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  1. It takes time to reach a steady level, I guess that it can cause anxiety in the process. For me .5 mg Risperidone was calming and 1mg was flattening a bit, so made me feel less rather than being more sensitive. I am curious though, you said that you are on Clozapine which is also an antipsychotic. How did you arrive at the current combo?
  2. From my experience, .5mg Risperidone is calming and sedating. While not making me too tired it did make my sleep deeper, if that makes sense. It is different and feels different than benzos though. At this dose you can simply stop taking it if it does not work or worsen your symptoms.
  3. Have you tried SNRI(s)? The noradrenaline action is activating, which is probably a good option for your type of depression. Wellbutrin (with or without SSRI) is also an option I'd look into before going on a TCAs TCAs generally have more side-effects because they hit a lot more receptors than SSRIs/SNRIs. They may also cause sexual side effects as SSRIs (“may” because they “should” but you may react differently to different meds).
  4. Changed meds yet again. Off Mirtazapine. It was an adventure I needed to end in order to get back to being myself. Lexapro 5mg - Depression & OCD Wellbutrin XL 150mg - Depression Lamictal 200mg - General well-being Abilify - OCD & tics Clonazepam .25mg PRN - Anxiety Ritalin LA 30mg PRN - ADHD (it makes anxiety worse though).
  5. Last time I've been on Wellbitrin it was great for depression but it made my anxiety worse. As for the obsessive part it was neutral as far as I recall. Now I am taking it again, but this time along with a small dose of Lexapro. Seems like a good combo so far.
  6. For me it is neither (5 mg). At first it was a little bit activating.
  7. Update: Mirtazapine was very promising at the beginning but now I just feel flat and emotionless. So I am in search again, now tapering off Mirtazapine and switching to Lexapro+Wellbutrin.
  8. Then I guess it is a good thing that I got a pdoc appointment tomorrow. Thanks
  9. I find it hard to explain, which is weird on its own right. It's like I'm acting the same as I did yesterday, but it's the auto-pilot talking and not my character. Like my views have changed. I really do hope that I'm not discovering a new disorder that the world has never seen before. edit: maybe "disconnected" can describe it... kind of. I can talk to someone and *know* that he is my friend but not *feel* it.
  10. Mirtazapine has been on my menu for a few weeks now and it is great for depression. However, it makes me feel different. Not a different feeling, but a feeling as if *I am* different, like it changed not only my mood but my sense of self too. I don't think it is noticeable from the outside, but it scares me. Also, I'm not sure if I should give it more time to stabilize or ask for a change. ... and if I will ask for a change, then into what? Can anyone relate to this? Does it have a name?
  11. I have been taking it for about 6 months, up to 300mg a day (recommended max is 200mg). It worked as it should, but it wasn't enough for all my syptoms at the time, even on a high dose, so I tried some more antidepressants (currently on Mirtazapine). Never been diagnosed with BP and never had this feeling again. It did return when I've increased the dose, again for 2-3 days.
  12. HydroCat

    Best benzo

    Clonazepam is the longest acting of the benzos (without extended release techniques)
  13. Looking back, my pdoc must have been confident enough in me not being bipolar to put me on Sertraline as the first med ever. I think that the elevated mood of the first week may have been hypomania of some sort and this drug is supposed to be one of the worst for bipolar. The word I used to describe it was feeling invincible, like nothing can go wrong.
  14. I had the same feeling when I started taking Zoloft. It wears out after 2-3 days, then I just felt "normal". (OCD Dx)
  15. Thanks. What is the funciton of these? How do they interfere with psych meds?