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    Doctor won't prescribe me lithium

    That's silly. As jt mentioned, lithium can be used to augment an antidepressant. Are you suicidal? Because you could mention that to the doctor because lithium has anti-suicidal properties. I just started rexulti (which is technically an anti-psychotic but being used for depression and mood) and really like it. I also had help with latuda in terms of depression. These drugs are new though and may not be covered by your insurance. Good luck.
  2. CeremonyNewOrder

    What went well today?

    I cleaned my bedroom! I had a delicious cinnamon roll I got to watch Evil Dead for a buck on Redbox streaming
  3. CeremonyNewOrder

    Intrusive thoughts

    Use of CBT skills and like jt said, reminding yourself that these are just thought distortions and do not represent reality
  4. Abilify is the only med I've ever taken that worked right away on depression. I see you've taken it however. The only other meds I've taken that worked on depression sooner than an antidepressant are latuda and rexulti. I'm on rexulti right now and am liking it for mood/depression.
  5. Have you tried regular antidepressants first? Well you should at least feel some sedation from the seroquel. Seroquel was a drug I didn't stay long with because it only helped with sleep and that's it.
  6. CeremonyNewOrder

    How Do You Feel THIS MOMENT in Time?

    I feel my life has no meaning and I wish it would end. I'm tired of being depressed. The only thing I have to look forward every evening is taking my clozapine and rexulti and finally sleeping and FEELING NOTHINGNESS
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    Sleep Med Plateau?

    Could he increase your klonopin?I hear you. I use to have severe insomnia and seroquel and trazodone worked for awhile then stopped. Thankfully, clozapine and rexulti have finally helped me to sleep but those meds are probably not appropriate for your diagnoses. The only other thing I can think of is a sedating TCA at night.
  8. When your first diagnosed, it's not a matter of you telling them you are psychotic. They observe it. You go to the ER and the tdoc/pdoc puts you on a psych hold. You aren't released until your symptom free. As you get more treatment, you get more insight into your condition and can more easily talk to the doctor.
  9. CeremonyNewOrder

    What are you listening to right now?

    The Masterplan by Oasis (embedding video seems to not be working?)
  10. Seroquel caused me to be hungry too but I wouldn't be worried about getting diabetes from 50mg. And you will get a blood test just in case.
  11. There is nothing to envy. Barley getting by is not romantic. My monthly payment can't even pay for 1 month's rent. If I could work, I would. It would be nice to have my own place and be normal. Not have to fucking explain why I don't work.
  12. CeremonyNewOrder

    Will my pdoc find out?

    I would fill it but tell your pdoc why you are doing it. I'm sure he/she would be okay with you taking zyprexa PRN when you are experiencing breakthrough symptoms
  13. CeremonyNewOrder

    How Do You Feel THIS MOMENT in Time?

    I hope I will be able to sleep tonight. My mind is racing right now. I have to wake up early too.
  14. CeremonyNewOrder

    Hypomania in Bipolar I ?

    Lamictal did nothing for me
  15. CeremonyNewOrder

    Hypomania in Bipolar I ?

    lithium has nicely regulated mania for me but I still get hypomanic breakthrough episodes for several days. Luckily I'm not completely out if it and can contact my pdoc.
  16. CeremonyNewOrder

    French Vanilla vs Hazelnut (iced coffee story)

    I like my coffee black
  17. CeremonyNewOrder

    insomnia ideas

    Can you get a sleep doctor and a sleep test done? I thought all of the sleepiness was due to my meds but I actually had sleep apnea. Also as butterfly said, clozapine is great for sleeping (though it may you to sleep too much).
  18. Zyprexa and clozapine are two drugs both notorious for sedation....I take a stimulant to counter sedation from clozapine
  19. CeremonyNewOrder

    No more Xanax. ☹️

    My HMO just banned prescribing Xanax. Routine use of benzos also makes me depressed and I build up a tolerance pretty fast thus I never use them. When you see your pdoc, I would try to either tinker with your current meds or add something for anxiety. I know some people have to have a benzo and are responsible consumers but I personally find the right AD or AAP to work better than benzos.
  20. I don't know what your insurance covers but I'm starting rexulti right now (which is similar to abilify) and it's much cleaner than abilify in terms of side effects. But it's brand new so your policy might not cover it.
  21. In my opinion, abilify can be great for mood but not that great about psychosis. But we're all different. Have you tried risperidal/Invega? If I was a pdoc that would be my go to drug for psychosis
  22. You will never know until you try....I was on Zyprexa for years and never gained weight...in fact clozapine is the only psych med that has made me gain major weight.
  23. CeremonyNewOrder


    I've read it also has a lot of drug drug interactions...I've wanted to try it for OCD but have heard a lot of horror stories about it but of course we are all different
  24. CeremonyNewOrder

    Can lexapro cause mixed episodes?

    Cheese, have you tried celexca or paxil? They are suppose to be the mildest of the SSRIs.
  25. Sorry for all the questions about rexulti but I just have so little info about this drug. I started at .5 for two nights and then 1 mg last night. I thought since this drug is technically an AAP that it would kick in pretty soon but maybe its like an AD and takes awhile to work? My pdoc says I can titrate up to 2 mg on my own. I would love to hear people's personal experiences. Thanks.