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  1. Maybe you're right and you had to wait a little longer with facing your OCD issues. On the other hand, don't be too hard on yourself. You tried and you might succeed next time! Keep up posted, I'm really interested in how you're doing on risperidone.
  2. I take 4 x 25 mg, in one dose. But here we have 10, 25 and 50 mg pills. I started With 25 and went up to 35 after two weeks. I'm seeing improvement with 100 but still not symptom free. I had my bloodsugar tested and it was in the normal range, so not even pre diabetic.
  3. Thanks for mentioning this! I made an appointment with my gdoc for tomorrow morning. It's actually that I'm feeling sleepy right after I ate something sweet (especially with carbs). I can't keep my eyes open, like I have to fight to stay awake. But I'm not feeling tired at that moment. And then there's also the flushing after dinner. My face turns red and feels way too hot. No sweating or higher body temperature, just the cheeks and forehead. I began to worry a little when I read about symptoms of diabetes, which also include frequently having to urinate, dry mouth and thirsty all the time. One of the side effects of clomipramine is dry mouth and trouble urinating, but I'm not having much trouble...I just have to go every hour and go out of bed twice a night to go the bathroom and right after I get up. I have a dry mouth as well....which I can't prevent with drinking more tea or water. I hope the doctor will check my blood sugar during my appointment.
  4. Interesting topic, keep us posted! I'm still in the process of trying out clomipramine, but I have the feeling that I need something to help it work. Not all the time, because I made progress since being on it but I can relapse for a few hours (or sometimes days) and after that start over again. My ocd centers around 'not wanting to think it' and every time I do think it (I'll 'it' explain later) it makes it worse. I keep giving attention to this unwanted thought (as in: disappointed with myself for thinking it). I have the classic 'pink elephant' or 'white polar bear' problem. It's a little similar to body focused obsessions. I was hoping that there's a med (like an AAP) that could help. I've had lots of help from this forum and especially Browri, but I have an extremely careful pdoc....
  5. I don't notice any cognitive side effects either. But flushing (very red cheeks and warm face) seems to be the latest one. It's only happening at the end of the day after dinner. I'm also getting the impression that my blood sugar is dropping faster lately. After I've eaten something with lots of sugar I get very sleepy. Heavy eyelids and a a drowsy feeling. I can't remember I had this before or with other anti-depressants. I'll stay at 100 mg for about three weeks and then re-evaluate.
  6. For me it's working a little better than Luvox. Though my first med was also Luvox and back then in worked incredibly well. Which dose of clomipramine were you on if I may ask?
  7. Short update: I'm starting with 100 mg of clomipramine tomorrow. Last June I began with 25 mg and I was slow with increasing due to side effects. Now side effects don't really bother me that much. They also rotate...a few weeks of twitchy musles (legs mostly) , a few weeks of dry mouth, a few weeks of obstipation... But I think my body adjusted quite well. The question is: does it work for OCD? In my case....it's not eliminating my intrusive thoughts completely at 75 mg. I did make progress, but every few days (or sometimes weeks) I'm falling back. When people are having an anxiety attack they can use a benzo as needed. But for intrusiving thoughts like mine getting more frequent (without panic) I don't think something 'as needed' / PRN exists. I could use an add-on for when the clomipramine momentarily fails.
  8. I'm interested in this as well. I take clomipramine and I still have 'residue' of OCD obsessive thinking (repetitive words) and on bad days I wish there was something I could take to help the clomipramine. So I was thinking of a low dose risperidone. Zyprexa/olanzapine might work. But....I'm not overweight, but I don't want to gain any either. @browrican probably answer your question about the dopamine blocking action. By the way, have you ever tried Anafranil/ clomipramine?
