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    Before -and- After

    they want me to get over it without getting it off my chest - F* UNBELIEVABLE they call me depressed, crazy, watch me like a hawk ... for me to hurt myself... the only hurt I get is from other mtfS WHO IS WATCHING (yoU) -- this S.O.B. you want me to see a shrink ... just exactly what should I have to say... what is there for me to discuss, what burning issues should be on my mind / heart besides OTHER THAN this s*??? SERIOUSLY -- just what do you think will happen when / if I am loaded into the nut farm ??? they visit you and ask you for your version. Oh wait nobody visits me at home or the hospital meaning your a* got your version out already THANK YOU. my turn now.
  2. I've become familiar with the phrase "unicorn hunting" but only recently and too late… this been rattling around in my mind for too long… this was a few years ago and is still plaguing me. WHY a bonafide couple would pretend she was just a roommate at the beginning. Then move me into their 3 bedroom home & get my hopes up just to crush them? At that time I was only interested in monogamy. Ultimately, he and I shared a room. She was in another - the master bedroom. Not only did they push to "help" me by moving me in, they were eager for me to get pregnant "…we've got a spare room…". Instead of get a surrogate on board, obtain donor eggs, etc - why deceive and defraud me? Okay she was older than he - older than both of us - but I figure she probably had not gone through menopause. He and I had been childhood friends - did that history mean absolutely nothing? Before I ever showed up they had money for surrogacy / fertility. WHY pretend she was just a roommate? why does evil do what it do? I'm ready to move on & find someone new - just smh what a messed up way to live & drag others into it. Thankfully I did not make the grade and was cast aside.