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  1. i have not. I am sorry to hear that and hope everything works out. But is your pdoc sure its the lithium? lab values can also be weird and out of whack at times for a billion reasons. Does your general doc get the results? I would try and consult them. Or even a nephrologist if very worried
  2. looking for answers

    Lithium Question

    Lol yep wrong key!
  3. looking for answers

    Lithium Question

    actually its for sleep, i man its a possibility trintellix is an AP vyvanse is a stimulant
  4. looking for answers

    Lithium Question

    nah been like this for months......no symptoms, i mean mild lingering depression. But i have never had BP symptoms any suggestions based on what im on?
  5. looking for answers

    Lithium Question

    havent had it checked for a bit but last time 0.61
  6. SO i credit lithium with brining me out of the depths of darkness, not curing but pulling out. ANyways when i started it i was only on klonopin, and seroquel at high doses, Now seroquel is really for sleep, and im on many other meds. But when i started taking vraylar a year ago, after about 3 months i became flat. got off it, felt better. Im feeling kinda flat still, i have more emotions, but still i have no desire for intimacy, sexual urges, and never like just laugh, actually laugh. IM never really super sad either. Im guess this is the lithium, perhaps too much? or just lithium in general............ happen to anyone ?
  7. could you not call people losers for having med failures?
  8. looking for answers

    Belsomra experiences?

    my pdoc just gave it to me one day to try, because i have sleep issues. I slept kinda like i normally do, not well. Didnt work great for me. It did knock me out, but you definitely feel odd falling asleep. not your typical drowsiness. it just kinda happens all of a sudden., hard to describe, definitely worth a try. IM a bad gauge
  9. always in thought cheese. I cant promise im ever of any help, but you can always talk to me, or message me FYI
  10. looking for answers

    Does anyone have “trigger thumb/finger”?

    Hope it works out!
  11. looking for answers

    Does anyone have “trigger thumb/finger”?

    its tough without seeing it. I assume you probably wouldnt want to see a physical or occupational therapist for it. I Hand therapist(usually an occupational therapist) could greatly help, Also due to the joint inflammation your having and not being able to take any NSAID's i would strongly suggest trying a cortisone injection, those usually work very well. i find ultrasound or Diathermy to good modalities for trigger fingers, but again u need a therapist. I would continue the stretching, and light excercises. Perhpas before hand place a hot pack on it, or wrap in a warm towel to loosen up a bit. Id just wear the splint when u sleep. But i really think a cortisone injection is your best bet, knock that inflamattion and sheath thickening out, if that doesnt clear it up in a few weeks try another one. If that still doesnt do it, your're probably looking at surgery. But the cortisone usually releases that nicely. feel free to ask questions, good luck
  12. looking for answers

    Does anyone have “trigger thumb/finger”?

    I actually treat these. How long has it been going on? is it constantly locked? if so in what position. I wouldnt immobilize it at all times, id wear the splint at night, thats just me, but depends how bad it is. When you actively try to move your finger can you fully extend or flex it? If you try to extend or flex does it "click" then lock in place or just not move? Gimme some more info and i;l try and help