an asterisk by the “ first copay is free* “ on their coupons. But YMMV. Maybe I just have awful insurance and yours is better. But we have good coverage for other things so I am not sure what to think. We have to stick to generics because we can’t afford brand name. I too don’t understand how anyone can afford to be on these new AAP meds. Even clozapine is doing us in with the weekly labs and cost of the med, and that’s generic! Everything is all screwed up with the drug costs!
  5. Ouff. That last headache yesterday sounds awful to the max. Geek, you don’t deserve the pain. No one so good as you deserves pain. Can you get one of those tiny travel pill boxes and throw a few pain relief pills in one? Usually they are small enough to fit in one’s pocket or definitely a purse. I think we have about 2 dozen of the damn things lying around our house. (Oops.) Any pharmacy shop should have them or a larger general store or even I’ve seen them at a dollar store (can’t beat that!). You can get a super fancy one that talks to you for reminders. Haha just joking sorry. But they do make those and I’m sure they help a lot of people! I use my smart phone for reminders personally but not everyone has a smartphone. So that’s a good service. Sorry rambling over. Thinking of you and sending illegal hugs!
  6. I was also wondering if it has something to do with high blood pressure for you geek. Mine has been high regularly at my pdoc appointments. I’m getting daily headaches (and I have never had headaches regularly in my life ever). I need to contact my GP. I did not have headaches while on Wellbutrin (in any of its forms, the IR or the XL). So I have no experience with that. Wellbutrin just gave me increased anxiety so that’s why I had to stop it. I would definitely contact your pdoc to see if there is a connection. Daily headaches are awful. I’m sorry you have these to deal with. Ugh. Does anything help? Ibuprofen? Or ice packs (which I realize is impossible at work)?
  7. Latuda requires 350 calories for it to work correctly. My only thought is to have a midnight snack (something not over 350 calories, like some people here have used those ensure drinks or the non brand name. It’s just a trick to get the right number of calories without going over or under.) Then if you have that midnight snack you could take the latuda late like at midnight and you’d fall asleep around 1-2 AM like your normal bedtime hopefully. Then the latuda should still work correctly because you are taking it with enough calories or food and you should feel the benefits again from it. I’d hate to see you lose all the benefits from latuda since it has helped you so much. Just an idea. I used to take latuda but kept forgetting to eat with it and I took 160 mg. But unfortunately it didn’t help me anyway so I had to trade it for another antipsychotic med. I’m glad it is helping you though!
  8. Thanks Rabbit for the sharing of your experience and the wise words. I really appreciate it. I like your idea to start small. Just getting out of bed even. I hope I can do that soon. Thinking about IP currently but we will see.
  9. $160 a month total cost for clozapine right now with insurance. The labs and cost of the pills are awful. I don’t think I can justify staying on something that doesn’t even seem to be helping that much. 

  10. Another thing is the cost of this damn med. I mean financially, not just physically and mentally. $31 per weekly blood draw right now because our insurance sucks and we haven’t met our deductible I guess yet? Plus the $7-$8 dollars for the weeks supply of the actual clozapine pills. So we’re talking about $40 a week right now for being on this med ($160 per month!!!!!). That’s not something we can afford. I know we are dipping imto savings. And we had to recently buy a fridge as our old one broke down. I don’t know when our deductible will be met. After that I believe the blood work is $8? Plus $8 for the pills. Even then that’s $16 a week for this damn pill. ($64 a month!!!!!). I don’t think I can justify staying on a pill that’s not working and costing us $160 a month right now. Hell, for that price I could try a new AAP like vraylar or rexulti. And they would be cheaper too! I looked into the cost!
  11. Doesn’t hurt to ask, right? I could be wrong but I think there are some people on this site that take cogentin or a similar med daily. But I could wrong. I’ve never taken it myself so I have no personal experience. Sorry. But I definitely would encourage you to speak to your doc about this either way.
  12. When I took risperidone I too found it calming but I took it at much higher doses. Could something else have triggered your anxiety? Also, from experience, it’s hard starting on a new med. The switch can be rough until you reach a dose that works for you. Just some thoughts. I’m on clozapine right now too.
  13. Ok. Thanks for the info. I will try to ride it out longer. Are we talking months once I get to a certain dose? Like once I hit 600 mg starting Thursday morning, it can take months at that dose for it to start working even? This has been a tough ride. I hope it will be worth it. The plan is to increase clozapine to 200 mg AM and 400 mg bedtime starting Thursday morning. I know it seems like a lot in the AM but it really doesn't sedate me too bad. I'm used to meds being sedating and actually need that in a med. And I sleep pretty well at night with the 400 mg of it.
  14. Wonderful.Cheese

    Tdoc soon. I packed a bag, just in case.

    Yes, IP is never comfortable but you are right in extreme circumstances it might be needed. It might actually be a huge relief like from the daily things and chores and the “mask” as you said. I didn’t call the after hours team last night. I was too exhausted and I thought they might not believe me either. So I took my meds early and went to bed early. Sleeping to escape. Husband works way late again tonight. I have no one to take me to the ER. But if the after hours team believes me I think they take people there without calling an ambulance. Unless things have changed. The ER bill will be expensive enough. But they will take me by ambulance from the ER to the psych ward. Yikes. I don’t know if we can afford this. Maybe I’ll be ok and don’t need IP (tdoc didn’t think so). Husband doesn’t seem to think so either.