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  1. Valium should help akathisia, at least to manage short term while exploring other options
  2. Does he think it’s akathisia? If so that might make sense
  3. 45, while I wouldn’t consider too activating, didn’t help sleep. If halcion works then you probably wouldn’t need the dalmane for now. I have found that for me halcion is the least hangover-y benzo, and I’ve taken it in higher dose than .25. You could alternate I guess, definetly would need pdoc to sign off on that plan. I know I’m beating a dead horse but I’ve had docs use Thorazine in a similar way for sleep, especially if I couldn’t take a benzo that night for some reason. I only bring that up again cuz it’s the only med I have a near 100% sleep success rate with...I know you don’t want the Thorazine tho so have u ever talked to pdoc about other PRN stuff that hits hard like an AP that might be deep in the bag of tricks? Nefazodone is pretty rare these days but you could always ask. Lyrics and gabapentin can be used for sleep but I would think that since you’ve gone round lots of powerful stuff that they may not be super reliable for a monotherapy option...gabapentin didn’t make me tired at all...however I kno one person that likes it +ativan for sleep, and one pdoc who uses it as a 2nd Line add on to other Meds so YMMV on that
  4. I’m sorry but it annoys me when docs pull you off Thorazine because of it’s bad reputation. I totally get the hi potential for short and long term issues, and I realize it needs to be used with caution, but it is the best antimanic for me if my mania breaks thru. I had a doc jack up my lithium, Add abilify, add vistaril and Rx round the clock benzos before listening to my suggestion of Thorazine...but the Thorazine was the most helpful of all the changes. It scares lots of docs but I think it’s important to acknowledge that it still has a place
  5. Maybe his thinking is starting with pm would be better cuz u might sleep less which could regulate your rhythm? Idk...
  6. For awhile we just bumped the dose everytime it wore off a bit. Topped out at 300 mg and it worked decently for awhile Ever tried remeron? Good for sleep and can help anxiety
  7. Bring it up, they might even be able to help with other options as well. Daily cogentin is a thing but pdocs often try other options first
  8. I’d imagine there would be a bit of a cumulative effect from when you first start taking it overall cuz meds aren’t usually off/on switch- but no one I’ve ever talked to has claimed to be able to closely estimate how long it takes. I read a couple things that said try it for a year before it’s a total failure- but obvi that’s not always practical. My point is unfortunately there may not be a valid answer for just how long it takes, plus ymmv and stuff
  9. Unfortunately clozaril can be as slow as hell.. I’d still be careful about going back to the previous strategy at this point