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  1. notloki

    Nightmares from Melatonin?

    Hmmm, maybe tardive dyskinesia, risk of diabetes, weight gain, growing breasts in men are a few reasons.
  2. Simple. It takes 19-60 X 5 hours to clear all the Klonopin but enough is cleared by 6-12 hours that it is no longer effective.
  3. The only reversible MAOI in the USA is Emsam, a patch. There is no need for a special diet until the highest doses, 9 and 12 mg/24h. Some find it effective, I've heard some complaints about the adhesive used on the patch as some are sensitive to it. Emsam, also known as selegiline or deprenyl, does not start significantly affecting MAO-A until 9 mg/24 hr. MAO-A effects serotonin whereas the other MAO, MAO-B does not. So you may have to take the higher doses to make it effective. Some take the highest dose and don't eat a special diet, it is something you will work out between you and your doc. It is definitely on my list to try if my current regime fails to continue my remission.
  4. You need to titrate the Abilify, too. Just as you did when you first started it. Just because you have an appointment in 2 weeks does not mean you cannot call and get one sooner or at least talk to your doc. I call my doc for these kind of things.
  5. notloki

    Lets talk about Vyvanse

    You can only reformulate dextroamphetamine so many times, besides I have never met a extended release formulation that works or is better than just taking IR pills when you need it.
  6. notloki

    Lets talk about Vyvanse

    Well, for what it was worth I took 15 mg dextroamphetamine tabs in the late 90's. For a while in the 90's there was a 60 mg IR tab available. Then I went off amphetamine. I have not seen it again. Present pdoc remembers it. I wish we had a full complement of tabs in many generic strengths. My pdoc said Zenzedi came about partly because there was no 30 mg dextroamphetamine IR on the market. Now as there is a branded amphetamine with a 30 mg tab hopefuly a generic maker will pick up a 30 mg tab. ADZENYS XR-ODT seems to be coming or on market now, looks like it is for kids.
  7. notloki

    No more Xanax. ☹️

    Tranxene made me comfortable but not sleepy and did not sedate me. It's long acting due to the very long half life.
  8. That rapid a response I've only seen in bipolar folk who take certain AD's or someone who did not realize they are bipolar and took certain AD's. Time will tell.
  9. notloki

    Lets talk about Vyvanse

    I am aware there is a Zenzedi pill for 30 mg.
  10. notloki

    Lets talk about Vyvanse

    Package NDC 0406-8962-01 Product NDC 0406-8962
  11. notloki

    Lets talk about Vyvanse

    I was on 15 mg IR d-amphetamine. I took 2 in the morning and 10mg's afternoon. Many are licensed to make it. I had to order it, otherwise I would be over the pill quantity limit using six 10 mg tabs.
  12. notloki

    Lets talk about Vyvanse

    Vyvanse converts to d-amphetamine at a rate of 35%. I was taking 70 mg Vyvanse, which converted to 24.5 mg of d-amphetamine. d-amphetamine (generic dexedrine) is available in IR tablets 5, 7.5,10, and 15 mg plus a solution at 5mg/5ml. Too bad there is no 30 mg tablet. The same dosages as the tablet are made in an extended release capsule. Source: Orange Book https://www.accessdata.fda.gov/scripts/Cder/ob/index.cfm
  13. It is important to look at the incidence of the side effect. I am not particularly concerned with anything less than 1% (<1 in 100 patients) as these are likely to not be related to the med. They just happened during a trial for other reasons and had to be listed. Likewise, anything listed as rare I ignore. It is not going to happen. Compare the side effects' incidence to the placebo response incidence. A significant number of people will say they have a headache on a placebo.
  14. I assumed we were talking about the expire off the bottle and not the date that the script becomes invalid.