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  1. Okay. First of all, this is a pro-med site, I am pro-med, so please don’t bother me with quackery of a chiropractor. If you read, I WANT fucking sleep, but god damn, nightmares from my late husband’s mental/emotional abuse while he slowly committed drug/alcohol suicide is keeping me awake. FWIW, I go to bed at 9pm, with an alarm of 4:30am. So thanks, but that’s not exactly helpful. Thirdly, I have good kids, and they’re not over-indulged. I was just pointing out that they’re typical teens. They help when I ask, and often when I don’t. They have trauma they’re dealing with too, in addition to their own MI issues.
  2. I’m not sure if the strength would be enough to be worrisome or not, but the nasal steroids? Assuming they *are* steroids, that’s a no-no for bp’ers.
  3. Rabbit37

    whatever the weather

    We’re in a quiet cold pattern. It was 17F when I went out earlier. It’ll warm at the end of the week, with rain.
  4. I use visine cooling eye drops daily, some days needed more than others. It burns for a second or two - imagine being maced with peppermint spray, lol - but then feels good, and my eyes are clear. Also maybe an ice pack wrapped with a cloth for a few minutes, pressed over your eyes? I’ve always heard of cold wet tea bags, but I’ve never done that, doesn’t tea stain?
  5. Rabbit37

    How Do You Feel THIS MOMENT in Time?

    Horrible last year’s holiday memories + being very triggery = very bad dreams/nightmares lately that my brain won’t let me forget. Tired in so many ways.
  6. Rabbit37

    How Do You Feel THIS MOMENT in Time?

    Exhausted. Yesterday was a bad day, today is less so, but kind of the draining fallout from it. I’m just tired, in so many ways.
  7. Rabbit37

    should i continue therapy?

    The first thing that came to mind is, will moving back home be difficult for you? When I say difficult, I guess I’m thinking of whether it will be a huge adjustment, or whether you’ll be happy. I agree with dances, it’s best not to wait til you’re crashing. And readjusting your life might briefly throw you off-kilter... but maybe not, I certainly am not spouting doom and gloom. I guess my feeling would be, it can’t hurt. And you could certainly space your appointments out if you feel they’re not really needed. Ha, just had an image of sticking a box of bandaids in your medicine cabinet for an accident that may or may *not* happen. Preparedness?
  8. Rabbit37

    Hypo vs justified

    I’m self-employed, so therefore not out in the working world per se, but, I’m appalled that the manager chose not to promote you based on staff’s feelings. I would think your capabilitity and talent to do your job would be of utmost importance, not office politics. I think you’re justified, I don’t see this as a hypo issue, but that’s just me. Curious to see others’ opinions.
  9. been there so many times. This sounds so simple, but it helps me: when you get up in the morning, make your bed if you can. Totally get it if you can’t, but even just smoothing down the covers will help. Stack the pillows in a corner, or on a chair, whatever. Basically just make it more of a hassle to get comfortable again. Don’t give yourself a reason to go back to your bedroom. If you plan to shower later, take your clothes with you. Grab anything you might want later. Open your blinds/curtains. Hell, if it’s cold out, open the window a bit. Make the bedroom uncomfortable. And if it doesn’t bother you, close the door (some doors I can’t handle being closed). During my last serious depression, I set it in my mind that if I wanted to nap, or just lay down, living room only. And on the small couch, which is too short to stretch out. Fell into habit now, the only time I set foot in my bedroom during the day anymore is if I’m putting away clothes. All easier said than done, I know.
  10. Rabbit37

    back-up friend?

    Same (and I’m a woman). It doesn’t sound as if she’s deliberately hurt you, but, I think you deserve more respect and loyalty.
  11. Yeah, this doesn’t really sound worrisome. As above, the first I start noticing is sleep disruptions. Talking a lot, idk, but writing a lot could just be you getting back into the groove. I paint, and it can be safely obsessive without indicating a mood swing. Unless things begin changing, I’d say, enjoy it! It’s a much needed break for you.
  12. @BrianOCD, I have a pdoc appt soon, I’ll be asking for something like that, at least short term. Thanks. @Persona_Is_Life, oh goodness, I’m an animal lover. I have two dogs, three cats and a parrot (and fish and a tarantula, but that’s more eye candy). I can’t imagine ordinary life, much less life filled with stress, without them. Yep, therapy, once a week. I’ve been with my tdoc for years, how often varies, but it’s my lifeline.
  13. I love it echo. I’m somewhere between a nip and eek! a fishbowl.
  14. Rabbit37

    whatever the weather

    Haven’t heard the death count lately, but yes, big population. The most recent Camp Fire wildfire is so deadly because it had spread so fast that people were trapped and unable to evacuate. A lot of high winds fueling it.