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  1. Fluent In Silence

    random thoughts!

    Going on the internet sometimes destroys any faith I have in humanity, which wasn't much to start with. A discussion about knife crime on Youtube, reading the comments and people are just small minded racist scum. It seems to bring out the worst in people. They feel anonymous and able to express their real selves I guess. Some people should really hide their real selves. It's better to remain silent and be thought a fucking dick than to speak and remove all doubt. But there was a black guy talking about his experiences of knife crime in an intelligent way. Bring on the dickheads. Someone commented "One word. Blacks". Well done you! You managed a word! Keep working at it and you might manage a sentence. Someone else was saying that black people are naturally more violent. I responded to this dickhead, disproving their argument and calling them several names. I mean if you're going to claim some sort of racial superiority then try to sound less fucking dumb. Jesus! There's no 'us' based on skin colour. I'm with the people who have read a book without pictures, whatever their skin colour, not with fucktards like that. But the guy in the video got it from the other side too. Nobody said 'oreo' but that was the gist of it, and those people can go fuck themselves too. They're doing the same shit as the racist dickheads - you aren't like me so you aren't one of us. Fuck off. Arrogant pricks. That's always the basis of prejudice. You aren't the same as me and I'm the fucking paradigm of whatever, so you're wrong. Ok, but you seem like a bit of an arsehole so fuck you. Oreos. I'm not black but that term pisses me off. I've always lacked confidence, and I find it puzzling how people can be so confident while spouting utter bullshit. I express an opinion and worry that I might be wrong. I don't know all the facts and maybe I don't know what I'm talking about. The guy who said black people are naturally more violent because murder rates in Caribbean countries are high, and that's where a lot of black British people came from. Quick google search. There's no correlation between murder rates and ethnicity. The lowest murder rates are in countries in Asia, Europe and Africa. A.k.a all over the fucking world, with no relation to skin tone. Basic fucking research, which that prick didn't do, but still, they're so confident in their dumb opinion. It's hard to know what sanity is when normal people often seem so fucking crazy.
  2. Fluent In Silence

    Questions Thread

    I have a couple of dinosaur bones, from an Icthyosaur and a Plesiosaur. At the museum they let us in when they were reconstructing dinosaurs from their bones, and my father asked if they had any bones left over. They did, and they gave me two, which makes me think that they must've been shit at their job. "The hip bone's connected to the... oh wait! We just gave that kid dem bones. I'm so fucking stoned right now. Dude! Do you think dinosaurs like cheese? I'm hungry. Have we got any dinosaur cheese? Cheddasaurus Rex. Ha ha ha." As well as the actual bones I guess that's a good memory, and I don't seem to have many of them. Boo hoo. If you could time travel would you go to the future or the past, and if the past then when and why?
  3. Or was it tinge? I think it was and that's even better. I'm not a racist. Some of my best friends have a funny tinge. 🕴️ (Looking for facepalm emoji, found man in business suit levitating emoji) What the fuck though? Funny tinge? It was hilarious. If racists talked like that. "I believe in the supremacy of the white tinge." Yeah we're the superior tinge. White people aren't really white. I think we could solve racial divisions by being more accurate in our description of colours. White people are pinkish. Black people are brownish. Pink power! No-one wants to be Mr Pink or Mr Brown in Reservoir Dogs. Mr Pink sounds like Mr Pussy and Mr Brown sounds like Mr Shit, as they say in the film. So maybe we could move beyond such shit if we accurately described our skin colours. Which has nothing to do with Brexit. Yep, we're British and we're great, in name if not in any other discernable way. Keep calm and carry on. We survived the blitz so we'll survive Brexit. If we can get through the Germans bombing us then we can get through leaving the EU. Sounds wonderful. Except nobody voted for the luftwaffe bombing campaign. That would be weird. If people voted for something which would damage their own country. Oh I'm remoaning again. It's all going to be fine because the British public have spoken, and the British public are intelligent and informed, and we should abide by their collective wisdom. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gi7gSu9ePUc
  4. Fluent In Silence

    What are you listening to right now?

    You let my tyres down. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zYWHjfVtoSM
  5. Fluent In Silence

    How Do You Feel THIS MOMENT in Time?

