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  1. For sure! That's exactly what Lamictal did to me (minus the weight gain). It made me so anxious, gave me weird OCD-like symptoms, and even made me hostile toward my family and friends. I know Lamictal can be a great medication for some people but for me, it was hell.
  2. That's good!! I would keep a journal of your emotions for the next few days until you see your doctor and then bring it to the appointment!
  3. I'm really sad that I can't get off work to go to the Britney concert this summer. I guess there will be other years, though
  4. JoJoBBY924

    BP II & Stimulants

    BP I here and I take Vyvanse (Not typically a good idea but there's reason behind this). I also have horrible ADD and have always had trouble even listening to a converesation without ADD/ADHD meds. I also take Seroquel XR 400 so I think that pretty much prevents me from tipping to the other side. Also, I think the Vyvanse helps with the Seroquel sedation and the Seroquel XR helps with the Vyvanse overstimulation. Both together with Neurontin for anxiety keep me stable, sane, and focused.
  5. Have you tried Seroquel XR? It now comes in a generic and IME, it doesn't 'knock me on my A$$' the way that Seroquel instant release does. IME It'smuch smoother and it lasts 24 hours. Maybe try that first since you have no other side effects from Seroquel other than the 'Seroquel Hangover' in the mornings?
  6. That’s interesting- I’ve heard of people taking Vyvanse for treatment resistant depression though. Anyway, you said that Seroquel was too sedating during the day- Have you tried Seroquel XR? Maybe since it’s a slower/more gradual release than instant, it could maybe give you a more smooth and less “knock you on your @$$” feeling. But YMMV. I take Seroquel XR for my bipolar (really helps squash my mania and depression and racing thoughts) and that seems to be working wonders for me, but we all have different brain chemistry. Maybe you could try Remeron like someone else suggested? You could also try Wellbutrin- It shouldn’t mess with your sex drive at all. It didn’t work for me and did make me anxious, but like I said, YMMV (your mileage may vary). Anyway, I wish you the best of luck and really hope you find the right medication. Please call your doctor and make an appointment ASAP! Also, please keep us updated! 😉💙
  7. I apologize if this is in the wrong category- I couldn’t find anywhere else to post this. Anyway, my mom is taking Aricept (Donepazil) for early dementia. She has been having horrible, awful dreams that are waking her up throughout the night since starting Aricept. She was taking 5mg but it had absolutely no effect on her so her doctor bumped her up to 10mg. Are there any alternative medications that we could ask her doctor about? She would definitely like to discontinue this medication ASAP but I made her promise me that she wouldn’t stop or change anything without talking to her doctor. Does anyone know of a similar medication that maybe doesn’t cause so much nightmares or anxiety? Thanks. Edit: My Mom also takes 20mg of Prozac (Fluoxetine) every morning and has taken the exact same dosage of Prozac for 20 years.
  8. Update: Finally, two snowstorms later, saw the psychiatrist today. She decided to up my Seroquel XR to 400 as I have been having really bad racing thoughts. Hopefully this works! Thank you everyone for your opinions and well wishes!!🤗 Thank you!! Good luck with your med adjustments too!🤗 Hopefully you’re doing okay since discontinuing the Wellbutrin XL.
  9. So I met a guy who I really liked. We went on a few dates, then I ended up spending the night last night. Once I got home, he texted me and asked me what medications I took this morning, which I was honest. He said that hasn’t scared him away, but he has been distant and stopped texting me. I know the answer, but it just makes me depressed how stigmatized we are as a community and I wish I never spent the night with him. I’m sorry for the long rant. Anyone else experience anything similar while dating?
  10. I am currently taking Seroquel XR, Vyvanse, and Neurtontin. I haven't had a full blown manic episode since the Seroquel XR but I think I am still having some racing thoughts. I am also experiencing on and off depression. I talked to my pdoc about this last month when I saw her. She wanted to add Wellbutrin XL to the list but I took that in the past and it made me jittery and anxious. She then agreed not to, and said to give it a little while longer with my meds how they currently are. She said either 1.) we can just increase the Seroquel XR to 400 mg, 2.) keep my current meds the same but add Abilify, or 3). Keep my current meds the same but add Latuda. I know everyone's MMV and that no advice is to substitute the advice or decision of my pdoc, but I guess I'm just curious on others' opinions. I am scared to go up on my Seroquel anymore than it is, but I haven't had any bad side effects with 'quel either. It also seems to be working fairly well for me Also scared to try other AP's, especially with Seroquel. Do you think just asking for the Seroquel dose to be increased during my visit next week will be my best bet? Thanks