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  1. Thanks for the ideas, Iguana..!!.....Some great suggestions here.....I think they are worth a shot.......He is pretty analytical.
  2. To be honest, I really don't know how much awareness he has about his challenges......He tends not to ask for help until something has already happened and he wonders what to do........I do realize he will refuse help unless he's the one who chooses it......
  3. Yes, ultimately it is his life, and I want him to have a good life.......I guess I need to let him make his own decisions, on his own terms, and not feel personally responsible when he makes a mistake. It's just difficult for a mother not to worry about her child, even if the child is a grown man.
  4. Yes, I may be worried for no reason, that's true......I tend to worry about stuff before it even happens.
  5. The problem is, he refuses professional assistance now......He used to go to a support group, supervised by an autism specialist, for adults on the spectrum......But he quit the group, saying now he's a grown man and doesn't need any help with anything..... Yes, I know I have to stop thinking of him as neurotypical, and just realize he's wired differently--I've been trying to work on that....I treat him as an adult, and if he asks me a question about something, I talk to him as I would any other adult......I have never told him he doesn't have common sense..... I don't want to be a helicopter mom.....I guess I am just used to looking out for him, he didn't talk until he was 4.....His father was in his deathbed 2 years ago and made me promise to look out for my son after he died.....Like I mentioned to jt, I am just afraid he'll be 2 hours away, and make a mistake.
  6. He very seldom seems to learn from his mistakes...He asked me again this year should he try to list the dog on his taxes...Of course I said, no you can't, you must file single, and dependents have to be a human....He said he doesn't think that's fair, because he provides all the care for his dog.........**SIGH**.......I then said, well, it may not seem fair to you, but the IRS's rules are that dependents have to be human beings, and also I said that it wouldn't be good to break those rules. Yes, I can keep in touch by phone or Skype, I talk to him almost everyday on the phone......I'm just worried he'll make a mistake that can't be fixed by phone, and I'll have to get someone to drive me 2 hours to where he is.
  7. Mods, I hope I am allowed to post about my son in this forum......If not, please feel free to lock thread. This is a little long, but thanks for reading.......My son is almost 31 yrs old, he has high-functioning autism......Diagnosed at age 3......He has 3 college degrees and an excellent govt job....Currently he lives in his deceased father's house, which was left to him when father passed away about 2 yrs ago......He does really well at his work, and even has a few close friends. However, he still has a few problems with some things.....Before his father passed away, he lived there with his dad, and his father was there to guide him on things he had problems with.......Now that his dad is gone, I am his only parent left.....He has some problems with common sense things that a neuro-typical adult might not have. For instance, he hired some people on his own to do yard work.....The people said it would take 2 days to do......After the first day, he paid them the whole amount for the entire job.......And guess what, they didn't even show up the next day......Now, I realize that neuro-typical people sometimes get taken advantage of too, with this type thing.........I didn't find out till after it happened, but I advised him what to do in the future. I have also advised him about his vehicle on how often to change the oil....Before, his father took care of all this type stuff....My son insists that he only needs to change the oil once a year, when he gets his inspection, but he puts about 10-11,000 miles per year on it.....It is a 2006, so not a new one........I recommended that he should probably get it changed about every 6 months at least......He still insisted that once a year is enough, so I gave up on that one. Finally, last year, when he did his taxes, he tried to file as head of household, with his dog as a dependent.......the IRS caught that error pretty quickly, so he had to pay some extra taxes on his amended return......I will add that he was used to filing head of household when his dad was alive, claiming his elderly father as dependent.........I advised him that he will have to file single now, unless or until he gets married....I tried to explain that a dependent on your taxes needs to be a human being, can't be an animal. These are just a few examples, I could give more, but I don't want to make this overly long.......... Anyway, to get right down to the issue at hand, he has applied for another govt job, that would require him to move about 2 hours away....Apparently there are quite a few applicants for the job, and they are accepting new applications until June, so he doesn't expect to hear back on that for a few months. I am really worried about him moving 2 hours away, because of these things he has trouble with.......I want him to be successful and have a fulfilling life, but I am torn on how to feel about this.......Am I worrying for nothing? Any thoughts appreciated, especially from the great folks here on the autistic spectrum..........Thanks.
  8. I agree.......That's when I take my risperdone, right before bed.
  9. I take 2mg risperdone, and no weight gain at all......Now Seroquel, when I tried that, totally different story......
  10. Everyone's different in the way they react to medications.....All I can say is no form of Wellbutrin (IR, SR, or XL) ever made me drowsy or sleepy.....YMMV like with everything, I guess. But then again, my depression is the melancholic type......My appetite is almost non-existent, and I have to make myself eat, plus I have chronic insomnia.
  11. CrazyRedhead

    Re-starting trazodone?

    I take 200mg of Traz, and that dose has been working for me for years........I know one person here who takes 300mg................If you were only up to 100mg when it pooped out, you could try 150mg, or 200mg.........You definitely have some room to go up. I started out on 50mg, and gradually increased the dose until 200mg seemed to work for me.....If your doc agrees, I would say try 150mg or 200mg.......It could give you some relief from your insomnia......
  12. CrazyRedhead

    How Do You Feel THIS MOMENT in Time?

    Stuck in neutral, nothing really bad, but nothing good either....... I seem to be stuck in this limbo mode most of the time....**SIGH**
  13. CrazyRedhead

    How Do You Feel THIS MOMENT in Time?

    Are you referring to the near accident?.....Or did something else happen?
  14. I am not the doc, but Wellbutrin is pretty activating for the vast majority of people, so most people take it in the morning. I used to take the sustained release (SR), and took 150mg in the morning, and 150mg at lunch........My doc said take the second dose no later than 2pm, because it could cause insomnia if taken later in the day. Now I take the extended release version (XL) 300mg, and I take it in the morning.........Just a little surprised that your doc recommended taking it at night, because it's famous for being activating. Perhaps you could call your doc back and ask him why he recommends taking at night?
  15. CrazyRedhead

    Tdoc soon. I packed a bag, just in case.

    I know it's hard to be honest, Cheese.....I go through this same debate in my head every time I see pdoc or tdoc.....I have some suicidal ideation, but have never attempted. What I know is, all your latest posts show how much you are hurting so badly....I know that really nobody wants to go IP, but what if IP helped you get out of the misery you're in right now?.....Wouldn't that be worth it? I would really encourage you to be completely honest with tdoc this time about everything you mentioned.....I know you want to stop hurting and get some relief.