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  1. Yes my physician usually scripts me 90x 30mg Zenzedi tablets. The bottle will say 1 tablets thrice daily but I was told I can take them all at once or space them out "whatever works best for you"
  2. I prefer to take all my dosage at once instead of using the XR form. For example, I would rather take 90mg dextroamphetamine sulfate in the morning once daily than have to take x2 15mg dexedrine spansules and also 10mg dextroamphetamine sulfate twice a day. The spansules are cool, but I am only on them at the moment because no pharmacy could order Zenzedi for me, I really don't know why. To me, if I do take my entire daily dosage at once, I feel like it lasts me the entire day anyway so no need to re-dose or take XR version, honestly IMO.
  3. After lots of playing around with different antipsychotics, I think my cocktail is somewhat stable for now Dexedrine spansules 30mg twice a day (having trouble finding a pharmacy that can order it right now) Dexedrine 10mg twice a day Diazepam 30mg a day (hoping to get switched over to clonazepam because diazepam is like a sugar-pill for me) Doral 15mg PRN insomnia Paxil 20mg depression, anxiety Seroquel 200-400mg XR bipolar 1 mania Lyrica 600mg in the evening or 300mg BID for anxiety, seizures Guanfacine 2mg at bedtime for ADHD Zolpimist PRN insomnia (also having trouble finding a pharmacy that can order it right now) Marinol 5mg BID appetite stimulation Dx: Bipolar 1 disorder, ADHD combined type, hypersomnia, chronic insomnia, narcolepsy (without cataplexy)
  4. Xanax does amazing things for my mood, Valium really has no effect on me, and Klonopin is slightly depressive for me if I take it daily. Ativan, I consider this a hypnotic benzo IME because at 2mg it helps with difficulty falling asleep.
  5. Really? I haven't felt depressed or apathetic yet and I have been on 400mg XR for a few weeks now. Did you take your seroquel xr in the morning or at night? Because I know that if I took mine in the morning then I would feel mildly sedated and blurred/double vision, so I try to take it around 10pm. Regular seroquel I use for severe insomnia, the bottle says take 2-3 100mg tablets for severe insomnia, and it works amazingly. But my goal is to control my mania and keep me stable, without feeling drugged or cognitively impaired, so this is why I asked my psychiatrist if I could try the XR/ER version of seroquel because the reviews for XR/ER are impressive. It's working well so far, I actually haven't been manic or hypomanic since starting Seroquel XR. My relationship with seroquel is such a love/hate but I don't know how to explain it it is such an effective medication for my bipolar 1 disorder. but the risks and possible side effects scare me
  6. I can now say that the immediate release Seroquel sedates and puts me to sleep much more than the xr, even at half or less the dose. I have been taking Seroquel xr 400mg and surprisingly I can stay up 3-5 hours after taking it. Way different experience than the instant Seroquel
  7. Brexpiprazole is the beating my bipolar depression when I really need it, but Seroquel XR has been one of the best maintenance medications overall in my bipolar 1 treatment and manic episodes. Hard to get used to at first but my doctor allowed me to also begin Modafanil, on top of my Adhd stimulant meds, to counteract the sedative effects of Seroquel XR. Vraylar works well for me for bipolar 1, my experience was brief (3-6 mo.), I just kind of switched myself to a medication with a much shorter half life for a number of reasons.
  8. changes in vision for the worst, at least for me, pretty early on
  9. mmaryland

    Rexulti experiences?

    Yea the past 3 months I cut my meds back without docs approval so just had been on dextroamphetamine, valium, seroquel for insomnia and strattera. I had stopped the Vraylar because of the crazy long half life of 2-5 days meaning it can take a long time for it to clear your system and just wanted to be on monotherapy antipsychotic. Well I have been depressed and anxious so I started back on rexulti to control my mood better and still at 1mg. Tapering slow because scared of akathisia
  10. Hey I noticed you take the 10mg of dexedrine tablets, do you know of Zenzedi, which is dextroamphetamine, and it comes in doses up to 30mg. If your insurance covers it, it might be worth asking your doc about switching to Zenzedi 20mg, since there is no dexedrine or generic dextroamphetamine above 15mg.
  11. I know this is what >4 years old, but I have low sex drive on Seroquel at 200mg daily, but I do take other meds (Lyrica, Dextroamphetamine, just restarted Straterra at 25mg, and Valium) yet none of these other meds have ever caused me sexual problems in the past. Maybe I am just depressed, don't know it, and low libido is one of my symptoms..just one theory I have other than it being due to Seroquel
  12. For me about 5 hours it lasts I can feel xanax, longer than valium lasts/works for me despite the huge difference in half lives
  13. mmaryland

    Best Non-benzo anxiety med?

    Right now my dr has me on Lyrica for anxiety. I can't take SSRI or antidepressants because they trigger mania, I can't take xanax or klonopin or ativan because my dr wants them "out of my system", haven't tried buspar, but yea I can't take mostly all of the medications dr's usually prescribed for anxiety due to my commodities and past substance use disorder (legit though my substance abuse of benzos and alcohol a result of paxil induced mania, which lasted 5 and a half months) The Lyrica is good, side effects are intoxicating at first, but you will get used to them within a few days of dosing. I am on 300mg twice a day by the way
  14. Back on Straterra because I have been really thinking that the lack of norepinephrine reuptake inhibition is why I have been feeling less organized, motivated, desire to learn about new things, I haven't been involved in my college coursework like I was when I was on Straterra and I don't have an optimistic outlook in overcoming my ADHD symptoms, I just feel defeated and tell myself I can just use stimulants forever and ever Straterra 25mg a day, for this week, then I am going to bump up to 50mg for 2 weeks before going to 100mg. I need me some norepinephrine reuptake inhibition!! Doral 15mg prn insomnia, the pharmacy messed up and filled my script for 100 tablets instead of 15 like my doctor wrote for, but I didn't complain Seroquel XR 200mg bipolar I, hypo/mania, insomnia Lyrica 300mg twice a day for anxiety, generalized and social Zenzedi 30mg three times a day ADHD Diazepam 10mg, 4 tablets a day benzodiazepine taper, somewhat for anxiety but not as great as I feel it should be considering 40mg daily is a lot, I tried asking for a switch to clonazepam but Doc wasn't going for it due to half-life reasons. I will still push for clonazepam next appointment because diazepam does work, when it works, and its effects last a short period of time, like 3-4 hours, eve though it is in my system Other include: robinul 2mg twice daily for hyperhidrosis (can't wait until Qbrexxa, a cloth/wipe form of robinul, comes out in October so I pop 2 fewer pills a day) and cyproheptadine 4mg twice a day for appetite stimulation, still pushing for a marinol script because the cypro isn't that effective