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    Depressed doctor

    Have you considered a face to face therapy? Are you seeing a psychiatrist? If you are a doctor yourself I would think you have access to that, but i am not American so I don't know how it works. Best of luck to you too and I hope you get the best care you can for yourself.
  2. Well I tried to discuss my opinions on another forum and got treated with contempt and scorn. It seems like being myself gets me punished to utter psychological destruction by society. It just hurts so unbearably much. * Just to clarify, this post wasnt in reply to the ones above. Completely separate issue. I should have put it in a different thread. What happened above was i deleted the op then reinstated it. Sorry to create confusion. My thinking is quite nonlinear at the moment.
  3. I find it difficult to interact with people. One of the reasons is the villainisation narratives that people casually construct. I tend to automatically identify with the villainised party in any story so this tends to make all interactions feel morally persecutory. This is particularly bad on social media with old aquaintances from my home country. I have not spoken to many of them for many years but i used to see their stuff. Recently i unfollowed a bunch of people. I am once again thinking of shutting my facebook, although i use it for messaging my brother and sister so it is problematic. As to face to face, i have not had friends or romantic partner in many years, other than people i am effectively paying to talk to me i.e. therapist and language teacher. I maybe have a conversation with someone at work once a fortnight or so. I have been to a few work social gatherings but i always feel somewhat out of the conversation and again i feel like i identify more with the outgroup corresponding to whatever is being talked about, rather than the ingroup of the people talking.