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  1. Here comes the moderator chiming in to remind folks that we are a first-person site. It's always ok to talk about your own experiences of someone else's behavior and how it affects you. However, for lots of reasons one of the things we don't do here is to speculate about other people's internal experiences. Thanks for understanding.
  2. Some states have branches of employment/unemployment that are more specialized for people with disabilities even though they are not receiving disability payments. for people who are receiving disability benefits, vocational rehabilitation or other employment services for people trying to get off disability may exist
  3. Are you able to qualify for any re-employment services that would be more supportive than general unemployment? I'm not sure what's available in your area.
  4. Having not actually read either article yet, my off the cuff wondering is whether it's a similar mechanism that allows intranasal insulin to convey some protection from Alzheimer's.
  5. "Why do you want so badly to be understood anyway? I don't understand why you care so much if people understand you." fuck you, man.
  6. Wooster

    Tats meaningful to me- cutting

    Can we talk about harm reduction for a moment here? https://www.bustle.com/articles/86711-how-to-make-your-stick-and-poke-tattoo-experience-as-safe-as-possible
  7. Wooster

    Your Cleaning Goals!

    @deeschmee Before and after pics can be really inspiring. What do you think it would take to clear off the top of the printer?
  8. Wooster

    Urgent Care or ER?

    Hey @Geek Sorry you didn't have a timely response to your post. Hopefully it's totally irrelevant at this time. I've done both: ER and Urgent Care. Urgent care was a better experience for me. I told them straight up that I had a therapist and I didn't want to be dead and could they please just put some stitches in so I could stop bleeding everywhere. I can't say that it would be the same everywhere, but I'd like to imagine it would be similar. Something to consider is that if you have self harm injuries that are more involved than skin (ie you can see any tissues underneath), urgent care may defer to ER because of the need for more than one layer of suturing. Also, if it's a burn of any sort that covers more than an area roughly the size of the palm of your hand, they'll probably defer to ER for pain and infection management.
  9. Wooster

    Your Cleaning Goals!

    Ok. I didn’t get rid of anything yet. However, all the clothes that need hanging up are hung up, all the clothes that need folding are folded, and all the socks are matched except for my sushi sock. Not sure where that one wandered off to.
  10. Wooster

    Your Cleaning Goals!

    I got the toilet and the sink in that bathroom done. Going to work on the closet for 20 minutes before showering tonight. No really. I mean it.
  11. Wooster

    Your Cleaning Goals!

    I have a closet that, once tackled, will make getting dressed a lot less of a hassle. It's my goal to do that, and the bathroom tomorrow. Anything else is a bonus because I'm also studying.
  12. Wooster

    Job interviews

    Some of my favorite questions when interviewing are: Who do you need in this position? What kind of skills, attributes, and temperament would be the best fit for this role? How do you define/measure/evaluate success (both for the position and the org as a whole)? What do you love about working here? How do your organizational values and mission show up/get incorporated in day to day work?
  13. The Strain by Guiellermo del Torro and Chuck Hogan Fundamentals of Nursing Practice Pathophysiology (urk)
  14. For the people in whom Buspar works, it can be very helpful. It acts on serotonin, rather than GABA, so doesn't pack the same kind of immediate anxiety relief that benzos do. As such, it also carries essentially nil in terms of addiction potential. We want our members here to work together with their health care providers. Please encourage people to ask smart questions rather than criticize and change providers without adequate information.
  15. @notloki hits the mark most consistent with the practice of the clinic where I work. Anyone who's on a controlled substance has to sign an agreement that includes, among other "don't be a dick to us, we won't be a dick to you" clauses, there is "expect you're going to have to give a urine sample when you come in for your appointment." If a patient tests negative for the medication that the doc is prescribing and the doc continues to prescribe, the DEA can file charges and arrest the doc for supplying drugs, which can put their prescribing ability and medical license... and therefore their ability to work in jeopardy. It's also important to know if someone's testing positive for other substances that can be dangerous when combined with what the doc is prescribing. It would be considered negligent practice to NOT test, since that's the current practice standard. It's another variation of this is why we can't have nice things. Unfortunately the urine drug screen market is getting some fat cats a whole lot more money. It's ridiculously lucrative, and the more things tighten up in the prescribing world, the more you can expect you're going to get tested. If your insurance won't cover it, it might be worth it to see if your doc could order a less expensive test or at least a test that insurance would cover. If you have a good relationship with your health care provider, they'll tend to work with you on stuff like this. They probably don't know how much the test they're ordering costs, and that it's not covered by insurance. PS-I live in a state that's been hit VERY hard by opiate overdose deaths.