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  1. Really? I thought my doc was the only one 😉 But maybe you're right. I'm going there tomorrow. I suppose I shouldn't expect too much. It's really difficult to choose between AAP's, because I think I could use a bit of everything: motivation, concentration, a calming effect, antidepressant, something against anxiety when the thought get more frequent.... I don't expect brexiprazole / rexulti becoming available soon 😞
  2. I was on Lexapro for 6 years and always took it before bed. I remember my doctor saying it didn't really matter. If it made me drowsy I could take it at night. I can't remember if it actually make me sleepy but aside from restless and vivid dreams I was sleeping like a baby.
  3. So....talking to my pdoc on the phone yesterday was completely useless. She didn't share any new suggestions with me, she just asked me how I was and which dose I was taking. I repeated that clomipramine is only working partially. I told her this at our last 2 appointments. Also, according to her, there isn't anything else for (my type) of OCD. I responded that according to guidelines (which she really likes, but I didn't say that) it is custom to add an AAP to an SSRI or clomipramine when an antidepressant alone doesn't work. I even printed the case reports and left these with her last week. At that she admitted that I could try adding a low dose of risperidone or aripiprazole and proposed we talk about it during my next appointment. Sigh.....
  4. I'm glad your pdoc is someone who's not always following guidelines en open to your suggestions! But I think American psychiatrists are more likely to prescribe medication and also prescribe more medication than their colleagues in Europe, so it's probably normal that my doctor is more reserved.... My own pdoc is still reluctant about trying aripiprazole or other antipsychotics, but she she said she would look into the combination of clompipramine and aripiprazole. She needed to do some research first.....I left the article about clomipramine and aripiprazole with her. I don't know what she thought of that....but I don't care. I just want silence in my head 😉 I think she was a bit more understanding today. We agreed on staying on 125 mg of clomipramine for now and I'll have to call her next week to talk about new medication. I don't mind quitting clomipramine, I don't really like it anyway, but my pdoc said aripiprazole as a monotherapy could be an option as well.
  5. I will emphasize that these side effects are really there and that they -are- bothering me. I would try to put up with them (and increase the dose) if clomipramine would work wonders for me, but as a mono therapy it is obviously not the golden standard (in my case anyway). And I've been on serotonergic antidepressants for more than 10 years. Why wouldn't the human brain adjust to these medications or method of action? It makes sense to add something different. I've read a lot about memantine, never been on it, suggested it to my pdoc, but she only knows it as a treatment for Alzheimer's. I carefully mentioned lamotrigine as well....and she responded that it's for other indications, not for OCD. *Sigh* I really have a pdoc who loves following guidelines. I'll print that article and show it to her, it's really well written: http://www.dusunenadamdergisi.org/ing/fArticledetails.aspx?MkID=1119 😁
  6. Thanks Browri! The first thing that comes to mind is increasing clomipramine. 125 mg isn't that high. But side effects are getting more annoying: (slight) tremor, muscle twitching, constipation, dry mouth, trouble urinating, anorgasmia, sleepiness in the evenings, blurry vision.... They are all not that bothersome, but they are here and they will get worse once I go higher with clomipramine. I can hardly concentrate, almost continuously have 'the thought' wandering through my mind. I'm seeing my pdoc upcoming Wednesday. I'm not leaving without a new and better treatment plan. I'm almost like: put me back on Luvox and add risperidone or aripiprazole. I rather have RLS than all the side effects above....
  7. Not much of a contribution, but I find this topic really interesting. I take 125 mg of clomipramine and although it seemed like it was working (my intrusive thought was a lot less frequent in the last few months) I still relapsed about two weeks ago. Initially 125 mg was helping, but now I'm having the same continuous intrusive thought again. Very frustrating. I think my brain keeps adjusting to serotonergic medication, it just doesn't do anything special anymore. And side effects are tolerable, but I have a lot of different side effects right now (all mild, but still annoying) and I wonder if I shouldn't go back to an SSRI since clompramine and SSRI's essentially work the same.
