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  1. Mindtrip

    BP II & Stimulants

    Thanks, Gearhead!
  2. Mindtrip

    BP II & Stimulants

    Can someone please tell me how to reply to a specific person's post when they have not been the last to post? Does that question make any sense? I'm having a bad day; get constant migraines and my brain is mush. I don't really seem to know how to use this forum. Feel like an idiot.
  3. Does anyone else have daily migraines? I've been suffering with them for 20 years. Have tried all preventive meds which either didn't work or I had a bad reaction to. One of the supposedly best--Topamax--made me suicidal. I'm Bipolar II Rapid Cycler, so there are interactions between the two problems. I've been using acute drugs (Migranal Nasal Spray & Amerge) alternating every other day for years. Now my neurologist has moved out of town (takes me 4 forms of public transit to get there) and has cut his hours down to 1 1/2 days per week. So if I can't go because I have a bad migraine, it takes months to get another appt. Now he isn't responding to my pleas for refills. He's been a great dr. up til recently, possibly because he's so busy. Just wondered if anyone else here has this problem and what do you do about it? Between constant migraines that only sometimes are relieved by the medication and being Bipolar, I often feel suicidal.
  4. Mindtrip

    BP II & Stimulants

    Thanks for sharing your insight and knowledge about stimulants in this and your previous post. Yeah, I don't know what's up with drs. and Dexedrine. It's been around longer than any of the others. I was first prescribed it by my primary care dr. to help me concentrate at work. He asked me whether I wanted ritilan or dexedrine and I said, "Give me whichever one is cheaper." That's how I initially got it. My neurologist, who I went to about 5 years later had no problem with it nor did my former pdoc. As far as hypomania goes, I don't find that any stimulants make me hypomanic probably because I'm taking 2 mood stabilizers. I rarely get hypomanic and because I'm an ultradian rapid cycler, if I do get hypomanic, it doesn't last long. Here's something for you to laugh about: when I'm hypomanic I buy things sometimes in stores but lately more online. By the time I get them, I'm down and I end up returning everything LOL! I don't know if I've ever been totally stable because I have other medical complications that would make anyone depressed, even a "normal" person. But before I started taking Lamictal, I was high as a kite in the AM and suicidally depressed in PM. That doesn't happen anymore. I have most trouble with anxiety for which I have taken various benzos for a long time. My current problem is that with Klonipin I can't wake up, even with 5 cups of coffee, and with Ativan I can't sleep very well.
  5. I'm glad you have a pdoc you like who has helped you. You must have been suffering terribly. Are you in NY, NY? I can't afford that on any kind of regular basis. How often do you go?
  6. While psychiatrists may get less from insurance than others, mine got $115 from my insurance co. & me combined 10 years ago. He had a problem with my insurance co. ONCE and after that did not want to bother filing a claim with them. Talk about learned helplessness. If you think any psychiatrist is worth $400 cash per session, you must be one yourself or are very close with one. Ten years ago my neurologist, who is top in his field, charged $175 and accepted what the insurance co gave him, which was much less. You know why? He isn't in it for big bucks; he's a dedicated to medicine, not the almighty dollar. Yes, people work for money, but is that all they should care about in the medical profession? IMO if money is your main goal, you belong on Wall Street or Silicon Valley, not in the medical profession. All I can say is, you must love your pdoc. Can I have his or her name & number? Do you pay $400 per session? If I don't think pdocs are worth that much perhaps it's because I've seen so many bad psychiatrists. For example, one time when I felt really down, I saw a pdoc who spent 15 min. with me for the first session, gave me one AD that made me worse, then another and when that didn't work, he said I should have ECT. Well guess what, I figured out for myself by experimenting with meds I had on hand that I needed an AA, not an AD. He didn't even diagnose me correctly. And he wasn't the first to do so. I've had a couple who were good, but most were not. And not even the good ones are worth $400 for 45 min. IMO.
  7. Does anyone out there know of a good psychiatrist in New York City? The one I was seeing, less and less because he didn't like my insurance, dumped me twice, last time for good. He was willing to take me and my insurance when he started his private practice in 2002, but now he's on Park Avenue and is high and mighty. He gets $400 cash per session from the rich people who live there. Now there's dedication --to money!
  8. Mindtrip

