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  1. confused


    I asked my pdoc about this and he said it does not have much effect on how pdocs prescribe,. He does not use it.
  2. I asked tdoc today if i seem any different from last month and she said my affect is brighter. She thinks it is working, it can be hard for me to tell, i know i am not miserable and i was at my wit's end when my pdoc prescribed it, i was not sure if i would continue but i will reorder.
  3. http://www.isst-d.org/downloads/EmergencyComm/ISSTD Statement on Glass.pdf Washington, DC (January 18, 2019) Christine Forner, President of the International Society for the Study of Trauma and Dissociation, is releasing the following statement regarding the M. Night Shyamalan movie Glass. “In his new movie Glass, M. Night Shyamalan persists with his grossly inaccurate and offensive stereotypes of people living with Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID). In this most recent movie, Shyamalan has exploited the stigma and misunderstanding surrounding DID to portray people living with DID as subhuman and dangerous. In fact, DID is a relatively common mental illness effecting approximately 1% of the population; equivalent to the rates of schizophrenia. Yet there are far less adequate treatment options, especially compared to other mental disorders. DID is characterised by two or more identity states (‘personalities/alters’) with amnesia (or strong neurobiological barriers) for life events that is too significant to be explained by ordinary forgetting. DID develops in response to profound early childhood trauma. The constant fear and lack of care that these kids experience prevent the development of a unified sense of self. These infants and children never get the chance to develop as safe children do. It is a rational response that results from horribly, unfathomable dangerous circumstances. As survivors of abuse, it is common for people with to evince a heightened empathy and concern for others. Individuals with DID are often the children of psychopaths, but they are not psychopaths. Most individuals with DID hurt themselves, not others. Television shows and movies are saturated by erroneous portrayals of persons with DID as perverse or dangerous. Resulting in not only having to be harmed personally but globally as well. These stereotypes are extremely unfortunate, misleading and harmful to individuals who have to live with this painful and often debilitating condition. These portrayals of people with DID are also likely, in part, responsible for the lack of satisfactory psychotherapeutic treatment or they receive harmful treatment. They are not getting the help they need, so instead of being able to heal, their torturous childhoods often never end. M. Night Shyamalan’s irrational and grossly inaccurate depiction of DID targets the most abused people in our society. We have, in the past, sent out our concerns to M. Night Shyamalan and these concerns were left unanswered. The lack of care and accountability is rather reprehensible. It is our intention to clearly warn viewers that this movie pivots on harmful misrepresentations of the dissociative disorders. People with DID have survived extreme violence and characterising them as the perpetrators of that violence is amoral and irresponsible. “
  4. Thank you. I did not know this is possible. If it ever happens again, i will see if i can do that.
  5. My 90 day mail order cost is the same as two 30 days brick and mortar.
  6. I had the ancestry dna test ran through promethease. I am heterozygous and am about 65% efficient in folate processing per the rssults. if it does work for me it is subtle. It has been about a month. Pdoc said to give it more time before i give up on it. I have bought a 3 month supply and will decide if i want to continue when i run out.
  7. I use CVS and CVS caremark. Caremark is the delivery service covered by my insurance. They sound out reminders, shipping is free and they give estimates on delivery that are accurate. I have almost all of my meds on delivery and i find it convenient. I used to go to a mom and pop pharmacy but the staff was surly and they took a long time. My husband still goes. They have a new owner now and have changed for the better, but I am staying with cvs.
  8. Why would they have barf bags on planes if they did not make some people nauseous?
  9. I am in CA. I could be wrong. Thought that was about the price
  10. I recently started deplin. I have a 90 day supply. Have Not noticed any difference yet. It is not covered by my insurance. is there a cheaper source (legal)? It is something like $50/month.
  11. I am weird. I mostly don't recognize when it happens. My husband says I stare into space. I usually notice when it ends and I am startled and have to orient myself. Anything unusual is hard for me to tolerate. I don't know how to ride out emotions. So, I don't think I could just let it happen. It sounds like it could be a good idea. I wish I could control it. Imagine tuning out at the dentist.
  12. thanks jt. they make me show id at the pharmacy. I will ask
  13. @Wonderful.Cheese you get nuvigil mail order. I will ask my doc if she can write a 90 day script for provigil. I thought i had to pick it up in person
  14. confused


    I got a 4. It took me a long time to put that chaos into any words. Now, I know it was traumatic for me.
  15. confused


    I just read this article on chilhood adversity and cognitive changes https://www.psypost.org/2018/12/childhood-adversity-linked-to-reduced-inhibitory-control-and-alterations-in-key-brain-networks-52727