  9. I'm not really sure what to expect of medication anymore. I mean, I was happy when after four years of struggling with therapy I finally found something that worked (Luvox/fluvoxamine) and after 9 weeks I was totally free of my intrusive thought. In the years that followed I had to change to another ssri because the first one stopped working. But escitalopram brought me complete remission after a few months. It was great. Then somehow, after 6 years, the med stopped working. The same intrusive word returned and nothing changed after increasing escitalopram. I began reading about ssri's and the brain. So then I thought a drug free period would reverse any changes that would have been made, so I weaned myself off (general doc recommended this as well). But I couldn't cope....the intrusive thought only became more frequent and after being off meds for 4 months I went to see a pdoc. He recommended Zoloft/sertraline. I went all the way up tp 225 mg, but still nothing. So after 8 months I switched back to fluvoxamine. After 3 months I saw some improvement, but it was not the same as the first time. My new pdoc wanted to follow guidelines first so about 12 weeks ago I was switched to Anafranil/clomipramine (75 mg). It seems to help me, but I don't see big improvements. Fortunately side effects are tolerable. On the other hand, it's supposed to be the "golden standard for OCD", so I expected more of it. To me it feels like my brain has been altered, but was it from medication or is it because my issue has become so much more refractory? In any case, reuptake inhibition doesn't work so good anymore and I don't know what to do next. My biggest fear really is that nothing shall work.... Yes, this is exactly how I feel about it. Distraction does help me a lot, but it doesn't fix the problem. And I'm so afraid there isn't anything I can fix it with and that I'll have to live with this intrusive thought the rest of my life. How to? I don't know and it scares me. Meds did help me a lot because they removed the intrusive thought. Therapy wasn't helpful, because in spite of everything that I learned, I still think the thought is unwanted. Can't ignore, can't tolerate, can't let it be. I would be fantastic to find a med with makes me feel indifferent towards the unwanted thought.
  10. I had tinnitus from setraline (Zoloft) at 200 mg (which is a high dose). At daytime it wasn't so loud, it got really bed when I was trying to sleep. It did not occur with the other ssri's I took but with my current med (clomipramine, a tca and snri) I have occasional ringing. It's still tolerable.
  11. I'm taking 75 mg for obsessive thoughts (white bears ) Not sure if it actually works. I've been on it for about 11 weeks. No big improvements just yet. Side effects were more on the emotional side for me....mood swings, rumination, crying spells and more of the same intrusive thoughts. I don't really suffer from any anxiety and feel alright in social situations. But if you do, these fears or worries can become worse in the beginning. Currently I'm feeling better and more grounded. Have to check with pdoc about increasing dose.
  12. How are you now? Did it get a little better? I think I've been struggling with the exact same thing. For me it is hard to break the cycle. I've been on ssri's for 10 years and now they don't work anymore. What happened to my brain? I keep asking myself. What helps me is doing household chores and keeping my mind occupied as much as possible. For instance, I listen to audio books while mopping the floors. I try to stay positive but I can't change the way I feel about my obsessive thought. I'm worried this is because of the long term ssri use. On the other hand i'm just as afraid that my issues are pure psychological and that Im just not smart enough to fix these.
  13. She's been working as a psychiatrist for a long time, but I have the feeling she has more experience in researching than working with actual patients. I find her difficult to talk to. Picture a patient sitting in a chair and a psychiatrist just listening and only responding with "hmhhmmm". She is not specialized in cognitive behavioral therapies, so I get that, but I'm always sharing everything I experience from the medication but not getting much of answer to my questions. Frustrating.... She likes following the guidelines, so that's why she wanted me to try clomipramine first. She had no explanation for the SSRI poop-outs I had and just says it's a shame that Lexapro doesn't work anymore. Very useful....*sigh* I'm going to have the blood test for the clomipramine levels as well, she said we'll have to see from there on.
  14. I think she'll let me go a bit higher, but only if side effects are tolerable. At the moment on this dose the side effects are mild, so I don't see why I couldn't go up. I wonder why my pdoc is so reluctant....
  15. Not sure if I'm seeing real improvements just yet. I've started with 75 mg yesterday. It can take 8 weeks to work and I'm in the eight week now. My pdoc doesn't think I need to increase any further. She doesn't want me to go any higher, because 75 mg should work for my kind of issues. I'm not sure if I agree with her. She says dosages higher than 100 mg are only needed for severe depression. I thought that high dosages of clomipramine are used for severe OCD, but maybe she meant that as well. I don't have severe OCD myself, but my issue is very chronic and refractory and I'm almost sure that the mechanism of reuptake inhibition isn't enough anymore. I don't know how I can emphasize this to my pdoc. If this doesn't work out I suspect she would rather have me go back to an SSRI and augment with an AAP.