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  1. looking for answers

    Online therapy

  2. looking for answers

    Online therapy

    Thank you!
  3. looking for answers

    Online therapy

    intersting , thank you
  4. looking for answers

    Online therapy

    I feel like ive seen a thread on this. But I looked, and did the search function and found nothing. So I apologize if I missed it. Due to some scheduling issues with my current therapist who i like, and some changes in my life, im pondering if online therapy may be worth a try, my insurance will cover it. Has anyone done this? Was there a specific site or group you used? How did it go for you? did you like it?
  5. thanks, that was more my thought as a second line, once more stable........who knows what they could suggest. I actually just looked i thoguht my insurance covered them, they do not
  6. they are for two totally different things but i find them both effective. i take them both
  7. looking for answers

    OK, so...

  8. i think everyones jumping to conclusions here. I merely asked if anyone had experience with them. Im in PA, its something im interested in researching. BUt they are merely registered, not licensed by PA. I never said that 4 years level is equivalent to an MD training as well. But to say they dont have education is false. THey also study alot of the same basic sciences and such as GP's. But i think i'll just let this topic go
  9. naturopaths have a a bachelors degree and minimal 4 years graduate level education which is equivalent to a doctorate. Also can prescribe meds, perform surgeries etc.......
  10. looking for answers

    OK, so...

    when i click the link, it is not found
  11. looking for answers

    OK, so...

    that is annoying but kudos to you for making a new crazy meds site. i really enjoyed the last one, im sad its gone. It was humorous, yet educational. Provided way more info on drugs than the pamphlets, drugs.com etc. It gave you info from actual user reviews. Like this med may start showing signs of working in 3-4 days, definitely in a week. fully in 3-4. WHile everywhere else says 4-6 weeks.
  12. no i know not to get sucked in, but shes the one therapist ive clicked with in a while
  13. as far as i know for both seroquel and lithium the dosage remains the some from the IR to XL versions