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  1. That's not a super high dose split but maybe you just luckily found the sweet spot
  2. Cheese- I kno it sucks but one thing at a time. I would discuss splitting the dose so you do have a morning dose. This made a big difference for me, although Doctors differ on whether it is necessary (or worth more possible sedation) it made a big difference for my irritability levels. It's not an even split, I usually do 1/3 to 1/4 of the dose in the morning and the rest PM
  3. Remember tho that each case is unique and yours is especially so due to all the failed med trials...once you get to a certain point you have to explore things off the traditional path to find new ways to treat symptoms. You have to be careful of the "reverse-placebo" where you predispose yourself to a med not working from lots of public opinion research. Remember that online is skewed because people are often more likely to report negative experience
  4. It can't hurt to just mention it at the appt. obviously I'm no professional and I can't tell u what's going on, but that's what ur doc is there for. If it's nothing they'll tell u that and at least then u won't have to be as anxious
  5. I'd call your doc ASAP and explain in detail....not to sound grim but u want to make sure things don't get worse
  6. Ha yeah Vraylar was what I had in mind without even knowing u were on it
  7. I Wish that existed...but calming mood lift always seems to carry problems
  8. Iceberg

    No more Xanax. ☹️

    Not just you... I take 2 mg Xr during rough patches and still that's iffy
  9. As long as your on top of monitoring for "too much" improvement, better is better
  10. I believe (feel free to help me out here anyone) that parnate can be more activating and Nardil more sedating parnate is somewhat structurally related to amphetamine (from stahl) so can give a "boost" also from some quick research Nardil is harder on metabolic stuff
  11. You could also try adding vistaril or Benadryl to the trazodone
  12. Stim was only thing that helped until I got a tolerance... But the zyprexa could definetly be hurting you I'd wait for a baseline once you get off that