  8. I live in the Netherlands and I think it's still not available here, although I've read that it was supposed to get registered July 2018.... I've asked my pdoc about it, but she never heard of it. Kinda silly....
  9. I have stuck words. There's one I hate the most and which is my main problem. But I also can have words stuck in my head which sound strange or interesting to me. Like names or pieces of a longer word. It goes away after a few hours. I just need to focus on something else and not care too much about it. Sometimes when I'm just doing normal things my brain will repeat a sentence a few times. It is like my brain wants to emphasize something. Most of the time it's not even important. I'm not unfamiliar with stuck songs like earworms, but I think I have 'brainworms'. And the more I resist, the more my brain get conditioned on repeating it. I hope an anti-psychotic will help. I just want some silence in my head.
  10. Thanks! Interesting article. I'll have to read it more carefully, but maybe I'll show it to my pdoc. I'm not sure if she's ever going to let me try an antipsychotic. From earlier sessions I know that she's willing to prescribe quetiapine, but she couldn't explain to me how I would benefit from that med. In my opinion it isn't of any use, since I don't have racing thoughts, no anxiety and I'm sleeping pretty good. It's just the annoying 'white polar bear' (or ironic process theory) and every therapist I talk to seems to think mindfulness can help, but it doesn't. But how does it work on chemical levels? What neurotransmitters? What happens when I take an antipsychotic....will it stop the thought? Oh wel...kind of obsessed again 😉😉
  11. I can relate....on one hand I'm a mild hypochondriac, on the other hand I'm obsessed with finding something to help with my intrusive thought, so I used to spend hours on forums, reddit and google to find information on supplements which might help, different medications, etc. When I found something promising it was really comforting me. But that feeling doesn't last long, so then I started looking up more reviews and more information. When it's bad I feel jittery and need to feel the relief. So it's kind of compulsive but it's also interesting and sometimes even useful.
  12. I might go up to 150 mg but I'll have to see what it does side effect wise before going highet. I think if things improve with my obsessive thought that it might be worth it. I suspect my pdoc would rather have me on an ssri combined with seroquel, than increasing clomipramine, but I'm going to say no to that. Seroquel just isnt an option.
  13. I noticed a few people on the forum who started with clomipramine. It's been a while since I posted in this topic, so I wanted to share my latest view on it. In the beginning I wasn't so sure, but it does have a good antidepressive effect. This winter was a lot less gloomy for me than the year before. Getting up in the morning is easier and I fell more motivation for getting started with my day. If it's such an incredible drug for OCD....I don't know. When I was on 100 mg I asked my pdoc if I could go up to 125 mg, because it just wasn't under control entirely, but after a few weeks I went down to a 100 mg again. This because of side effects getting worse (I have a very persistent 'white polar bear' thought which I'm obsessed with getting rid of). Unfortunately, a few days ago I relapsed ( did see it coming....) and my pdoc let me go back to 125 mg. I don't know it this is the best dose, or if I should go higher. The thing is: side effects aren't that bad (dry mouth, constipation, vivid dreaming, drowsiness after diner, slight tremor) but I still don't know if it's the right drug for me, since it doesn't eliminate my intrusive thought and doesn't squash my need to obsess over it. It's not under control all the time, hence my relapse. My pdoc is OK but she's very cautious. If I was in the US I'd probably be trying other medications or there was something added.
  14. Catwoman


    Hi, sorry, this is a bit late....are you still on Luvox? I took Luvox twice in the past (see signature). I found it incredibly helpful the first time I took it. I went up to 200 mg and my obsessive thinking went away. I have an obsession with getting rid of a repeating thought (a thought which I don't like), so I don't have the classic Pure O. The most prominent side effect I had were restless legs (ankles, calves). My dreams were also very vivid. Later on, when I wanted to switch to something else because of Luvox pooping out on me, I had trouble with teeth grinding (during daytime), induced by Luvox. But apart from this, it helped me with not thinking the one thing I didn't want to think.
  15. Maybe you're right and you had to wait a little longer with facing your OCD issues. On the other hand, don't be too hard on yourself. You tried and you might succeed next time! Keep up posted, I'm really interested in how you're doing on risperidone.