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  1. Morning. And coffee messes up cymbalta
  2. If i eat chocolate with my cymbalta 30mg. I get depressed after a few days. Anyone else
  3. If i take 2mg klonoin and more than75mg lamictal i sleep all day. Any suggestions
  4. If i take 2mg klonoin and more than75mg lamictal i sleep all day. Any suggestions
  5. orangey123

    Mania down

    Thank you everyone. I would like to get off the cymbalta. Depression... The problem is the klonopin.i feel stoned and cant move with any more than 75 mg lamictal....so i not sure how lithium or teg. Would work. Scared to try anything.
  6. orangey123

    Mania down

    I am taking 30mg cymbalta 75 lamictal 2mg klonopin.... They want to get me off cymbalta but then i would be depressed
  7. I need to get mania down asap but i take 2mg klonopin and each time they up lamictal im a zombie.
  8. Im almost positive a person is using me for a green card then a visa. So they can live in their desired country. But their words and actions seem so real... but nothing is adding up
  9. Thank you everyone
  10. Good evening friends I have been hypomanic all year until recently. I don't know if its weather change but I think so. By the grace of God I was kept from becoming a prostitute. I was one dinner meeting away. I enjoyed men wanting sex from me, but the last time I felt is this it? All they want is sex. That is all.( only these men not all) My focus during my mania has been over sexuality as many of you know. I have in the last week had sexual encounters with 4 different men. Before mania 2 in my life. After, maybe 8 or 9. I don't even know. My focus was a certain race and I wanted to create a new life in a different country. I even converted my religion. I talked two men into my wish but after going to the lawyer, The stress got to me. But i continued seeing them. I feel I was in another world now. I visited my family, and was so in shock of my fantasy of living in another country without my parents etc. Obvious shame. But the juxtaposition of the culture and different world I had been in, I just now saw and I couldnt believe it. Have any of you been in a different world and almost left your reality of a life? I thought it was real but it was not. I literally almost divorced left my family and started a new life in a new country. Im embarrased if those who are clisest to me knew.
  11. orangey123

    Forgot a dose

    I took half an extra dose because my anxiety and depression were so bad. I didnt read your response first. Today i woke up with nightmares and horrible anxiety. I was doing great before i missed a dose i promise. If this is the problem, will it balance out in a week
  12. I forgot a dose of klonopin .5 at lunch 2 days ago and i feel really bad. What should i do? Klonopin: .5 morning .5 lunch .75 night
  13. I appreciate your comments. Thank you. Yes. I feel awful. Sweating dreaming all night. So tired all day that i cant even talk. She said i wont have withdrawal. Well i did. I am knocked out by noon and while taking a nap i have anxiety the whole time. I read things should get better in 7 days. So im grinning and bearing. I was so tired at 300 thats why she went to 225
  14. So my dr took me from 300 to 225 in one night. Talk about withdrawal. Then she wants to get me off .5 klonopin at lunch. Im looking forward hell Any encouragement??