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  1. Klonopin 0.25mg-0.5mg twice a day - Antianxiety/Antipanic Prozac 20mg a day - Antidepressant/Antiobsessive Rexulti 1mg a day - Antipsychotic/Antidepressant Trazodone 50mg a night - Sedative Naltrexone 50mg a day - Anti-opioid/antiaddiction Truvada 200mg/300mg a day - PrEP/HIV protection
  2. I have been craving opioids again, after being clean for 7 weeks. It's hard to believe I am admitting this to really anyone, but I miss them a lot. This is going to sound more like a blog post but I need reassurance from someone who was also addicted to opioids, specifically heroin and fentanyl. I am randomly smelling the vinegary burnt marshmallow smell (I would smoke H and percs) and it's driving me nuts. I'm on Naltrexone 50mg a day....can't get the implant. Everything in my life is going well and I am just scared of what could be. I don't want to die. Is anyone else recovering from opioids? They scare me so much. So many people I once knew are now dead. I hate taking the once a day pill, since I could easily stop it, but I don't want to talk to anyone about my thoughts as I know they will pass. What's the right thing to do? Just do it? The reason this is especially difficult is that I live with my parents, who think that naltrexone is a literal cure. They think I'm cured as long as I take naltrexone. How do you tell someone your willpower is weakening? They will think I want this. I don't know what to do.
  3. I am probably too late to this, but I would ask for an alternative. One taste of opiates and you'll be back. I know from experience.
  4. l'appel du vide

    No more Xanax. ☚ī¸

    Klonopin has treated me well for 6 years. Never gained a tolerance to the anti-anxiety or anti-panic effects, just the sedation and loopiness. 0.25mg twice a day is enough to keep my agoraphobia away. Higher doses definitely have a negative effect on my mood....but you have to find a balance. Since Klonopin has such a long half life you'll feel very stable, you won't wake up in withdrawal or anything. I have skipped doses on accident and not noticed.
  5. I second low dose Trazodone. Remeron was the only medication that made me straight up fat. Trazodone has worked at 25mg-50mg for years, with no side effects. Give it a try.
  6. l'appel du vide

    Clonazepam (discard by 8/16) 😂

    You'll be absolutely fine. Trust me. lol.
  7. There is no equivalent to suboxone for inhalants, but naltrexone has been approved for alcohol and opioid addiction. It is currently being tested as an anti addiction for many substances, I would recommend experimenting with that. It has saved my life.
  8. l'appel du vide

    Safety Of SSRIs/SNRIs

    I agree with everyone above me. It does nothing to state that we could improve our conditions by having better connections, better self esteem, whatever. We all work on that, it's basically unsaid. We have all tried everything in our power. When your brain wants to terminate itself, better self esteem will not save you. Period.
  9. l'appel du vide

    Safety Of SSRIs/SNRIs

    First, I want to second what notloki said about benzos. Correlation is not causation. There is no hard evidence of benzos even being linked to early-onset dementia, rather people with early-onset dementia experience anxiety and are prescribed benzos to treat it. I've been on varying, steady doses of Klonopin for what is about to be 6 years. My memory, both long-term and short-term are excellent. Second, BrianOCD your brain may be adjusting to not having Effexor. I highly doubt there is any permanent damage, your brain was just so used to receiving it that it is now trying to reach homeostasis without it. I promise the symptoms will get better in time. May I ask why you stopped Effexor? These mental disorders tend to be chronic conditions. These medications are safe, but like any drug we introduce into our body for long periods of time, it will take the body and mind time to adjust to life without it. I wouldn't worry at all.
  10. l'appel du vide

    SNRI augmentation

    I take Prozac with Rexulti and I have absolutely no SD. Never have. I'm a big advocate of Rexulti so I'd say maybe give that a try.
  11. l'appel du vide

    Trazadone worries

    The only way to not worry about side effects is to get a hold of your thoughts. Does the Effexor not help with your health anxiety? I can promise you that the trazodone is very safe, and no matter if you feel a bit dizzy or anything else, you are okay. I promise it. Just accept the odd sensations and accept that they might make you uncomfortable, but will not hurt you. 25mg is an extremely low and safe dose. I take 50mg, sometimes 25mg. I have taken up to 150mg before. When trazodone was used as an antidepressant people were taking over 300mg of it a day.
  12. I took Rexulti 0.5mg for a week, and I noticed benefits on the second day. Then I upped to 1mg, where I am now, and my motivation and energy was back and my anhedonia gone within a week. It reached the peak around the 2 week mark, and now I'm well off. Give it time. You may possibly need to go up to 2mg, but stay at 1mg for atleast 2 weeks I'd say. Rexulti is an amazing medication, so good luck to you.
  13. l'appel du vide

    seroquel for insomnia

    Low dose seroquel does not eliminate the risk of developing tardive dyskinesa. Would you take Haldol for a sleep aid? These are serious psych meds. This person is already on a benzo first of all, and second, yes I would recommend a benzo over seroquel. Benzos are extremely safe, and the "addictive potentional" is highly exaggerated. You don't see benzo addicts roaming the streets for their next fix. Are benzos difficult to come off of? Absolutely! A lot of psych meds are. I've come off 4 years of 3mg clonazepam daily, to 0.25mg daily, to nothing. It was slightly uncomfortable. I never had cravings for clonazepam. As for rebound insomnia, surprise! All sleep medications can cause rebound insomnia. So yes, I would absolutely take a benzo over an antipsychotic for INSOMNIA. Don't be ridiculous. Also.. If you think you won't develop tolerance to 12.5mg seroquel, you are in for a rude awakening (literally!) At one point I was on 12.5mg seroquel for insomnia, within three months I was at 200mg. Neuroleptics should be a last resort for insomnia. But listen to your psych, of course. But stay informed about what are other safer alternatives.
  14. l'appel du vide

    seroquel for insomnia

    I would highly recommend against using an atypical antipsychotic for insomnia, the potential side effects outweigh any slight pros of use as a sedative. There are much better sedatives out there, even for every day use. I don't like using klonopin as a sleep aid, but if you have to use the seroquel I would add in klonopin with it. Have you tried ambien, or temazepam? I tried many sleeping medications and trazodone has been my saving grace. I vary from taking 25mg-50mg of it depending on how difficult I know it'll be to fall asleep. At my worst times I was taking 100mg-150mg. It is a very safe medication, without all the potential burdens of an atypical antipsychotic. I cannot stress enough about not using seroquel for insomnia... Only a last resort. Or if you're using it in doses of 100mg+ to augment your Effexor or treat comorbid illnesses. Please look into trazodone, or even ambien or Lunesta. There's a reason why z-drugs are so popular, though I find if you're on a benzo daily then they do not work as well. One secret of mine is taking magnesium CITRATE along with my sleep aids, magnesium is amazing for sleep. It won't knock you out on its own, though. I take 250mg of it a night along with my trazodone. Make sure it is magnesium CITRATE and not oxide, the citrate form absorbs better.
  15. I went tobacco free by Vaping and using nicotine gum. I have never been able to quit nicotine, and I've quit a lot of substances. Vaping is one of the best things I've ever picked up, absolutely no desire to smoke anymore. Not sure how well it'd work if you you're snus.