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  1. sugarsugar


    Ditch this guy. He is taking advantage of your vulnerability and mental illness. He is not good for you, get him out of your life. Sometimes you need someone to point that out.
  2. sugarsugar


    It can be ok but this makes you feel bad and is risky so you need to stop. Are you taking your meds? Talking to your pdoc? This is something you need to get a handle on because it’s causing you stress and distress. I’ve been there myself. Call your pdoc and explain, you are having impulse control issues again and need help.
  3. sugarsugar

    tell me your disaster roommate stories

    He had to quit school and go back to live with his parents. I never heard from him again but suspect he had difficulty, that was before anyone had ever heard of bulimia or had much for eating disorders. He was even more messed up than I was, and I was very unstable at that age, in retrospect. But as a roommate, he was a disaster.
  4. sugarsugar

    12-step groups

    As I see it, 12 step meetings are mainly a social support group and worked for me better than the small number of group therapy sessions I attended. I never considered it a religion and pretty much politely ignored that aspect. I suppose there’s a force larger than me but I never felt the need to name it or think too much about it. I basically interpreted the steps to make sense for me but it’s true some other steppers thought I did things wrong. I suggest getting what you can from it and don’t worry too much about some of the parts that may not work. It can be a great support or at least my groups were. And that’s a valuable thing.
  5. sugarsugar

    tell me your disaster roommate stories

    Ok this goes way back. I used to liin a house with 4 other students. One guy was what we know now as bulimic. We bought food separately. In the night, he’d sneak down and eat all of everyone’s food. Come morning, no groceries left. As you might imagine, this didn’t go well with broke students. We started hiding our food, but he searched our rooms when we were gone, and stole food plus money and other items. He was my worst roommate ever and there’s even more to the story but you get the idea.
  6. sugarsugar

    12-step groups

    I used to go to many 12 step meetings. AA, al anon, CODA, EA, etc. I don’t even remember them all, most I only went to a small number but AA many meetings. For AA, my best bet were the atheist/agnostic meetings because they obviously didn’t push the pseudo religion. I also went to women only meetings sometimes. Mainly though I learned to pick and choose my groups. Some were just not a good mix, some were wonderful. I basically ignored the higher power aspect. I never worked steps. No one would be my sponsor so I finally gave up on that. I found AA the best, the offshoots weren’t for me but that was just me. I did best when I found groups I could bond with and socialize, or the groups where I really could relate to the others in some way. It took going to a lot of bad meetings to find the ones good for me. Then I went there a lot. 12 step meetings were a means to an end for me and I never felt the need to do exactly what they said. I took what worked and ignored the rest. They were a very important part of my life and I don’t regret any of it. And no I wasn’t court ordered. I actually miss what I had from them.
  7. Yes I’m interested. I have been through the bs of being told just wait for new drugs, etc, and it was a definite low point.
  8. sugarsugar

    Hypomania in Bipolar I ?

    First off, by the time I got diagnosed I had pretty clearly been misdiagnosed for years, and no idea if I’d been manic or hypomanic except in retrospect. I was labeled bp1 because the symptoms were severe enough and lasted several months. Since then I have been hypomanic at times and other times like maybe now at the edge of even and hypomanic. I have no understanding of mixed states so can’t comment there. So yes I’m labeled bp1 but get hypo. If I never get fully manic again I will consider myself very lucky and very happy because that was pretty disruptive to my life.
  9. I have been exposed to that and really resented it. I tried very hard to be happy, did affirmations, visualization, all that crap to no avail. Proper meds helped and now I don’t have to knock myself out to feel decent. This pdoc has obviously never had a major depression. I hope an unexpected opening happens with a new pdoc. Until then, good luck with this one. Sounds like you’ll need great patience to deal with her.
  10. You should check because lamotrigine has a window after which you need to retitrate up again, and I don’t know if it’s from the beginning or modified, you’ll have to verify the instructions. Most offices can handle that as a phone issue.
  11. Apparently they try to cut you off at a certain age, which seems to depend on who you see. I’m in an HMO seeing a PCP and a GYN. PCP wants to cut me off but GYN will refill for now. Off hormones I had severe brain fog and insomnia, crazy hot flashes and hated life. So maybe that improves with age but I’m pretty skeptical.
  12. Ok—I have neither uterus or ovaries and have never had hormones testing but I take an estrogen patch now and sleep well usually and have no brain fog plus have even moods. I did ok with ovaries except insomnia but without—terrible. Estrogen alone has been life changing. Not to say it’s right for you or others but the right hormones can really be dramatic. I know I’m getting cut off soon and dread it.
  13. I had to go to group when manic. Total waste. I refused to keep going. But my phobia is freeways and I was told to just drive them and get over it, which sounds like the group approach with you. Do these people not understand fear and panic? I’m not sure how the group is helping you but I can only say I feel for you. I hope you can try something else instead.
  14. Good luck. I used to use OTC progesterone cream and there was definitely an effect in my mood. For menopause it gets tricky. If you have your uterus you’ll need some sort of progesterone if you take estrogen and balance gets tricky. You can always try the progesterone cream for a few weeks and see how it goes. Most GYNs don’t want to check hormone levels so finding one can be hard. Going through menopause can be rough when you already have problems, that I can say from experience. Especially sleep.
  15. sugarsugar

    Hypo vs justified

    The manager spoke to me again and told me she had spoken to a couple people who worked with me around 10 years ago at a different job and they had complaints about some aspects of how I worked. I’ve been at my current job over 4 years. What that tells me is that I’d be working with a very poor manager. So I’m glad she explained more about it, tells me a lot about her. Guess I’ll look for a different job. I think I probably did react appropriately because it took great restraint to not say to her that she was an idiot.