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  1. What about staggering the dose of the benzo? Maybe take some a little while before you try to sleep with the hopes of slowing down the thoughts and then taking the second half later when you might already be "slowed down" from the first half
  2. I mean any things possible but I reallyyyyyy doubt it was vindictive. Think about all the people they deal with, squeamish people, needle-phobes, screaming children, cranky people who get pissed off no matter what--- I don't think it's you
  3. Iceberg

    Topamax add on

    It sucks cuz rexulti and Vraylar both had the least side effects for me and neither are covered
  4. Yeah when we (I was a minor w parents) had a 15 appt that was the best strategy for us
  5. Could u get a second opinion without commiting to a definite changeover?
  6. For my weekly cloz they would switch spots every few times...while its a pain I highly doubt they are harboring resentment. It is after all their job. Also it can be random inadvertent human error, especially after many frequent tests ur statistically bound to have a bad one occasionally
  7. Iceberg

    Topamax add on

    Sucks cuz last insurance mostly covered it. New insurance doesn't cover almost any non generic
  8. Yeah like you said two higher dose aaps are a no-no, but cheese is on even more than that so obvi they use different rules.... But it sounds like we agree that a typical + atypical might be less messy if they could ever get there
  9. Iceberg

    Topamax add on

    No no your right...but new semester is just starting so I'd be very hesitant to do it during the next several weeks. One option that crossed my mind was add the topamax soon (since everyone said it wouldn't be too sedating) and then once thats in place a few weeks down the road to make a small cloz increase if I still need it. That way the metabolic "guard" might already be in place
  10. Iceberg

    Topamax add on

    No prior authorization. There is probably some sort of Appeals process but it's filed away for me as not worth the massive pain in the ass right now
  11. I mean yes it works for guidlines ....but pdocs tailor guidelines to fit their perscribing styles all the time
  12. There are too many variables for one answer. In ur case I went of geodon 40 with no issues. I had another time when I had to do (very) rapid taper of 800 seroquel and 80 of latuda and it was quite hellish. Conversely, I actually don't have much trouble getting off benzos....so like a said, too many variables
  13. Restoril ? Long acting benzo meant for sleep