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  1. So, this is pertaining to your limited dosing options with Concerta, there is a HUGE difference between Ritalin IR and Ritalin LA. Same drug, technically same dose, but the results are completely different. LA has a noticeably gentle onset, and a much smoother decrease, with no rebound symptoms (at least in my experience). Also, you can open the LA capsules and micro manage the dose if need be (my son needs 15mg of LA, but we only have 10 and 20mg here, so I get three 20mg capsules, open them up, divide the contents into four, and put the doses into small containers. Mindbogglingly tedious, but the results are worth it). My daughter is having similar dose related problems with Concerta, 27mg is not enough, and 36mg gives her sinus tachycardia. As for the slowing down bit, yeah, I think that's what "normal" is supposed to feel like, but you might be better if you dropped your dose slightly. Good luck
  2. I agree with browie. Just out of curiosity, did you use Ritalin IR or Ritalin LA?
  3. Oh, that's awesome, I'm so happy for you. I could throw out 4 of my med's if it was legal here. All the best
  4. I was going to suggest something like this. I used to smoke, before I had kids. It's illegal here, so I stopped when I got pregnant, and have tried to lead by example (doing the 'right' thing). Since then, 16yrs on, I've tried multiples of every family of happy pill out there, suffered myriad side effects, to no avail. Still have crippling anxiety. It's the only thing that has made me relax, and SHUT MY STUPID BRAIN UP. Honest to god, I'm so sick to death of my head and it's veritable tornado of thoughts.
  5. It just occurred to me that I should have thanked you, so Thankyou!
  6. Thanks everyone. I'm not feeling happy yet, (I'm using it as an add on to my SSRI for anxiety), so I may have to up the dose. Cheers
  7. I've started on 10mg because I'm ridiculously intolerant to most crazy meds. Had a splitting brain ache the first day and nausea. Also take 20mg escitalopram, 25mg sodium valproate and 15mg diazepam. Just stopped taking a low dose of olanzapine which made me happy, but I put on 5kgs in 4 weeks, without excess food intake.
  8. Hi there people, I have recently started on Lurasidone as an add on to my cocktail, and it's keeping me awake. I have read a lot of threads with people saying it knocks them out. Does anyone else find this happening to them, or is it just me. I am THAT person who has unusual reactions to meds. Cheers all y'all (sorry, I'm Australian, but I just love that saying ).