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  1. Vadikstars

    trying to work

    It's hard . I have had my own business, worked for family and worked for various employers. worked in the music industry. Worked as a printer all a major fail in the end and I ended up worse for it. But now on dissability. It helps but what do you do not try? I feel like crap when I am not working also feel like scum (or get made too) for collecting any sort of benefit. Sorry there isn't an answer I have found but I know some people that managed and work but again one ended up going in after a massive episode . I am currently in limbo . It's a case of try and try again, or fail And fail again but if you persever you may find the right fit . I can't give up hope that there is one for me . Hang in there good luck (I know it sounds patronisng but please don't take it that way) but don't give up . When there is no light at the end of the tunnel no goals no purpose then what is the point in life and that's when the thoughts of suicide self harming or harming others creeps in my mind .
  2. I would be dead without meds . Do they have bad sideffects, yes. Do I leave the house and have a normal life, no not really . But I am not dead 😎