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  1. That's me to a t. Crowds infuriate me and scare the crap outta me at the same time. Best avoid places like Victoria Station at rush hour!
  2. Risperidone was my first antipsychotic. Scared the crap out of me. Turned out although I had a bad reaction, there was really nothing to be scared about.
  3. Just to echo a pp, Clozapine can take AGES to take effect You need to start low and titrate up bit by little bit until you hit a sweet spot.
  4. They do say that for everyone out there, there is the perfect antipsychotic 😛 Of course, for some it involves a LOT of digging around. I have my fingers and toes all crossed that you find yours soon!
  5. I'm sorry Clozapine hasn't proven to be the miracle cure many tout it to be (including me). Perhaps an older typical could help?
  6. Cheers Elvis, will pass that on to her
  7. Or more precisely, lower the seizure threshold for those already prone to seizures? I know someone who suffers intermittent seizures and they usually occur after a night of heavy drinking.
  8. It appears I have hit a sweet spot! I was prescribed Prazosin for night terrors. They went away. But on the rebound I started suffering from sleep paralysis. This was worse. So we split the difference and halved the dose. Now I still get dreams but most are actually really fun and positive! Just goes to show... there's a sweet spot out there, if you're lucky enough to find it
  9. Is Aripiprazole (Abilify) activating or sedating or is it really a case of YMMV?
  10. Me too. For as long as I can remember I thought people were reading my thoughts. But after therapy, I was able to identify with what was real and what wasn't. Doesn't make it any easier though
  11. Makes sense. I hate myself for every little thing - defo something to raise with the shrink next time I see him!
  12. Sorry, not much help here. I had EMDR for post traumatic stress disorder following a botched ECT session with great success; now I can actually walk into the hospital where it all happened (although if you try and force me into the operating room you'd probably still lose an arm...) For stress, anxiety and OCD I found CBT therapy to be the most helpful. It was weird. I went in with a bunch of tangled beliefs and thoughts and left thinking, "now, get a load of that then..." Counselling was also useful - just talking things over. Not very technical I know, but it helped exorcised some daemons.
  13. I know what you mean. Nothing else has really helped me, outside of Trifluoperazine and Aripiprazole, both of which were only partial successes. Unfortunately, at 550mg the levels in my blood were classed as "toxic" so we've had to reduce the Clozapine and ratchet up other antipsychotics to plug the gap. It's an unfortunate situation to be in and I've even been put on beta blockers to control a racing and irregular heart rate. Fingers crossed I solve this problem sharpish.
  14. I swatted a fly today. Was mortified. I saw a van get crushed. Was grief stricken. Why are my emotions in hyper-drive?!