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  1. As jt07 said, the spaciness and nausea etc will go away after a week or so. I did end up switching to taking my Abilify at night. I also take 10 mg ... it has been helpful to me both with mood and delusions.
  2. HE is the national security threat ... Build a wall around him.
  3. I'm not upset with you! I'm upset with the idiot in the White House.
  4. Great, another reason to be afraid of my food. Sigh
  5. I've had teeth clenching from Zoloft and Prozac both. It seems like it has gotten better with time, though not completely resolved.
  6. I understand, I have similar thoughts about my meds. It's really hard to keep taking them when those thoughts are there. Do you have a good relationship with your pdoc where you could talk to him about this? Or a therapist?
  7. So upsetting ... we don't get food stamps anymore but we depend on our tax refund and SSI (not sure if SSI will be affected?). I feel terrible for all the government workers not getting paid, and their families. One man should not be allowed to hold the entire country hostage like this, we are supposed to have checks and balances.
  8. IDK but sexual abuse seems like a possibility. I have to say that the stuff you describe is also just shitty parenting. Lying to you about going to the doctor? Come on. My son has trauma related to doctors and I always, always tell him where we are going and what they are going to do, prepare him beforehand. And yelling at you for being scared? Man. I’m sorry.
  9. Ugh, this makes me so angry! I'm sorry she said that to you. She should find a different profession. I hope you can find someone else but I know how draining it is to look.
  10. Not that I can tell. It increased my anxiety pretty badly the last couple of times we increased the dose, and then after a while it leveled off, but it's hard for me to say whether it actually did anything positive for the anxiety in the end. I never found that Zoloft did much for my anxiety either.
  11. Yeah, I like Abilify. It just doesn't seem to help my anxiety and actually made it worse at lower doses. Officially the gabapentin is for anxiety as my pdoc also doesn't consider it a mood stabilizer. It seems to kind of smooth things out and be calming. Idk, they seem to complement each other for me at least.
  12. Is he wanting to replace the gabapentin with Abilify/Geodon or add it on?