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  1. Quick poll- my room is gross and it desperately needs cleaning. Is it better to:

    1) Just throw things away

    2) Take the time to organise into recycling/donate/etc piles

    please help

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    2. ananke


      Thanks and blessings for the honesty. Sometimes things just need to go. Since I have clothes sorted I will leave them to be donated (although honestly they're so old and dusty at this point they might just be rejected anyway).

    3. Cerberus


      Consider this a triage situation. Just throw it all away. Do not guilt yourself in any way for what you did not do in this situation. Once you have returned your room to a proper footing, you might consider establishing a system that would both prevent this from happening again, and enable you to deal with your disposables in a more considered manner that will give you better peace of mind. For instance, get yourself some bins for recycling, donations, etc., and use them. The biggest cause of clutter and disorder is when there is no specific place for things to go. The key is: A Place For Everything, and Everything In Its Place.

    4. DammitJanet


      @ananke I am in the exact same predicament. I feel extremely guilty if I dump things. But my apartment is so out of control and so much stuff everywhere I haven’t used in over a year I know it makes much more sense to just throw it in the damned freaking dumpster only steps away. 

      I know it’s having a huge impact on my mental health. I feel out of control, and am now even feeling suicidal again. 

      @Cerberus thank you for such compassionate, realistic, systematic, specific advice. I always look forward to your posts wherever they are as I learn so much every time. 

      @ananke thank you for posting this. And I wish us both luck.