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  1. Here is my personal favorite. I had a doctor refuse me benzos when I was having severe anxiety and panic attacks because I was "an addict". Then the lady in the waiting room was on 3mg of klonopin and drank a liter of vodka per night. But thats OK I suppose.
  2. November maybe. Problem now is I think its causing me some anxiety. It hard to explain the feeling... something is not right, I am feeling anxiety I think its the med.
  3. I feel like this right now. I think I feel something different then you- I get mentally dull at times... actually I don't know if "dull" is the correct word.. well actually it is. :/ Like for example music or TV gets a little boring... like its lost is "spark" I don't know if I am making any sense. This doesn't happen all the time but alot of the time so... And i get restless sometimes, almost as if the Lithium is causing me a bit of anxiety.... has anyone else had this happen?? Now this has made me fucking pissed I realized because I am on .4 blood level and it seems to be working rather OK for the bipolar aspect. Still I am mad typing this I just wanted my miricle med back like Trileptal was. I developed a paradoxical reaction to Trileptal where it made me restless almost like AAP akithisia... was on it for 10.5 weeks last time couldn't tolerate it.. fuck. edit: I don't feel like myself sometimes on lithium
  4. You should qualify for the basic disability package, it pays $735 dollars per month, plus 200 food stamps and medicaid. Well you can attempt it anyways. I am 31 and I can't work either anymore. I'm fucked. edit: well this is how it is in NY... on and it takes at least 2 years too get an evaluation.. maybe longer.
  5. At 900mg with .4 blood level. Been getting restless early in the day for a while. Then about a week some anxiety started with the restlessness. Then the last 4 days suicidal thoughts and I'm sure its coming from the lithium. Later in the day it wears off with the sedation, ergo this is all coming from the lithium. Going to call doctor if this keeps up for another few days I'm hoping its a fluke. Depakote made me feel this way its foreign meaning its not me. If it is a fluke I'm afraid to tell my doctor but I think I should anyways that way if it happens again she will take me seriously? past failed med attempts: Trileptal (restlessness - very rare). Tried to add 20mg propanol.. didn't work and didn't bother pusing it to 40mg (maybe I should have) Depakote (also restless- also pretty rare). This is not looking good for me folks. I don't want the Atypical and I feel like this might be next. Fuck.