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  1. echolocation

    How Do You Feel THIS MOMENT in Time?

    good to know!! thanks for looking out for all of us. 🙂
  2. echolocation

    French Vanilla vs Hazelnut (iced coffee story)

    i like my coffee with just plain milk, but i also do like french vanilla as a treat. what a nice story, i'm glad you found an iced coffee buddy!
  3. echolocation

    How Do You Feel THIS MOMENT in Time?

    i hope the meeting goes okay, dances! thank you for your encouragement on my last post about my new job. my first day went great! my boss is super easygoing, and it was interesting meeting everyone at the supplier company. i spent the drive asking a lot of questions about the job and the product, so it went okay. it's a garage door company, and they want me to lean the product so i can do sales eventually. so, they're having me help out their installer at job sites to learn exactly what goes into setting up a door. it's not like any other work i've done before, but it's quite interesting and the installer is a really nice guy. right now, i'm quite physically tired, but feeling good about what i accomplished today. i was on my feet all day and did a lot of moving heavy objects. looking forward to getting in bed.
  4. oh, fun, i hit 500 posts. neat!

  5. echolocation

    How Do You Feel THIS MOMENT in Time?

    oh so anxious! it's my first day of my new job. i've been freaking out about this more or less all week. i'm petrified by the fear of disappointing someone or looking stupid. i'm going up with the owner to meet our supplier in the big city an hour and a half away. i guess i have to find conversation with him for the whole ride. i'm sure it won't be as bad as i fear, but aaaaaaahhh!!!!!!!!!
  6. echolocation

    How Do You Feel THIS MOMENT in Time?

    i have a fever, somehow. where did this come from? i don't even have a cold. but it's definitely a fever, i'm at 100 degrees and i can feel all my clothing on my skin. wtf?
  7. echolocation

    Favorite musical?

    i forgot about jesus christ superstar!! that's such a fun one. my mum sang lines from it a lot when i was a kid.
  8. i use pharmasave, it's a canadian chain but each business is independently owned. they do deliver for free, but i usually just wait around. they're always really quick and kind, and my meds are usually free. my friend's mom works there, which is kind of fun because i get to catch up with her whenever i go in. i guess she knows i'm a little crazy now, though. when i was at school i went to shopper's drug mart, a large chain company. they were super nice there, and always remembered me. i could request refills online with them, which was a nice perk. they always checked to make sure i was still doing well on my meds and they had a good sense of humour. when i tried to use the shopper's in my hometown, i had to wait forever and they only filled half my risperidone script, and couldn't get the rest to me for over a week. what?? they weren't that nice, either... so i switched to pharmasave and i've been happy since then.
  9. echolocation

    How Do You Feel THIS MOMENT in Time?

    i got a job! it's kind of a general assistant deal in a garage door company in town. i'll be doing bookkeeping, sales, inventory, filing, cleaning, invoicing, and even helping with installs. i'm starting on monday by going with my boss to meet our suppliers. i'm flopping back and forth between excited euphoria about how cool it'll be to learn all of this and horrible "oh god what have i gotten myself into" dread. i know it'll be fine once i know the ropes, but man, the learning phase is stressful... i'm afraid of looking stupid! gotta keep reminding myself that they wouldn't have hired me if they didn't think i could do this.
  10. i'm sorry you're not feeling well right now. is there a possibility that these symptoms are coming from depression? even if you don't have a depression diagnosis, feeling sleepy, heavy, weepy, and having no energy can all result from dealing with anxiety, which i see you do have a diagnosis for. that said, not wanting to get out of bed or do anything sounds very much like me when i'm depressed. getting out of the house and doing things usually will give you more energy, just by matter of having a change of scenery and a task at hand. having to perform in social settings will often make your brain rummage up some energy as well. i concur with the others -- latuda has no ability to do anything to you without you physically swallowing the pill. would you be able to ask a pharmacist or pdoc about your concerns with latuda? perhaps a professional would be able to assuage your fears. they will tell you the same thing, but it may be more reassuring for you coming from those with specialized training. for now, while you work on feeling safe having the latuda in your house, would it help to put it in a plastic bag that is airtight? a sandwich bag would do fine. if it helps you, you could even bring the bag outside to open when you take your meds.
  11. echolocation

    Favorite musical?

    i love Cats!! i watched the movie in early high school and had some of the songs on my ipod, but i got to see it live when i was in new york a couple years ago, and it was absolutely magical. the set was incredible and the costumes were fantastic. we had seats that were a little higher up, which was great because you got the full effect of all the props and lighting. so good. my mum and i briefly considered seeing it again this spring because it's coming to seattle, which is a reasonable drive for us, but the canadian dollar is SO low... it ended up being more cost than we were comfortable with.
  12. i know a couple people who take cbd oil for various anxiety and sleep related issues. i think it helps them, or there's a placebo effect or something. i hope it helps you too! from my experience, a tincture shouldn't take more than 2 hours to kick in. all the ones i ever took (thc, mind you) started working 1-1.5 hours after ingestion. weed's legal where i live. i only smoke socially, but i used it alone once in a while last semester to make myself stop working on school stuff when i got obsessive. i like how it quiets my brain down and stop the ruminating i do, but i hate dealing with the high. it makes me stupid. i dislike being intoxicated, especially because i worked so hard to get to a point where i feel good sober.
  13. echolocation

    What are you watching right now?

    star trek next generation! i watched it several years ago in high school, but my mum and i are rewatching from the beginning. i hope humanity's future is as successful and civil as it is in star trek.
  14. echolocation

    I'm not really new...

    hi, welcome back! i'm sorry that trouble has brought you back (but hey, isn't it what brought all of us here in the first place?), but i'm looking forward to get to know you. :^)
  15. i would take it in the morning. you may find a little initial sedation as you taper on, but i never found it too bad. once it's working, zoloft tends to be pretty activating, and might interfere with sleep if you take it at night.