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  1. Does it keep you up? The others did and I'm wondering if it could be of some benefit.
  2. Is Paxil the only SSRI you've tried for your OCD?
  3. Luvox gave me the worst insomnia I've ever had in my life. It felt like my brain was crawling up the walls. It never got any better either. When I went off it I slept the entire next month away except going to work. My sister literally was crawling up the walls when she was given Thorazine in the ER. They had to give her a hefty dose of Ativan to calm her down.
  4. Persona_Is_Life

    Clonazepam (discard by 8/16) 😂

    The discard by date doesn't actually mean the drug (unless you have a manufacturer bottle). It refers to the amount of time that rx is legal to be taken. It's more common to have gotten pills in a bottle that still have a year or two to expire, especially clonazepam since it's popular.
  5. I miss research so much. I want to work in a lab again. Anything involving chromatography is utilized in drug screens. In horse racing competitions TLC (Thin Layer Chromatography) which uses little solvent plates is common. It's a "quick and dirty" one. Gas Chromatography is highly accurate, but HPLC (High Performance Liquid Chromatography) is a favorite of mine.
  6. They could be indicative of seizure activity. When I started seizure meds those symptoms stopped for me.
  7. Persona_Is_Life

    Xanax vs. Diazepam-help

    Yes. They are. It's okay. I could ask about Doxepin but I'm not too optimistic. Elavil knocked my boyfriend out. He's still surprised it doesn't do that to me. I actually take it in the morning. I thought there was no point in taking it at night. I'll ask about Remeron too. I don't want the weight gain, but I'll give it a try. Also, sorry DammitJanet! I think I hijacked your thread.
  8. Persona_Is_Life

    Xanax vs. Diazepam-help

    She wasn't worried about abuse. I don't really know why she wouldn't switch it. She'd dismiss it any time we brought it up. Like if I'm already wound up it wouldn't help anyway. If you just got home it wouldn't work. Wait a few hours after you get home and try. She was of the opinion I thought they were magic pills. I didn't. Problem is I would take them and nothing. Just nothing happens. Haven't tried Mirtazapine, I imagine it would be similar to Trazodone. Elavil and Anafranil are both TCAs. Neither made me sleepy..
  9. Persona_Is_Life

    Xanax vs. Diazepam-help

    That was kinda the point I wanted to get across. She was mostly good, and we settled on Klonopin. Sleep though? She wouldn't prescribe anything but Sonata and/or Trazodone. I've had severral doctors say that my insomnia is to blame for a lot of my problems and I really "need to work on it." How? Sleep hygeine doesn't help. The meds I have don't help.
  10. Persona_Is_Life

    Xanax vs. Diazepam-help

    My psych decided we should try Gabapentin. When I asked her what the side effects were she told me it'll "likely make you feel a bit drunk." ...what?
  11. I don't see your signature. What have you tried?
  12. I've got a neuro appointment coming up. These past few months I've had symptoms of what I suspect to be simple partial seizures. I've called my neuro, who thinks it could just be exhaustion and was surprised to find out that the Elavil he has me on doesn't make me sleepy. Nothing does. We've been over this. My brain hates me. Sleep and I haven't been on good terms for, well, ever. I've had feelings of the floor giving out/spinning beneath my feet (no visual disturbances though). A few nights ago my arm started being "dragged" upward. I felt like my brain was firing in eighty directions, and I felt like I wasn't controlling my body. I was an observer. There was intense panic and nothing felt real. I've had other times where I suddenly become aware (as though I woke up despite being fully conscious to begin with) and then things seem unsettling. Something's off. I've gone blank. I can't think. My left hand has been getting numb and tingly again. I'm having a really hard time focusing. It's made schoolwork near impossible. I forget what I'm doing in the middle of doing it. I'm going to get my bloodwork done and get my Lamictal levels checked. We might try a 48 hr EEG which I'm hoping I can do at home. I started wondering if it could be the manufacturer change. I work in pharmacy, and for the most part we do believe that generics are pretty much consistent. There are few exceptions, but Lamictal is not one of those drugs that have a "narrow therapeutic index." I'm hoping someone could provide some insight. I talked to my pharmacist who suggested that if we deem it a manufacturer issue to ask my neuro if there's one he prefers. Thanks.
  13. Persona_Is_Life

    should i continue therapy?

    What have you been working on in regards to the OCPD stuff? I tried therapy for it, but it didn't seem to do much good.
  14. Persona_Is_Life

    Teva vs Accord clonazepam-opinions?

    Lamictal and Synthroid are one of those funny ones where the manufacturer makes the difference. Synthroid especially. When a patient starts on a generic version, it is prudent to keep them on that same one. The tiniest of incriments make a huge difference. Some people prefer the brand Synthroid (because of the switching generic fear) while we've only carried Mylan's Levothyroxine and people have been happy with it. I'm not too sure about the Lamictal differences. There are one or two neuros who prefer brand but I haven't heard too much about it.