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  1. pocketpanda

    Do meds help Ptsd?

    I was on prazosin for PTSD and it helped with hallucinations and panic.
  2. Thank you. I got the office manager’s contact info and will call her tomorrow to discuss. Even one session a month would be better than none.
  3. pocketpanda

    Iced Coffee

    I do enjoy a nice cold brew, with or without almond milk. Sometimes I put leftover pressed coffee in ice cube trays to freeze, and use those in iced coffee.
  4. I took Xanax as needed (except hospital time). I used it based on what’s on my calendar for the day, or I could depend on it to help me fairly quickly when I encounter situations. With gabapentin, I have to take it daily, and it can’t help me on the spot.
  5. I was on Xanax for over a year, including hospital time. After discharge, my psychiatrist started tapering me off Xanax because she doesn’t want me to become dependent on it. I was bummed but trusted her. She gave me Gabapentin for anxiety instead, but it has never worked as well as Xanax. A friend said I just need to find a doc who’s not against long term benzo usage or is Rx friendly in general, but I wouldn’t even know how to go about that. Each appointment costs $$, and I can’t exactly call up the office and ask “Hi will the doc give me all my favorite Rx?” LOL
  6. I had to switch to a different medical insurance policy this year, and it only covers a dozen therapy appointments per year. Before that, my old insurance had a deductible and covered 90% after, Plus an annual out-of-pocket maximum, so it was essentially “unlimited” therapy sessions. I’ve been seeing my therapist weekly for 3 years and it’s really important for me. Most of the time, that is the only day I leave the house. (Psychiatrist is once a month.) Anyway, now I can’t afford to pay for weekly sessions. Not sure what to do. 😢
  7. @Blahblah I'm so glad to see your post! I've been feeling the same lately. Thought we had my Rx mix at a good stable place finally (and for several months now), but about 4 weeks ago, things started to come apart at the edges. The house is a disaster. I sleep 'til noon and stay up 'til 3 AM. One day last week, I was so out of it I missed my weekly checkin with academic advisor _and_ my therapy appointment. Time to make an appointment with the pdoc...
  8. My eldest uncle, who was bipolar, passed away recently, at the age of 75. He had been ill for as long as I can remember, in and out of the hospital, and could never hold a job. His latter years were spend in a nursing facility. I wonder if that's in my not-so-distant future, too. It takes so much time, money, and energy just to keep myself functioning (half the time?). It's exhausting.
  9. This is a great idea and has worked for me. I got the almond shower oil from L'Occitane, and a few ounces of "honey I washed the kids" soap from Lush. Both scents are natural and delicious, but not overpowering. Smelling them first helps me get in the shower.