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  1. dragonfly23

    Questions Thread

    Still watching “supernatural”. Whats your favorite sign of Spring?
  2. dragonfly23

    How Do You Feel THIS MOMENT in Time?

    Hopeful. I hope to have an even mood day. Things have been a bit rocky lately. Nothing horrid just me being a spaz. I would like to feel more in control
  3. Seroquel is my savior.

    1. TakeAChillPill


      I’m glad it helps you.   

      So you’re feeling better today? 

    2. dragonfly23


      I feel drugged and ragey. But my head is clear. 

  4. You decide to reupholster two chairs and a couch. Actually do it with no prior knowledge as to how and get it done on a weekend.
  5. When everything in your head is spinning so fast you can’t move. Or make sense I hate this shit.
  6. Trapped inside watching myself being a complete spaz.  

  7. dragonfly23

    Marriage counseling UHG

    We are very messed up. He feels it’s on me. Like he is a victim due to my MI. So not the case. I mean I have things to take responsibility for. We just don’t communicate. We fight over the stupidest things. They escalate and it’s just nuts. We have gone three times. We seem to get along better during the week. I don’t know big picture. It will take us way more than a few sessions. So far he is still willing. Not sure how long it will last. I hope you can maybe at least try a few sessions. I see a therapist weekly primarily to help with stability. Marriage counseling is way different. We see a completely different therapist with a completely different style.
  8. dragonfly23

    Marriage counseling UHG

    I think after our vacation we both knew things were really messed up. But there was an ultimatum. I just couldn't stay married with him and his anger. Of course he says the same of my anger. We have gone a few times. Its okay.
  9. Omg Prednisone is evil. I have it on my list of allergies . Very very bad for me. i get manic. How many days left? One more thing. It took weeks for me to come down. Can you stop if it gets worse?
  10. You begin coloring because Tdoc thinks it will be grounding and end up with over 500 hundred colored pencils . There is a color out there I don’t have.