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  1. I take 2mg at night. I find it sedating but everyone is different.
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    THIS exactly....for me self-compassion and acceptance is about realizing that I have a biological disease and need to do whatever I need to do to manage and that I should not feel guilty about something I can only marginally control. Would you say to someone that has diabetes or epilepsy that they are a loser because they can't work or have to take medication? We have brain scans for people with depression and schizophrenia. Its a real thing. Unfourtantly, there is also not a 100% cure yet. That's why we have to keep working on yourselves and never give up even if we feel like it sometimes.
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    They did a really good short lived TV show about Hannibal when he was a psychiatrist and before he was detained.
  4. So I've experienced some rebound in depression (and OCD if its related) in the past month. My pdoc initially had me titrate up to 3mg of rexulti. It made me way too sedated and I didn't notice any change so we went back to 2mg. Several pdocs have told me that clozapine in higher doses can help with depression. Has anyone gotten help with depression from clozapine and at what dose? I currently am taking 300mg. I really don't want to up the clozapine because I'm already suffering from extreme weight gain from it but my options for dealing with depression are running out. BTW, I can't tell if lexapro is helping or not. Thanks in advance.
  5. Another advantage with Invega is it's delayed release so you get coverage all day.
  6. I take mine in the evening. I experience mild to moderate sedation with it.
  7. You should just focus on treatment and getting the right meds to treat your symptoms. The diagnoses really don't matter.
  8. I have schizoaffective disorder and OCD...I've seen others with the same combo as well. It sounds like you need to contact your pdoc about what to take to alleviate your symptoms.
  9. As someone who has taken both, I feel like rexulti is cleaner in terms of side effects. It may just be my individual experience but I have not gotten any side effects from rexulti whereas abilify was like all over the place in terms of side effects depending on the dosage.
  10. I've been on rexulti for like 3 or 4 months and it has kicked my depression and anxiety in the ass and helped stabalize my mood. I, however, haven't noticed anything with regards to psychosis. Either it is doing nothing or my clozapine is blunting my psychotic symptoms.
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    How Do You Feel THIS MOMENT in Time?

    Shit I know how you feel. I've been in 7 car accidents in my life and just two weeks ago was in a an accident where I was in the passenger side and a SUV smashed right into my side of the car and airbags were deployed. I already have a hard time driving because I get thoughts that people are following me and trying to kill me and I'm too scared to drive on the freeway. NOW everytime I drive by a car I think they are going to hit me The only positive factor is it is a reminder to live your life to the fullest and not get caught up in bullshit because you never know when your time to go will be.
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    Tdoc soon. I packed a bag, just in case.

    can you go to the ER? I'm sorry you are going through this.
  13. Yes majorly with clozapine. I am mostly vegetarian and exercise and still I can't loose the weight. I don't have a massive appetite though. The problem there are no other options for me in terms of AAPs and clozapine DOES work well. *sigh* I don't think rexulti has added weight but I can't completely tell.
  14. What meds are you taking? Loosing interest in things you like is a symptom of schizo and depression. But wondering if your meds are making you tired also...
  15. Yes I take clozapine alongside with rexulti
  16. I just started rexulti about three months ago and I love it. It kicked my depression's ass and helped to stabilize my mood. However, I have not found it useful for psychosis. I know it's technically an AP but it seems its being used for depression and mood. Dosage for depression is 2-3mg and you could try the PI sheet which says up to 4mg for schizo dis orders.
  17. Your taking such a low dose that it is unlikely you'll have severe side effects. None of us here can predict what your response will be but once again you are on a very low dose. I personally found risperidone to give me good sleep.
  18. My first pdoc insisted I only take Zyprexa and that it would work on all my symptoms (not just psychosis). With experience, I know that it is pretty impossible to be on just one med when you are bipolar. I'm confused about whether you thought the lithium or depakote was working or not? If they are then just ditch the pdoc. However, if you tried most the mood stabilizers you might have to consider an antipsychotic (they can work on other symptoms besides psychosis and many have been approved for bipolar).
  19. lunesta had no effect whatsoever on me
  20. Seems like you should be trying something sedative if insomnia and anxiety are your main symptoms. But it could help your treatment resistant depression. Provigil had no effect on me so I will defer to others to discuss this subject.
  21. I've never combined two AAPs at once until now. Though I think rexulti (though technically an AAP) is basically an antidepressant/mood stabilizer and does not help with psychosis. I've read about and noticed on CB that people usually have to combine clozapine with another AP because of the bad side effects of clozapine at higher doses.
  22. I have a hard time believing that clozapine would cause anger and irritability. At higher doses, it is suppose to have anti-depressant effects. Rather I think the anger is breakthrough symptoms. Even though my medication is working well right now, I still have unprovoked rage and meltdowns. I think it is a part of our illness. DON'T quit the clozapine without the supervision of your pdoc. I hope you get relief soon.