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  1. Thank you Hydrocat for the explanation.
  2. I wasn't sure where to post this question but can someone explain to me what the "placebo effect " is? Thank you!
  3. I agree with you. I lost a shit load of weight when I first was given Prozac but the 3rd time around I am eating my face off! So I guess it all depends on how you react to the medication.
  4. Sorry but what does YMMV mean? I feel like a 47 yr old dinosaur trying to figure out these abbreviations. 🧐 I agree and that is why I am still taking the Rexulti. It's been about a week and nothing so far. My beloved cat is very I'll so I have been either crying my eyes out or cleaning up a storm! At least I haven't had the hungry horrors and that's probably because my stomach is in knots over my baby.
  5. Oh I can add Lamicatal (sp) and Rexulti no worries
  6. Yes I have tried Wellbutrin and Lexapro.
  7. I see the NP next Thursday so I will ask him about Lunesta or Ambien. I would like to get off the "oink" meds and try to sleep using nothing. I really don't know what else to try for my depression that does not cause weight gain.
  8. And he said.... "Dont Google it.".....
  9. I know, I told him that I want off of the Remeron and Doxepin because you can gain weight! I'm a frigging blob! I honestly don't know what else I can try that does not have weight gain as a side effect.
  10. Just chuckled when I read what you wrote. "We can try Rexulti or Abilify but the Abilify causes weight gain but not the Rexulti." "None of my patients have complained of weight gain on Rexulti." Said my NP!
  11. Hi Pete, I have a the same experience ONCE, when I started cymbalta the next day I felt like I had more energy and felt less depressed. It continued to get better each day I was on cymbalta but unfortunately it was short lived and pooped out after a few months. So I do believe that can happen and not be a "placebo" effect. I hope it continues to work for you. Unfortunately trintellix did not work for me. As like you, I am med resistant to the majority of medications I have tried.
  12. So I met with my NP this afternoon and I told him about this site and how informative it is! I told him to check it out and he "poo pood" and said "you know when you buy a new car and you really like it? Well you don't write a positive review about it. If you buy a new car and all these things go wrong then you are more likely to write a bad review about it.". " people on these sites like to talk about their negative experiences with medication and they don't have any medical background. ". Ummm ok YOU'RE an asshole! I get a ton of useful information from reading about experiences on here! I am learning more about medications and symptoms and illnesses than I will talking to you. He just really pissed me off today. So he said "oh I will assume that you're not going to get ECT treatments now that the medication didn't work.". Nope ain't happening nursie poo. Let's try and figure out why these medications are not helping me. Let's try and find a good combination for me. So he mentioned Rexulti and Ability to try. He said he has never had anyone gain weight on Rexulti but don't go and Google it because it will say weight gain. Ok why did you even tell me that??? He did say that the Ability is a weight gainer so I opted for the Rexulti. He gave me some samples of 0.5mgs and said to take it in the morning. I go back to see him on the 17th and to call him sooner if the side effects get to bad. So after all that babbling and thank you for reading, I will start the Rexulti in the morning.
  13. I would Google it and see if their have been any medical reports written up about it. I do know that Benzodiazepines can cause early onset dementia if taken in higher doses over a long period of time. I was told by 2 of my psychiatrists. I have suffered memory issues from years of taking antidepressant medications so I believe it messes with your brain in a "not" so good way.
  14. I don't think I would want to take Effexor again because I had the hardest time getting off of it. I have never had trouble sleeping in my life up until last year when my anxiety was thru the roof. I feel that my sleep is better so I would like to discontinue the night medications. I will talk to the NP about abilify and rexulti.
  15. So I called my NP yesterday and explained to him how the Viibryd is not doing anything for me but giving me diarrhea and how I pooped my pants. He told me to stop taking it and I see him on Monday. My question to you guys is what should I suggest to him to try? I did like the Vyvance but at 20mgs, it was a little to potent so I would ask for 10mgs. I know that's not an antidepressant so I would want to take it with one. I really want to get off the Doxepin and Remeron for sleep because I think I can call asleep ok plus one of the side effects are weight gain. Iceberg mentioned aap ad ons like abilify and rexulti. Thoughts? Suggestion? Thank you!!!