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  1. So... what's your favourite antipsychotic? It's hard for me to pick out a winner; so many of them have been good but not the ultimate answer. Clozapine has been the most effective, but Aripiprazole was the most advantageous when it comes to depression. Stelazine has been the most calming and Risperidone was my first success, tackling psychosis (even if the side effects were intolerable). Olanzapine and Quetiapine were both big let downs and did nothing.
  2. Simba Cub

    Myoclonic Seizures

    Thanks, I think that's the one.
  3. Apparently in my case caused by medications but addressable by an entirely different medication, can anyone tell me what that curing medication is? All I can remember is that it starts with a "C". Bear in mind it can't interfere with MAOIs.
  4. Pimozide is the drug of absolute LAST RESORT. It's carcinogenic, can cause "Sudden Death Syndrome" and more. Mind you, when it works, it works, especially for movement disorders. Be careful when taking it and be in contact with your doctor at all stages.
  5. Simba Cub


    The medication for night terrors is Prazosin, brand name Hypovase at law doses. Oddly, this med can cause sleep paralysis which is WORSE! You actually hallucinate something terrifying, try to move but can't, try to call for help but can hardly make a sound... WORST. EXPERIENCE. EVER. I reduced my Prazosin to a level where both were managed - it's a fine line though.
  6. The whole problem with me was that at a working level versus psychosis, I was having heart problems. Sucks really. You think you're on to a good thing...
  7. I was happiest at 550mg - at that does my psychosis was managed and my depression tackled. Sadly it was toxic so I'm back down to 425mg but am now feeling miserable. Will probably compensate with another of the golden oldie antipsychotics such as Stelazine which was effective but had bad side effects (for one it messed with my eyes sight badly).
  8. I was on 550mg, but my serum levels were toxic, so I've gone down to 450mg - to start with. Clozapine is a dirty drug, the most powerful antipsychotic available and a damn good antidepressant, sedative and anxiety med. Unfortunately it will knock you for six, make you drool and will make you have monthly blood tests to safeguard against lethal side effects. It's one of the last drugs to try. But damn it, it works.
  9. I find this. Lots of drooling, even when I don't think of it. I have to put an absorbent sheet over my pillow lest I wake up and it's sodden. Sucks. But it's the price to pay for the strongest AP on the market.
  10. Simba Cub

    Turkey on a Plane

    Can you imagine shelling out for a seat only to discover that you're next to a turkey? Close seconds were a peacock and a pig.
  11. Ziprasidone could be a good one for weight gain
  12. If you wanted under used meds, look no further than MAOIs. Yes, they carry a strict diet and no-OTC meds, to name a few problems, but as any older psychiatrist will tell you, they damn well work!
  13. With Clozapine, you need regular blood tests to prevent a fatal side effect. It's also guilty often of playing dickey with your heart, liver and lungs. Not so great. But by gum, it WORKS.
  14. Clozapine is often known as the "dirty drug" and the "chemical kosch". So why does it have to be, more often than not, the most effective antipsychotic out there? The thing is so atypical it's not even classed as "atypical"!