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  1. Apparently they try to cut you off at a certain age, which seems to depend on who you see. I’m in an HMO seeing a PCP and a GYN. PCP wants to cut me off but GYN will refill for now. Off hormones I had severe brain fog and insomnia, crazy hot flashes and hated life. So maybe that improves with age but I’m pretty skeptical.
  2. Ok—I have neither uterus or ovaries and have never had hormones testing but I take an estrogen patch now and sleep well usually and have no brain fog plus have even moods. I did ok with ovaries except insomnia but without—terrible. Estrogen alone has been life changing. Not to say it’s right for you or others but the right hormones can really be dramatic. I know I’m getting cut off soon and dread it.
  3. I had to go to group when manic. Total waste. I refused to keep going. But my phobia is freeways and I was told to just drive them and get over it, which sounds like the group approach with you. Do these people not understand fear and panic? I’m not sure how the group is helping you but I can only say I feel for you. I hope you can try something else instead.
  4. Good luck. I used to use OTC progesterone cream and there was definitely an effect in my mood. For menopause it gets tricky. If you have your uterus you’ll need some sort of progesterone if you take estrogen and balance gets tricky. You can always try the progesterone cream for a few weeks and see how it goes. Most GYNs don’t want to check hormone levels so finding one can be hard. Going through menopause can be rough when you already have problems, that I can say from experience. Especially sleep.
  5. sugarsugar

    Hypo vs justified

    The manager spoke to me again and told me she had spoken to a couple people who worked with me around 10 years ago at a different job and they had complaints about some aspects of how I worked. I’ve been at my current job over 4 years. What that tells me is that I’d be working with a very poor manager. So I’m glad she explained more about it, tells me a lot about her. Guess I’ll look for a different job. I think I probably did react appropriately because it took great restraint to not say to her that she was an idiot.
  6. I have been doing pretty well and even just finished school. OK maybe on the edge of hypo and spending more but OK enough. So when a job came open that would be a promotion, I applied. I think I interviewed well and all but didn’t get the job because the manager spoke to all the staff and some didn’t want me. Seriously? That’s what she told me. So I’ll apply elsewhere and hope I get a better job. But I did tell her I was disappointed she let hearsay and office politics guide her decisions. Is that justified or being a bit hypo manic? I had to stop myself saying more. What kind of manager hires that way? Now I have to work knowing someone trash talked me but not knowing who or how many. I’m going to have to hold it together around my coworkers. It wasn’t my dream job but I thought it was an improvement. I hope I can go through the interview process again. Is this all a normal reaction or am I not balanced enough? It’s so hard to know.
  7. I don’t think you can do it without causing her some stress, but that’s the way these things go. Since you’ve ruled out most options, you pretty much have phasing out the friendship as the option. No need to say you’re breaking it up, although you could do that. My approach is to be too busy and say no to engagements, not return calls quickly, and the like. But I’ve had friends just cut me off, either telling me we’re done, or freezing me out completely. I haven’t liked either one. Do you want to be in touch on occasion, or never again? If it’s a case of never, then probably just cut off as opposed to tapering. If you may still want rare contact, then I’d say be roo busy or have other plans most of the time. Sometimes I hang onto friends longer than I should, but I don’t think that’s healthy for me. If you avoid giving mixed messages it will go better for both of you I suspect so do consider that part, whatever you do.
  8. sugarsugar

    back-up friend?

    I don’t know about men, but in my experience this is common with women. I’m not crazy about it but I see it a lot. Sometimes it ends the friendship, other times they continue. I guess it depends on the severity and frequency of the neglect. I don’t have that many relationships so I don’t fall prey to this so maybe I shouldn’t judge those who do. Not a friend I can count on if they do that, is my take.
  9. I have a different problem with lists. I make long lists then they’re so long I do nothing because I think I can’t do it all. Different problems, same result I guess. I have a task app I no longer use because it allowed so many tasks. But I will say, it could break tasks down by category—school, work, personal, project, etc, so I could look at a shorter sub list which was helpful. Would that help you? Tasks are a problem for me.
  10. I don’t know if you celebrate Christmas but if so maybe plan a food order in advance. Here in a big city foods are available even on short notice and I can order premade meals up to the day before, one friend ordered day of. I’m a fan of ordering in. I’m also a procrastinator so I put things off way too long anyway so I can relate. Any chance of ordering premade and inviting someone to your place? Just a thought. I couldn’t but if I could like I used to, I would consider that. Sometimes there are others that are not invited anywhere either or don’t want to see family and are glad to be asked even if for a very simple meal. I haven’t done that in a while but it was actually better than some family gatherings. Again, just a thought.
  11. Interesting. For me it means getting hypomanic or manic and it’s devastating to my financial stability. I hope you can get it sorted out. I had it blown off to my great detriment, insist they take it seriously if that happens. It can really be a problem, I know. Maybe other meds would help, talking to the nurse is a good plan.
  12. sugarsugar

    Group work in school

    That’s my thought too. But being in school doesn’t give me much power when I disagree. Ive never been in a “real life” group where people got away with this stuff. I’m glad it’s over soon. I need to get over being so frustrated by it.
  13. sugarsugar

    Group work in school

    Right! And if we complain to the professor we are told to work it out like in real life. I shouldn’t complain, this group at least do their work, even if we don’t agree on what the paper should say.
  14. I’m finishing an online school program. It’s been hard but I am doing it. But I hate one thing: group work. We get assigned to groups of 3-5 students and have group assignments. I don’t know these people and they aren’t always someone I’d choose. It’s a group grade for group projects. Today I am so frustrated with my group. If I drank believe me I’d get drunk over it. It’s frustrating to have no control over what’s happening and be at the mercy of groupettes to finish an assignment that’s a huge hunk of my grade. I guess I am mainly venting here. There’s nothing much I can do about this group, they don’t see eye to eye with me and apparently don’t mind turning in papers a minute before they are due. Any other school group frustrations? What did you do? Fortunately I never have to see these people again after December.
  15. I don’t know anything about ssdi. But good for you for planning school! I had someone keep telling me I’d never make it, never finish. I ignored her, who is she to say? Then now I’m finishing and she had more negativity to spread over me about how nobody cares and it’s nothing. Well you may get that crap too because some people are like that but I say if you can, go for it. Don’t let people discourage you from your goals. I’m way older than others and many years out of school but managed so I like to encourage others to give it a go. Online school has been perfect for me. Good luck with it.