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  1. I was going to continue being sarcastic and angry but it's just worrying and I fucking hate that we are so spectacularly pissing this up. Not at all fair. arghhhhhhh. Did we collectively hit our heads and forget the last, I don't know, 400 years of history? Didn't any substantial lessons sink in? Like, for instance, not saying 'funny tinge' in public. Jesus wept.
  2. Oh lord, keep this up and you could become a new 'Independent Group' party member. Look, I don't know what everyone keeps panicking about. Either we leave with a deal or without one. Or there's an extension, or a general election or a second referendum or May's deal or Norway or no leaving at all or the ministry of silly walks or I guess just the complete collapse of civilisation. It's so simple. Besides, we are forgetting what sets Britain apart from everyone else! What makes us great! That a small number of very influential people can gamble on our future and profit from it whilst we wrestle for scraps like pigs in mud. Pip pip
  3. Devastating scenes in Westminster this evening
  4. Wait, you also drain resources from other endangered species who aren't as cute? You monster (I semi-kid, pandas are extremely cute but funding can be a beauty contest)
  5. Between this and watching Cathy Mitchell infomercials on youtube I don't know whats real anymore
  6. Mine is so mundane now that my tdoc calls it 'wallpaper'- you know it's there but you never think to notice something so everyday. I can just about cope with OCD stuff that relates to me, but it pisses me off when it drags other people into it. That's a perfectly normal woman crossing the street, brain- you don't need to make me imagine her getting run over. My obsessive spiralling anthem: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PGNiXGX2nLU
  7. Ah it's so frustrating! OCD is a special cruelty- with every other anxiety disorder the best you can hope for is avoidance, but OCD actually makes you feel better and gives you a reason to keep spinning around in the same coping mechanisms. On one hand, I've gathered up a lot of good MH resources, on the other, I could have completed another Bachelors in the amount of time I've spent researching!
  8. Submitting to one anxious coping mechanism to quieten another is a bit like pouring petrol on one fire to make sure it's bigger than another fire, but it's also kind of working. As part of having agoraphobia I really struggle being home alone, so I'm making myself feel better via google and obsessive researching about agoraphobia. I don't quite understand why this works. Is it a preparedness thing? Do I just really like research? Please let me know if I am not the only one using OCD as a comfort blanket for more anxiety
  9. I have oodles of mental lists to get through, but I'm blessedly forgetful enough that they rarely get completed. I kind of force myself to just be happy I get anything done, and try not to beat myself up over forgetting to do the dishes or pick up something. With OCPD there can often be a drive to be maximally efficient- even if plotting the best way to be efficient leads to inefficiency. Like trying to work out the quickest route somewhere and spending ages on it when actually just setting out would be quicker and less anxiety provoking! Random ordering sounds good. I think there's something to trying to let go of the need to have an optimal task. If you are still breathing and eating and sleeping that's a job well done. And if not, have dinner and try to nap. Or call an ambulance, you really need to breathe (terrible joke sorry)
  10. Oh Gods this sounds awful. I mean most of my memories are humiliating/painful/shameful and they go around the anxiety washing machine every now and again, but not to that degree. I've been reliably informed that my chemicals are not the problem, it's my habit of picking up bad habits. Thinking that by reliving bad moments I won't make them again etc. I mean it has kind of worked- I rarely leave the house without keys. It just also made me a teeny bit mental at the same time. The OC life is a very repetitive one.
  11. I just saw Alexandria Ocasio Cortez (?) one of the US congresswomen I think? Support trans rights on a Donkey Kong live stream. Think I'm hallucinating again 😲

    1. ananke


      Just for clarification, she should absolutely support trans rights, its the Donkey Kong thats sanity questioning

  12. The last few days have been so stressful and weird even I'm on the verge of giving up and burying my head in the sand 'til it's all over. I'm surprised more businesses haven't been piling on the pressure. It would be a disaster if we left in April without a deal, and I'm sure they'll ask for an extension but I can understand concerns from businesses that delaying Brexit further will compromise their interests. And by compromise their interests, I mean they'll move elsewhere, a lot of people will lose their jobs and our economy will tank. Why become a tax haven when we could just privatise everything (that hasn't already been privatised). The NHS must be worth a few quid, maybe we could sell that off, stick a toll booth on the Eurostar and call it a day. I've rewritten this several times trying to be funny or smart, and I'm just tired instead. strong and stab (edit: accidentally hit publish before finishing 'strong and stable' but fuck it)
  13. done so much cooking and christmas prep... when i have kids we're gonna be religiously atheistic lol. no christmas! im so tired

    1. jt07


      But sounds like Christmas for you is going to be delicious. Mmmm. Kudos to you!

    2. ananke


      Luckily for my family a lot of it is meat based- I'm the only vegetarian! But it shares the load so others can chill a bit more. So hopefully it'll definitely be a lazy and delicious time :) 

  14. It's a good thing neither of us are major economies or else this entire catastrophe might have far reaching consequences beyond our nations, and may in fact destabilise the economy right I mean, we're just a small part of the EU right
  15. Oh dear FIS... you don't seem to get it... Brexit MEANS Brexit. Try not to think any harder than that, or else you might be drafted as a civil servant. All sarcasm aside, my civil servant family member hasn't been heard from in a while. I think they now live at the office. We'll send out a search party in the new year. It's like Groundhog Day only all the politicians are in varying levels of despair. Some are stuck in the 'stealing the groundhog and driving off a cliff', others are still trying to seduce Andi McDowell (a deal). Nigel Farage is the ice cold puddle some just keep falling into. I sort of agree with you about a second ref. Aside from the fact that it wasn't a legally binding vote (grumble grumble) the amount of horse shit that came from all sections of the Brexit campaign should be enough to rule it a farce. Glad to see all the Brussels money is now going towards junior doctors! Oh wait JRM honestly makes me want to vomit, but none more so than Gove. URgghhghh. The tragic irony is the amount of towns/industries that voted Leave, only to realise that the vast majority of their funding came from the EU. I think regardless of whether we Deal or No Deal, Brexit or not, we have monumentally fucked up our economy. Which, after a global recession and years of 'austerity' we definitely needed! It's more a matter of how badly we shot ourselves in the foot imo. It is like piles (or haemorrhoids), and when it all comes down to it we're the ones holding the turd. May will disappear soon enough, Boris will do something spectacularly stupid and irritating, Cameron will slink back to his writing caravan, and Farage will continue to be a political presence for some gods awful reason. But look, all of it was worth it to court the alt-right and the fascists into voting Tory huh