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  1. I think there’s a lot of “relativity” in the language you’re using. for example, if someone develops hypercholesteremia and other metabolic effects from quetiapine and subsequently dies from a heart attack, that’s not exactly gentle in my mind. *shrug* different meds work better for different people. That’s why we have to partner with our health care providers. im glad you have confidence in yours, Simba Cub.
  2. Wooster

    Mods help? Can't login

    I'm confused. How are you posting as yourself if you've been logged out and can't get logged in? Oh duh... I should learn how to read... because your phone still works. Ok. Check your messages.
  3. Thanks for clarifying. So if I'm understanding you correctly, you're citing personal experience of what a health care provider has told you, not peer reviewed or professionally prepared patient information, yeah? If so, it would be great to say that in your original post next time to keep us all from wondering and to open the discussion more, as in: Hey all, my pdoc says clozapine is a "dirty" drug because it gets used for a lot of things. Does that sound similar to what you've heard/read/been told? Because what you're saying you mean by originally "messy" and now "dirty" is that the med is used for a lot of different conditions/symptoms/ect, not that it has a complex side effect profile.
  4. Is it possible to accept that not everyone will feel the same about the phrase? That some people will feel more annoyed or irritated by it? And that others will find it more benign? By telling me that "it could be worse" in how someone responds IS EXACTLY the dynamic we are talking about: undercutting my experience and telling me about yours. It's really frustrating to me that some folks are feeling the need to tell me that how people respond could be worse. For me, the above is MUCH easier to deal with because it shows me that people are clearly working their own agenda, whatever that is, and they do not deserve to be trusted with my story. And it's also possible that for a lot of people the above things would be very invalidating. In a more ideal world, I would find it helpful if people said things like: -That sounds really painful. -I realize it was a while ago. How does it affect you now? -Ouch. -How did you get through the worst of it? (if you are through the worst of it) -I'm glad you are still here. -I'm glad you didn't die. -I know not all wounds are visible on the outside but they can still hurt like a mo-fo. -I appreciate you trusting me enough to tell me something important like this.
  5. Eta: I think also because that phrase to me represents pity rather than empathy.
  6. Look, y’all, just because something isn’t patently flat out offensive doesn’t mean it doesn’t cause harm. Part of what trauma that leads to PTSD does is to cause a rift in connection with other humans. When someone appears to be interested, it’s always a calculated risk as to whether you will get a helpful, neutral, or harmful response. Being responded to as though you are Frankenstein’s monster (with shock and horror) reflects back a disconnect that indicates other people are unable to process, fathom, or otherwise relate to you AS A HUMAN BEING, instead of as a very horrible thing that happened.
  7. MDMA assisted psychotherapy is currently in phase 3 clinical trials for PTSD treatment. I’m hoping o can connect with someone to learn more and see if it’s an option. MAPS is a nonprofit that champions a lot of legitimizing psychedelics research.
  8. Wooster

    Best benzo

    I got switched from lorazepam to clonazepam after a months long slow-to-warm-up-to-the-idea process. it was a helpful change for me. it was also really helpful to do non-pharm interventions like increasing my physical activity, dramatically cutting back caffeine (1-2 cups coffee MAX and only before noon ever), eating more fruit and vegetables, and active forms of meditation like mindful walking and yoga, and a nice dose of acceptance and commitment therapy coupled with sertraline, which seemed to help a lot with intrusive thoughts You probably know this already. Benzos are really only good for addressing symptoms and won’t ever get at causes, and are best used as a lifeline med or in conjunction with other forms of anxiety treatment
  9. Wooster

    Sleep meds

    Sometimes people find a rotation of sleep meds that work for them so they don't build up tolerance to any one thing in particular. Z-drugs and benzos, I'm looking at you. Lack of (restful) sleep and extreme difficutly falling asleep are two hallmark symptoms of as well as predictors of things getting worse for me as well. What's currently mildly to moderately helpful is gabapentin + clonazepam + propranolol (to take out the pre-sleep anxiety).
  10. When I'm really caught up in trauma memories or dissociation, sometimes not really even being aware of it, I feel like I am seeing everything as "eight steps behind my eyeballs". Not sure if that's familiar or similar.
  11. I really dislike that phrase because it often seems: -disingenuous -like something people are "supposed" to say -often coupled with either a horrified or patronizing or overly-sympathetic (like too sympathetic to actually be supportive) response
  12. Is "dirty" the same as "messy" though? What is "messy" in this context?
  13. Nope. Sure didn’t know those things. Can you provide some sources please? Also, what do you mean by “messiest”? Clozapine does require regular lab draws, but so does lithium... so does having levothyroxine... so does having diabetes. Could you please clarify your definitions so as not to freak people out who may really be benefitting from these meds?
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    whatever the weather

    Really cold for this part of the country... balmy if I still lived in Minnesota.
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    whatever the weather

    HAZARD...Whiteout conditions. Zero visibility in snow and blowing snow. Wind gusts greater than 30 mph. SOURCE...Radar indicated. IMPACT...Dangerous life-threatening travel. Currently 30°F, falling to 5°F tonight with winds gusting up to 40mph, windchills in the -10°F HAZARD...Whiteout conditions. Zero visibility in snow and blowing snow. Wind gusts greater than 30 mph. SOURCE...Radar indicated. IMPACT...Dangerous life-threatening travel. Currently 30°F, falling to 5°F tonight with winds gusting up to 40mph, windchills in the -10°F