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  1. Not being American I do wonder about some of the things that the land of the free and home of the brave does. I don't know of another democracy which does this government shutdown thing. It seems like a terrible idea. The issue of the wall has nothing to do with most government employees, so why do you have a system which can screw so many people over because of it? That needs fixing. Then there's the Supreme Court Justices. Should justice be so politicised? Brett Kavanaugh seemed like a dumb frat boy who likes beer (as he mentioned a few times)and sexually abusing women, but he's anti-abortion, so that's good enough for some. I mean Christine Blasey Ford seemed dignified and honest, and you would've thought that Brett would have to do something special to overcome her convincing testimony. The dickhead comes out and says "I like beer. Sometimes I drank too much beer. I still like beer. I still drink beer." My God! What a fucking idiot! If being a rapey dickhead isn't enough to get him disqualified then being dumb as fuck surely should. No other democracy does things like this. I don't really know how things work over here in merry old England but I think you have to be more intelligent than Homer Simpson and less of a rapist than Bill Cosby in order to be a High Court Judge. It's just the way we do things. And gun control. Nah, let's not start on that. I'm English, so I know I'm supposed to sound smug and superior, but I like America and I like Americans. Bits of it anyway, and maybe half of the people. Things aren't going great over here so I'm not trying to sound patronising. But I do wonder what the fuck you're thinking sometimes America.
  2. Fluent In Silence


    A shame that that's their only post. I think I'd like to know someone who'd choose that profile pic.
  3. Fluent In Silence

    Tattoos - my therapists hate them.

    Lol. Yeah a shower and clean clothes and the constant feeling of dread and misery washes away down the plug hole and you're cured. But it's, erm well, depressing that they would think that you have to be smelly and dirty in order to be depressed. Nice! lunussports are you sure that's the NHS or have you accidentally joined Scientology? 🧐 You're desecrating your body with Satan's ink! That is some bullshit. Not a facial tattoo is it? Nothing quite says "I have severe mental problems and might stab you in your sleep" like a facial tattoo. Tats are great and I'm going to get one soon.
  4. Fluent In Silence

    Safety Of SSRIs/SNRIs

    I don't know about damage but I have wondered about long term effects. I've only been taking meds for a few years and have spent most of the time on Sertraline after the Prozac didn't work out. Many people will have been through a lot of different meds, and I've known people who have been on a medication for years before it stopped working, and people who have been on every medication but nothing seems to work anymore. Why would a medication stop working unless it's caused some sort of change in your brain? I may be wrong but I haven't heard of anyone going back on a medication which used to work after coming off it. It seems to be the case that if a medication stops working then there's no going back to it. If there are no long term effects then shouldn't you be able to go back on a med which worked after having a long enough break to get it out of your system? You can build up a tolerance perhaps, and I've had to increase my dosage a couple of times, but that tolerance should lessen over time surely? I don't mean to cause any worry but I think there is a question there. I saw a report not so long ago which found that anti-depressants can have severe withdrawl symptoms. No shit! If they've just worked that out then it seems unlikely that there's been any research on long term effects. But I'm not selling any paranoid conspiracy theory here. My meds help me and I'm not going to stop taking them, and I wouldn't want to put anyone else off taking them. I may well be talking a load of shite and if anyone wants to call bullshit and set me straight then that's fine by me. Oh and when meds stop working it's called Tachyphylaxis. I say as if I've always known that and didn't learn it 5 minutes ago on a Google search.
  5. Fluent In Silence


    People really are shit aren't they? I've often thought this way, though not because of a dog's anal glands, though not for any better reasons. If your dog is doing something which isn't part of their normal behaviour then she should listen, rather than taking out her disappointment about not being smart enough to get through med school and being trusted to deal with humans on your poor dog. But you meet an arsehole and people suck. I do know this feeling. I dared to venture out and meet other people and many of them were fucking arseholes. Everyone's an arsehole, and I should just build a fort out of pillows and stock up enough canned goods that I'll never need to talk to another human again. I'm joking but not joking. I have often thought that most people suck. And maybe they do. Maybe 90 percent of people do suck, but that leaves one in ten. A bad experience and I'm thinking "I can't get along with these humans. I should've been born an orangutan because they're my real soul brothers" Or something. It's probably an overreaction. Probably more than one in ten people aren't arseholes. I've never really felt like I belong in the human race, so any minor thing will make me think "Yep! I thought so, and you've just proved it." I don't know the statistics. Maybe 99.9% of people are pricks. I think it's probably a lot less. An arsehole can ruin your day/week/month/life when you lack faith in humanity. They're just arseholes and good people do exist. I don't always remember this when things haven't gone well.
  6. Fluent In Silence

    Favorite musical?

