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  1. Thanks for your advice I am thinking of trying the me prazosin again I am getting desperate at this point...and i am in a different place then I was when I was taking it and wonder if it would just help a little.
  2. Thank you maybe I will look into that whatever helps.
  3. Severe PTSD due to sever sexual abuse and struggle with nightmares every night I am trying to find a way to alleviate them and my therapist and I just started researching ways I want to know if anyone has tried prazosin which i have tried and did not work but I am in a different place now so wondering if it will work better. another was imagery Rehearsal treatment which is coming up with an alternative less distressing outcome to the nightmare but I have different nightmares...so just wondering what you all do to cope.
  4. Thanks for all the advice. I think I will start with SSRI"s I am already on a high dose of benzos and I have tried seroquel it just made me gain weight and did not help me as intended it was not for OCD at the time that is a new discovery but I would prefer to start I think on an SSRI that seems the best path for me with my current regime. i do have to work in therapy on it more we have a lot to tackle right now as usual but I am doing the work so I have to try medication and work in therapy on it. i never really realized what i was doing was OCD like my therapist didn't even realize and we have worked together 10 years we just never really talked about that stuff.
  5. Thanks I am in therapy so maybe both meds and therapy will help my therapist is the one who mentioned medication for it and wants me to talk to my psychiatrist but i wanted to see what others have experienced. I am sort of new to this I have probably been struggling with it for some time i just didn't realize it.or thought it was normal because things I do are normal for me...
  6. thanks I am on clonopin that doesn't seem to help so maybe a high dose of an SSRI i have tried those for depression but never OCD the OCD is new to me I may have had i ta while or at least the tendencies I am not diagnosed.
  7. My therapist just realized I have OCD tendencies and talked to my psychiatrist and she recommended adding Prozac to my meds for that...but she couldn't remember if I have taken it which i have but not for OCD...and she doesn't even feel i have an exact diagnosis but the tendencies...i already take lamictal 300mg, remeron 45mg, clonopin 4mg, lithium 600 mg and risperdal 4 mg I don't know if she will add something or just change out a medication my team has not wanted me on as many medications as i used to be but am finding myself on more and more. I have major depression, C-PTSD, anxiety and Anorexia and possibly OCD what do others take that work for it i see my psychiatrist next week and will talk to her then I have heard luvox is good but just wondering others experiences and what with my other medications...
  8. My therapist just last week realized I have OCD tendencies she doesn't believe I fit the full criteria but she knows I have always been rigid I have an eating disorder and am very rigid around that but she learned of my obsessive morning schedule like down to the order I do everything in the shower and just the whole morning schedule that nothing can be out of order or out of place. I won't do anything different in it I have to do it that way and be early to work so I am not late so I have to leave at a certain time no later. I fear something bad will happen if I don't follow my routines and schedules. My therapist brought it up to my psychiatrist to see what she thinks and wants me to talk to her about it she is thinking there could be a medication to help my psychiatrist mentioned Prozac which i took for depression and it didn't help but I have heard luvox is good. My therapist wants me to try to change up my routines which is hard for me to do...