    It would be nice to have something to fill the emptiness with rather than alcohol. What do I want? I don't want to be alone. I wish people would leave me alone. Soooo... what do I want? I want love 😍, but no-one's going to love me when I can barely stand myself. I want to dig a bunker in the back garden and never come out. Sure, yeah, being alone would be fantastic. Just me alone with my own thoughts, torturing me and driving me insane. Fun times! I need people. I can't stand people. I can't stand people because I can't stand myself. I should probably get a pet or a cactus or something. The last cactus I had died on me. Noooooooo! Whyyyyyy! Don't leave me here without you cactus! Stay away from the light! Come back to me! I'll never have another cactus like Perceval. Perceval was the best cactus ever and I'll never love again. This is why it's good to talk. Embarrassed about whinging about how miserable I feel I end up talking some shite about a cactus named Perceval. You might not have found it very amusing but it gave me a momentary distraction. Sorry.
  6. Bit of a shitshow isn't it? But it's progress. Politicians have almost agreed what they don't want from Brexit, and now they just have to decide what they do want. So we'll be leaving the EU sometime next century. Well it's an awful idea anyway. People from left and right voted to leave for different reasons, and they all think Brexit will turn the country into whatever they think it should be. The good old days! Back before there were people with funny tints who spoke different languages and you could leave your door unlocked and beat your children. It is mostly xenophobia and racism though. Yeah national sovereignty, but it's a price you pay for joining the club - you have to reach common agreement on some things, and the club is composed of democratic nations who respect human rights, so it's not like they're making us process people to make soylent green. But I like bendy bananas! It would be betraying the sacred democratic decision of the people to hold another vote. Nope. This whole deadlock is due to nobody understanding what Brexit means. Staying was just going on the same while leaving is... I don't fucking know, but less foreigners. But that's just patronising remoaner talk. To suggest that people didn't know what they were voting for - how patronising to the British public, who are all experts on the EU and it's economic and social influence. I think an important aspect of intelligence is being able to acknowledge your own ignorance. Or, to put it another way - dumb fucks don't know how fucking dumb they are. I'm proud to say that I'm smart enough to know how fucking dumb I am. There's no mandate for any deal, that's always been the problem. The ERG don't support this, but what the fuck do they want? Another vote would betray the people! But... if the people vote remain the second time, as is probably likely, that would be the people being betrayed by the people. Fucking duh! But maybe people wouldn't vote to remain, either way I don't see any way through this without another referendum. It's all going to be fine! But stock up on tinned goods, cigarettes (they'll be our new currency after brexit) and meds just incase.
  7. Fluent In Silence

    Can I change my username to

    Thank you for not changing my name to Colonel Legendary Sex Panda. That was the right decision. You've already changed my name once. I did join with the name Holy Fucking Shit, which I thought might be a bit too much, and Gearhead was kind enough to change it. Maybe Captain Fluorescent Convenient Ham? I'll sleep on it.
  8. Fluent In Silence

    How Do You Feel THIS MOMENT in Time?

    Slightly drunk I guess. I've been feeling like a worthless piece of shit lately, and sometimes I can get drunk enough to forget how much I hate myself. I'm a better person when I'm drunk, or when I don't think I'm a worthless piece of shit, which is often the same thing though not always (sometimes drinking makes me hate myself even more). If I could find a way to not feel like a worthless piece of shit without drinking then that'd be great. I just need to learn to love myself I suppose. Ha ha ha! That's not going to happen. Raise a glass to self-destruction! Oh shut up you idiot.
  9. Fluent In Silence

    Can I change my username to

    😘. You know it baby! I'm just like a Panda. Sexually inept and unable to breed. But cute.
  10. Colonel Legendary Sex Panda? Should I change my name to Colonel Legendary Sex Panda? Seems like a great idea right now, but I nagging part of my brain is saying that maybe I should sleep on it.
  11. Fluent In Silence

    Booting Problem

    Have you tried verbally threatening it? Worked with my tablet. "Work you bastard or you're for the fucking recycling bin." Haven't had a problem since.
  12. I see what you mean. It is difficult to know the right thing to say though. "I'm sorry that happened to you" can be said with indifference or with kindness, and it's the sentiment rather than the words which matter more. It may be a bad thing to say either way, but it's not easy to know the right thing to say to someone with a mental illness, and there is a difference between those who show some kindness and a willingness to try to understand, and those who say the same thing while thinking you're a freak and hoping you'll fuck off somewhere else. It's not easy for people but some of them are trying, even if they do get it wrong.
  13. Yup. It's not helpful and it might sound like a stock response. But like CrazyRedhead said at least it's not something offensively stupid. "Get over it!" It could be disingenuous but it could also be someone going with the automatic response because they don't know what else to say, and perhaps occasionally they really do feel feel for you. What would be the right thing to say?
  14. There has been an unjustified prejudice to the medicinal potential of some illegal drugs, because drugs are bad and you should just say no to mind altering chemicals, unless properly prescribed by a medical professional. And you shouldn't try to self-medicate with such substances, but there is perhaps some potential there which has been ignored because these drugs are banned for recreational use. Medical marijuana has come a long way in some countries. In the UK a mother was eventually allowed to bring cannabis oil into the country to treat her epileptic son. But cannabis is evil and leads to crack and heroin and murder and prostitution so it should be banned. Or some such bullshit. Legalisation is a different issue. I think there has been some research on the effects of these drugs on mental illness. There should probably be more but prejudice gets in the way, though legally prescribed drugs also come with side effects and withdrawl symptoms. I have used a few drugs recreationally and I wasn't all that keen on them (I only turned to prostitution for the money and because I was lonely. The meth was just a pick me up because there wasn't a Starbucks nearby. None of which is true. There was a Costa across the street. No! None of that was true.) But what I meant to say was that I've never got into drugs (just drunk lots of perfectly legal and safe alcohol), and while there may be compelling arguments to legalise some drugs, their medicinal potential shouldn't be confused with these arguments, as they often seem to be by law makers.
  15. Fluent In Silence

    Horrible Act of Animal Cruelty---WHY?

    BLERP! That is a lovely picture.