    I'm not a big fan of musicals but maybe Jerry Springer the Opera. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oRPgmDnp9Jg
  7. Fluent In Silence

    How Do I Change my Signature?

    Top right, click on your name, then go to account settings and there'll be a tab on the left for your signature.
  8. Started from a young age for me too. I don't know if I'm typically socially anxious because at some point (maybe around 12 years old) I gave up on people and slammed the door between me and others. So it's been more apathy than anxiety, except when people have wanted to see behind the door that I've locked and nailed shut. Ahhhhhh! People like me! Why won't they leave me alone? And then when there's no-one knocking on my door I wonder why nobody likes me. Maybe because I'm afraid of letting anyone through my door because zombies and shit. Sorry, I was getting a bit bored of the door analogy there. Knock. Knock! Who's there? A dumb prick with low self esteem who's afraid of letting anyone get close. I guess anxiety can end in apathy when you don't expect anything else but pain from relationships. But I'm trying to change this thought (But if they knew the real me! The REAL ME! Whatever the fuck that is). I find it hard to make friends too, though in my case it's probably for a good reason, which should be apparent if you've read this far. I don't know if I was agoraphobic but I barely left the house for years. It's not a big deal anymore to venture down to the supermarket, though it was at one time. I still don't know how to form human relationships. Though a good start would probably be to stop calling them "human relationships".
  9. Fluent In Silence

    Forget it

    Forgetting it can be a good thing. It doesn't matter. Fuhgeddaboutit! Unless you've left the oven on or something like that, in which case you probably shouldn't fugheddaboutit.
  10. Fluent In Silence

    Stupid Jokes

    Why was 6 afraid of 7? Because 7,8,9. Why did the chicken cross the road? To score some eggstasy. Why did the chicken cross the road? To assassinate the Colonel and make him pay for his crimes against chickenkind. Why did the chicken cross the road? He had business to take care of, and a chicken's got to do what a chicken's got to do. Have you ever seen a chicken with an Uzi? Cock-a-doodle-doo mother fuckers! Why did the chicken cross the road? To get to the other fucking side. To see his accountant.
  11. Fluent In Silence


    Some people are always going to be arseholes. You should ignore such people because they really are pathetic dickheads. Don't feed the trolls. They're just sad and lonely people, sat in front of their computer, hoping to offend someone in order to feel superior and have someone recognise that they exist. Poor dickheads! I'm sad and lonely too, but I try not to be a dick about it. I don't mean to dismiss cyber-bullying but when people come out with some dumb and offensive comment I just think what a fucking arsehole they must be, and why would I care about the opinion of such an obvious dickhead? But yeah you can do without that. There are nice people out there and they probably outnumber the arseholes. Arseholes are often louder but they're just arseholes.
  12. Fluent In Silence

    How Do You Feel THIS MOMENT in Time?

    Absolutely super fucking ambivalent about being alive. But who wants to talk about that shit? I don't. But it keeps going dark and asking a question which I don't have an answer to. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bo-qweh7nbQ
  13. I thought the Mexicans were going to pay for it! Now this dickhead's holding the country to ransom unless he gets the money to pay for his delusions.
  14. Fluent In Silence

    random thoughts!

    17 hours without thinking about suicide! Shit! Writing that made me think about it.
  15. Fluent In Silence

    How Do You Feel THIS MOMENT in Time?

    🤣 Tips on cattle farming lol. You can use marmite instead of vaseline in an emergency. Pro cattle farming tip there. Oh yes! We're British so no expressing emotions unless we're being arch or sarcastic. You seem nice Raspberry, and that wasn't meant to sound arch or sarcastic because I prefer coffee over tea. I can't be British if I don't drink tea can I?