    BP II & Stimulants

    Iceberg, I never went back to that psychiatrist who acted as though it were MY fault that I was taking 5 drugs for psychiatric reasons. Other medical professionals have made comments that I'm taking ups and downs, acting as though I were an addict. It got to the point that I left out some of the drugs (dexedrine & morphine). I have a top-notch neurologist who is actually a consultant for other neurologists who need help and he had no problem with the number or types of drugs i was taking. Only problem with him now is that because of all the hoopla about opiates killing so many people he can no longer prescribe morphine. I have daily migraines and need it when my acute migraine drugs don't work. I ended up taking a daily dose (+ more if needed) in the hot, humid summers which make my head explode as soon as I am not inside with AC. Coincidentally, I found that taken my minimal dose in the morning gave me energy and motivation to get out of bed. I once found an article in a medical journal that said that some people need opiates for psychiatric reasons because of some kind of deficiency or brain process. I have gotten off the daily dose twice by myself by decreasing gradually, which is what I'm doing now. But I digress... I'm glad to have found other people who take more than 3 drugs so I can relate to someone. I have a couple of BP friends who take more than 3 drugs. That psychiatrist was an asshole. He was unprofessional in other ways and just plain nasty. I practically ran out of there and never went back.
  9. Mindtrip

    BP II & Stimulants

    bowri, Vyvanse may contain dextroamphetamine but I had no reaction to it at all. It was as though I hadn't taken any stimulant. Everybody's system is different and will react differently to drugs that are slightly different but in the same class. Some people think Adderal is just as good as Dexedrine, but that wasn't my experience. Could be that I'm used to the Dexedrine as I've been taking it for many years. The biggest problem with it is the looks and sometimes comments you get from other doctors, dentists, pharmacists. It's ok if you take any of the other stimulants but if you take Dexedrine some people act as though you're a drug addict taking it for fun. Thanks for telling me about how to do the signature. I'm new here but very glad I stumbled upon this forum.
  10. Mindtrip

    BP II & Stimulants

    Hello & Thanks everyone for your replies. I was prescribed Dexedrine to help me concentrate at work, as an adjunct antidepressant and also to help gain some energy, because I have CFS/ME. I can't remember if I had been diagnosed as BP yet, as for years I was told I was MDD. Years after I was diagnosed as BP, I took 2 tests online written by a highly respected psychiatrist who specialized in BP. I scored much higher on the ADD test than the BP test. I've always had trouble focusing especially when others speak, but also reading and even watching TV and movies. I tried adderal, ritilan and vyvanse and none worked as well as Dexedrine. While both my psychiatrist and neurologist think it's fine, I get attitude from other medical/dental professionals because I also take Ativan to help get to sleep and during the day for anxiety. Iceberg have you ever gotten an attitude from anyone about taking several psychiatric drugs? I have been looking for a new psychiatrist and went to one who sounded so great on the internet and has written books about BPs and he practically hit the ceiling when he saw what I was taking. He said any psychiatrist who prescribes more than 3 drugs doesn't know what he's doing. I take 5 drugs and 1 other that's an AD but I'm taking it for migraine. BTW, how do you put in your dx and drugs on the bottom in grey? I'm new to this forum.
  11. Does anyone out there take stimulants for either ADD or as an adjunct antidepressant? I am BPII rapid cycler. Never had full-blown mania, just occasional (not often enough IMO) hypomania.
  12. Mindtrip

    How do I find a doc??

    Does anyone know of a good dr. in NYC who takes Medicare? My dr. of 15 years dumped me because he didn't want to take Medicare anymore. He was quite willing to take Medicare when he was starting his practice in 2002 but now he's high and mighty with a Park Ave. office where he gets $400 cash per session!