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  1. that very well could be. maybe try to see how long you can go without meds, prior to starting nardil or rexulti. don't get me wrong, i'm pro-med and i'm probably going to take what i take for life...but in your case, after the med rollercoaster that went for years with zero to minimal improvement...this might just be what you need..to hold off. maybe even try to power through some of the withdrawal if it does come.
  2. 150mg of xl is my ideal dose. I do however depend on a higher dose of gabapentin to fill in the proverbial cracks however.
  3. argh

    How Do You Feel THIS MOMENT in Time?

    calm/irritated. not sure how that works, but ok whatever.
  4. It's been reported, but I did not have any withdrawal. Took it for 2 months. Went from 45mg to 0 and never felt better when i dropped it.
  5. argh

    How Do You Feel THIS MOMENT in Time?

    I'm curious. Which one?
  6. Also to note I'm really skinny. Maybe? Is a BMI which is normal weight, of 23 actually skinny these days? BMI of 25 is overweight. So for those who are skinny, I suppose, there might not be much of a mood diff.
  7. Intermittent fasting is a thing and it works. I do it accidentally as work tends to get very busy and lunch is usually a 3 PM affair or later. Does jack shit for mood. Makes it worse if anything
  8. With herbal supplements, or supplements in general, there is nothing to guarantee purity or efficacy. Beyond that, you can think of it in terms of purported moa does not equal equivalence. example. There are a large number of SSRIs on the market. While they all perform serotonin reuptake, an ssri such as Paxil May have different effects on an individual than lexapro. Personally, Zoloft was a much different experience than Paxil. Zoloft was innocuous yet ineffective, while Paxil was fuck shit awful. Both are SSRIs. I’d be willing to try another if it came to that. ive noticed a pattern in your posts where you will rule out an entire class of medications based on a broad category, given your experience with one or a few drugs in said category. If you had tried all of them as you stated with SSRIs, fair, exclude them, that makes sense. There are definitely cases where that is practical, such as someone avoiding or proceeding with great caution with the use of a tca due to bipolar disorder. in your case, unless explicitly contraindictated, you should judge each med on its own merit, not by class. Edit: i seem to be on a posting spree today and have derailed this topic a bit. time to step away from the computer for tonight.
  9. Some circles seem to think so to the point of classifying aps that have dopamine agonism as third generation. this is about abilify, but same idea. Rexulti would fall in this category. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2958217/ this paper is well above my capacity to understand but the abstract is pretty readable. Notably later in the article, the author even denotes differences between second generation aaps, such as how different in receptor affinity ratios are different for something like seroquel vs risperdal.
  10. Your head chemistry might just be unique. Try rolling with that thought. With ocd is it ever possible to get obsessed with a positive thought or is the ocd inseparable from anxiety? given the risks associated with a washout...benzo excluded, that sounds like something to do inpatient given the state you are in. if you don’t want to go inpatient as you had a traumatic experience before, it sounds like it would be safer to start with rexulti. has ect ever been an option? https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4023099/ Tldr. Ect May work for severe cases of ocd.
  11. Iceberg took the words out of my mouth. Wise dude, listen to him. Really comes down to you don't react typically to drugs, so everyone else's experience is moot. You're the outlier. It sucks but it is what it is. The research that you're doing right now, IMO, is obsessive and is just fuelling the fire. You gotta stop somehow. Easier said than done as I'm mildly obsessive (no DX for that) and believe you me, I've researched every med I've taken and will possibly take in depth...user experiences, pubmed articles, books, etc..I can't imagine how bad this is for true OCD....ok pretend what i just said was a bit softer in tone. I realize that is like telling someone that is depressed to just stop being depressed...at any rate, just take the meds and let it roll. It will either work or not.
  12. varies. if i can't get 7 hrs (due to schedule), i take 25mg. I find that to be very subtle and gentle in terms of sedation before sleep. If i can get 7+, 50mg. That is a bit more heavy handed, but still nowhere near remeron. If it's 5 hrs or less of sleep due to schedule, I don't take anything. My core issue isn't falling asleep, it's staying asleep.
  13. Yeah. According to the covering pdoc that prescribed it to me, it’s a crap antidepressant but a great sleep med. i don’t believe that 7.5mg of Remeron actually has any ad effects, though I suppose if you are petite or med sensitive, it might. of meds that I have been prescribed for sleep in terms of “knock you the fuck out” remeron >>>>>> trazodone >> gabapentin. its gentle, not like Remeron that had me stumbling like I’m drunk and crashing into walls 30 minutes after a 15mg dose.
  14. Lots of folks on this board say that Rexulti is calming. I've never taken an AP, can't give you a personal experience. I see my pdoc later this month so that might change.. While rexulti is related to abilify, many on this board have noted that it feels like an entirely different drug. Abilify, rexulti and vraylar differ from most APs as they are partial agonists of the D2 receptor. The simplified version (probably marketing speak) is that it modulates dopamine activity. As in if the dopamine levels are too low, it will raise D2 activity via partial agonism. If too high, it will block/downregulate activity at the D2 receptor. I'd say it's worth a shot.
  15. argh

    insomnia ideas

    My dawn simulator has a dusk simulation feature. Basically starts with light that gradually gets dimmer and dimmer..exactly as you would expect dusk to look like. It's a bit pricey but you can usually find some deals on groupon. It's the Philips HF-3550. Read something nice and boring. I read stuff on pubmed. I see it hasn't been said, probably out of politeness, but sleep is important..I'll go ahead and say it. Assuming your libido is intact, masturbation.