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  1. I started it a few weeks ago too. I have very minor improvement in depression but no improvement in sleep. :l It sounds like Mirtazapine numbed you out.
  2. I don't know about you, but I wouldn't be able to see an "authoritative" doctor. I like being able to discuss options, treatment, side effects, make suggestions, etc... I much prefer a collaborative approach. You want someone who listens, and is open. If he's stuck in his ways, seeing him makes you stuck in your own. It isn't productive. Besides a new perspective can make a lot of a difference.
  3. I get this. God is it annoying. I have ADHD, but it's like my brain has ADHD on it's own on top of mine. It has to keep busy. Sometimes I'll have parts of two songs repeating over and over. This happens a lot. I never thought to connect it to OCD. If it's OCD, maybe I'll go back on Clomipramine.
  4. Thank you. I hope the sedation part wears off soon. It hasn't shown any benefit with sleep, yet, but I'm damn near sleepy all the time. It's affecting my ability to at least somewhat cope with the insomnia. Traditionally sedating drugs act in a paradoxical sense for me, so I really don't know if it's actually the sedation from the med or it's the lack of sleep compounded on it. No hunger yet (fingers crossed). Edit: Saw it acts as an antihistamine. Antihistamines don't sedate me. The last time I felt like this was on Luvox (worsened my insomnia) and maybe Anafranil (don't remember). I'll stick it out, but I'm hoping it isn't like Luvox. When I stopped it I slept practically the following month away. Ooofh. I hope it doesn't happen to me. I've seen your other comments and I appreciate how informative, thorough, and comprehensive your responses can be.
  5. So the hunger side effect isn't long lasting? I read people have gained quite a bit of weight on it. Thanks!
  6. Hello! I was wondering for those who do/have taken Remeron (Mirtazapine) would be able to tell me how long it takes for the insatiable hunger side effect to begin? I'm at a good weight and don't need to gain any more. I would like to be prepared for when it hits and I can recognize it before it happens. Thanks!
  7. I'd say fairy dust and magic powder are close enough. I just wanted context was all. It's been great for me too. Keeps away seizures, fixed seizure related symptoms (hindsight, didn't know they were symptoms), and didn't flatten me out. I don't experience unstable moods so that was important to me.
  8. How has Remeron been side-effect wise? I just got prescribed it. Also, what do you mean fairy dust? Lamictal has been great for my seizures with no side effects. I guess it would be like fair dust to me too.
  9. I think psychopharmacolgist would be a good fit for you. Or a clinical pharmacist in a psych facility. Your knowledge could help a larger population of people given that role. I wanted to do that myself.
  10. Persona_Is_Life

    No more Xanax. ☹️

    I noticed no one here has mentioned Ativan. It might be another option!
  11. Persona_Is_Life

    How would you interpret these directions?

    That makes sense. I forgot some doctors do that (out of retail for too long)! That's the more likely scenario.
  12. Persona_Is_Life

    How would you interpret these directions?

    Thanks. The practice will. They've written scripts when she wasn't working (it wasn't uncommon to have a script written by someone else there) and my Vyvanse script was written by someone else.. Let me know how the experiment goes! That's weird. I worked in retail pharmacy for 7 years and we've always filled the full thing because we don't know on what (or how many) days you'll take 2. That's weird. Thanks to all that responded! I wish she had just left it at one daily as needed though.
  13. My directions used to say take 1 tablet (Clonazepam) once daily as needed. I don't take them all that much. At our last appointment she said she would like me to take it more often and I didn't notice she put refills on it (she never did). She now left the clinic and they haven't gotten a replacement yet. They won't move me to someone else in the practice. I have to wait for whoever fills her position. My directions now say Take 1 tablet every day as needed. What does she mean by "every day as needed?" Is it still just once daily as needed? The wording has got me thrown off. I wouldn't have put much thought into it had she not said she would like to see me take it more often. Maybe it's just every day during stressful times when needed. I don't know. Thanks.
  14. I take Lamictal for seizures and was worried it would flatten me out too since I don't have a mood disorder. It didn't! Other than some initial dizziness it's been side effect free! I wouldn't be afraid to try it. It's a very safe drug.