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  1. It is possible, however there's no way to know every aspect that might influence a person's reaction. Beyond genetics and personal brain chemistry, you don't know what else they have going on, that isn't mentioned. From all you know they could also be withdrawing from opiates at the same time..or something to effect.
  2. We can all agree that your situation is intolerable, that's very much clear. Question for you is what is your tolerance level for intolerable? Is your current situation, off zoloft/remeron and on Geodon + the benzo, significantly worse than before, which you did power though? Or is it still intolerable but more of the same? IMO, the gentlest potential way to do this would be to get onto Rexulti while still on Geodon. There are plenty of people on this board on multiple APs. As long as the added Rexulti, provided that you stick with it for 2 weeks, does not make things worse or/makes things better, you can either drop the rexulti or continue on till your next appointment with the new pdoc in March. From there, you can work with the new doc to start a plan on getting off the Geodon and see how your body reacts to it.
  3. Keep in mind that there will be inherent bias in groups like that. Yes that could represent the worst case, however will not be the norm. If some, say no withdrawal symptoms and a positive experience on geodon, they will most likely not create a group called "Geodon should remain legal as it appears to be ok for its FDA approved purposes and possibly some off-label indications"
  4. That's good progress. Can't adjust to meds that you don't have. Best of luck!
  5. In this case, I’d add the rexulti and work with the doc to start a taper down of the geodon. at the end of the day, we’re just internet randos
  6. argh

    How Do You Feel THIS MOMENT in Time?

    Slept 8 hrs still tired. Sleep 6? Not tired. I guess I should start chewing caffeine pills when I sleep like a normal person
  7. argh

    French Vanilla vs Hazelnut (iced coffee story)

    Espresso is love. Espresso is life
  8. I suppose that might work. How about titrations up to 10mg of abilify for a full week, consistent and everyday, then start the trintellex when you are a week in, if it continues to be unbearable? Give abilify a head start. abilify has the least risk of diabetes and has proven ad effects as well. i know depots have been mentioned before. Will you consider them? If you have a depot going you won’t have compliance issues and can easily adjust ad doses with less risk and worry.
  9. my concern is that without an anti-manic agent, the ER or IP might be where this AD pushes you. Look at some of your old posts. The devil burning your fingertips. there is a chance you could not go manic, but given your history with ADs...is that something you really want to risk?
  10. argh

    New meds, new dreams

    i had super vivid violent dreams for the first week on mirtazapine. like so real that when i woke up, i had to do a limb and teeth check to ensure everything was intact. Went away after about a week.
  11. rx list has the minimum as 10mg, but goes all the way to 30mg. It also needs to reach steady state so at minimum 10mg for 2 weeks.
  12. sounds like a bad idea until you titrate up to the anti-manic dose of abilify. while an AD can help, given your bipolar issues, you need full mood stabilizer/anti-manic protection before you up or change your AD. hell, i'm MDD and my pdoc thinks i should have some sort of mood stabilizer with my AD.