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  1. Interesting intervention: Typical antipsychotics such as Haloperidol were initially developed as a cure for nausea. It was administered to asylum inmates and doctors were amazed when they started to calm down and apparently recover from their symptoms!
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    OK, so...

    Sorry It's http://www.seratis.co.uk/
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    OK, so...

    You're welcome to have a look, just bear in mind I haven't erased all the spam yet. You ca find it here: http://www.seratis.net/ It's not as jovial and personable as Crazy Meds though - that made Jerod's site as special as it was and still I believe is
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    OK, so...

    When I thought Crazymeds was disappearing from the internet, I took it upon myself to create my own Crazymeds. It turned out rather bigger than I'd hoped with hundreds of drugs and illnesses all covered, from doses to formulae, descriptions to half lives. Initially I hosted them on an attractive HTML build - no ads, no nothing, just pure info. But it got too big. So I transposed it onto a MyBB forum build, complete with searching facilities and bot crawling access. Thing is, I left the boards open to new registrations, albeit with caveats including email registration and recaptcha. Long story short, the trolls got in and posted tonnes of crap. One thread for an anticonvulsant got almost 2,000 replies for all sorts of rubbish. Fortunately it seems isolated, so I can clean it up, but it really got to me. I initially wanted users to be ABLE to sign up, to post in a separate forum and ask questions. I've now had to erase that forum and switch the boards to a "no-registration" state of affairs. Awful.
  5. Further drugs that could calm you down: http://www.cocoa.uk.com/seratis/showthread.php?tid=113 http://www.cocoa.uk.com/seratis/showthread.php?tid=429 http://www.cocoa.uk.com/seratis/forumdisplay.php?fid=73 http://www.cocoa.uk.com/seratis/showthread.php?tid=115 http://www.cocoa.uk.com/seratis/showthread.php?tid=107 http://www.cocoa.uk.com/seratis/showthread.php?tid=105
  6. If you think you need it, you can take up to 900mg of Clozapine. I'd personally recommend an older antipsychotic. I've had a lot of success with Trifluoperazine (brand name: Stelazine), little blue pills. It's fairly blunt with a maximum dose of 6mg and a titration from 1mg upwards in 1mg increments, but it's fairly powerful stuff. If you need something to mellow you out, a small infrequent tranquilliser such as a benzodiazepam may help. I don't like them as they can be habituating, but if controlled and respected hey can help. I recommend Lorazepam. Equally you could take a mood stabiliser such as Sodium Valproate (Epilim) or a sedating antidepressant (such as Mirtazapine, brand name Remeron).
  7. The risk arises from a common side effect - over eating. Many antipsychotics make you crave sugary foods, make you retain weight and even make you appear more bloated to kick things off. Just control your diet and you'll be fine
  8. I was on 550mg nighty out of a possible 900mg, but the med was hitting toxic levels with me and I was suffering arrhythmia to the point where I had to cancel my holiday plans. I have since titrated down to 400mg and upped a Trifluoperazine dose to 3mg out of a possible 6mg. Interestingly enough, Olanzepine was designed to be the superior successor to Clozapine - effective without the blood tests. But it didn't quite shape up. As it stands Quetiapine is more similar to Clozapine than Olanzapine is. Weird eh?
  9. Stimulants are a bad idea as they are known to provoke psychotic symptoms. Lower doses of Clozapine are more sedating than higher doses and this goes for Olanzapine too. Both drugs are highly sedating; Clozapine more so. For best results, take at bed time.
  10. I'm interested that you are going for 80mg Parnate, I was under the impression that doses over 60mg become toxic. Additionally, bear in mind that there is a sweet spot, medicine wise - your peak therapeutic effect will typically be somewhere in the middle of the available doses.
  11. Clozapine is the "dirty drug" of the antipsychotic family and it HEAVILY sedative - it can also become toxic at moderate levels. I was on 550mg and discovered I was suffering from arrhythmia thanks to Clozapine toxicity. Had to reduce my intake whilst compensating with Trifluoperazine. Backup tactic is instigating a small dose of Aripiprazole in place of the higher levels of Clozapine, but at this stage we don't want to muddy the water by adding a third antipsychotic.
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    My mom died.

    I'm so sorry
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    I used to post on some Disney forums, called the DIS Boards. Got scared off when it turned out there was a dark side to the boards: the UnDIS. It's basically a forum for ripping it out of DIS members, belittling them, slagging them off... I can do without that.
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    Stupid Jokes

    What did the fish say when it swam into a wall? Dam. What do you get when you cross a snowman with a vampire? Frostbite.
  15. Quetiapine is a VERY sedating antipsychotic. And I mean VERY. It's mostly so at low doses.