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  1. I try to eliminate the can't completely, but there are so many days I just don't want to do anything at all....
  2. Exercise sometimes bumps me out of short term restlessness or lethargy. Even a short walk.
  3. Hey Rabbit keep us updated on how you're doing...I'm considering taking Ativan as well for similar reasons.
  4. I switched over from Effexor to Cymbalta but haven't had any luck with the depression side being lifted....glad it's working for you. Do you take the brand or generic?
  5. My mood has been so so low lately, I wonder if a .5 Ativan would lift it up and get me moving again. My PDoc is good with up to 1mg a day, he says it'll help get me out of the house, but I feel like my issues have been more depression than anxiety so it seems odd to me he wants to go with benzo.
  6. No way we all have these problems. You just have to take it one day at a time, one step at a time.
  7. Well in my case it definitely is anxiety then depression...but once you're depressed it's hard to tell the difference or which is affecting you more...
  8. BrianOCD


    Take less Klonopin probably...
  9. Love regular Seroquel, but the ER was horrible for me, left me even more apathetic and depressed.
  10. Good advice guys, and I know you're right. I guess sometimes I wake up and think "I'm never really going to achieve feeling great again" You know how when you're in a depression, the best you can hope for is maybe feeling just a bit better, and only mildly depressed, it's not much of a goal, and that becomes depressing.
  11. 150 is where my sex drive was destroyed on effexor
  12. BrianOCD


    Chocolate on cymbalta made me real jittery
  13. I was on 300 mg and that was great because I think it hits all three. But if you don't want to go that high I'd see if your doc will go back to 75mg... 75mg always felt light. What was the reason you went up? Depression or Anxiety?
  14. ya possibly, how long you been on 112.5?
  15. I tried it when I was IP for a few days, but agree with most that it's good for sleeping, not strong enough for antidepressant.