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  1. You guys are staying up 3 hours after seroquel??? I take 100mg and I'm out in ten mins flat. I take it at all different hours. I wake up feeling some way lol. I'm on a lot of other meds though so maybe the combo is affecting that.
  2. Omg dude I totally get you. Brain fog, dreamy, floaty world. It's scary. I forget things as they are being said to me. My son calls me Dory. Last time brain fog had my begging the psych ward to let me out. And the stupid thing.. I always say that.. I want proof I'm not. I've asked for tests. I was diagnosed with BPD early but really have never looked into it. I thought I was just troubled and trouble. Toxic.. Anyways.. Looking through post is educational and emotional. Yours touched me. If you get lost look for peanut. She's around. Somewhere because she forgot.